10 of the Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends For This Summer

10 of the Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends For This Summer

10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends For This Summer The backyard is one of the most versatile places where family and friends can gather together and enjoy good weather. During the summer season, the backyard certainly sees more action with longer nights, cookouts, and roasting marshmallows around a backyard fire pit. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating, remodeling, and sprucing up your backyard this season. Let’s dive right into the best summer decoration trends and looks.


Let’s start with seating. When you decide to throw a fabulous party for you and your friends you want to make sure you have enough seating for all. A great DIY tip is to create more seating without blowing your budget. A cinder block bench could be just what you are looking for. Decide on where you would like to place your seating bench and build it from scratch with. By using several pieces of plywood, cinder blocks, nails, hammer and paint you will be on your way to a great looking piece of furniture that all can enjoy.

10 of the Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends For This Summer


Gardening is a great way to start sprucing up your backyard. Growing fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit can give off those down home vibes. Depending on location and space of backyard, your garden can vary on size. If you have a space big enough for a walkable garden, then by all means go for it! Pick that perfect spot, plow, and dig.

We suggest starting off small with basic herbs you may use on a daily basis when cooking. There are so many materials you can grow your herbs in. Wine crates, wooden pallets, mason jars, teacups, and much more. Go with whichever one fits your backyard’s style the best. Pictured below are jars attached to painted and decorated wood which are then hung on a wall in the backyard.


Summertime in Texas means backyard barbecues no matter where you are from. Imagine this scenario; the grill is lit, company is over, but you have no place to put all of your uncooked meats, sauces, and veggies. A barbecue station or island could be a great solution to your problem. Not only will you have a place for food you will be grilling, but you can also add sections for plates, utensils, and possible beverage holders.

Check out Craigslist or other resale websites where you can find yourself a few wooden crates or unclaimed wood to build a custom, unique, outdoor barbecue station. There are websites with tips on building a barbecue station/island like these outdoor kitchen instructions on Instructables or this set of tips on DIY Network.


After you’re done gardening for the day, you probably want somewhere to store all of those tools you used to make such a beautiful garden. If you happen to have a broken or extra rake lying around why not use it for storage. You can recycle that rake into a handy backyard gardening-rack-hanger for all of your gardening tools. Simply hang it on a wall of your patio or shed with the metal rake part pointing out, add rope loops to your tools, then hang them on the metal prongs of your rake. You might want to make sure you hang it higher than head height so no one hurts themselves accidentally. Recycling can be stylish.


Do you have a hard time finding places to store all your outdoor supplies or necessities? If that answer is “yes” then this project is perfect for you. Toys, balls, gardening supplies, and bug spray can all be stored in organizational bins. Patio or no patio you can purchase versatile shelf and storage bin systems that are deep and sturdy enough to hold most everything during all types of weather.

This simple organization system will keep your things from laying around everywhere, leaving your backyard looking nice and tidy. This tutorial on Build-Basic.com shows you how to build a nice backyard storage bench. You can build the storage bin and shelf (pictured below) by getting a standard metal wire kitchen rack, painting it, then getting metal or plastic bins, decorating as your desire, and placing them on rack.10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends


As the sun sets and you want your backyard to shine. A pretty ambiance can go a long way during a summer’s night. Lighting for your landscaping, patio, trees, or other creative ideas could be just what you are looking for this summer to set your backyard apart from everyone else’s.

One style trend is to take mason jars, place candles in them, and tightly tie twine around the rim of the jar. Then hang them from the edge of your patio roof or low hanging branches. Be sure that the candle hangs far enough below the patio roof or the tree branch that the candles flame won’t start a fire, you can use tea lights to help alleviate this.

You can also always pick up some outdoor all-weather string lights from your local hardware store and string those around trees, poles, or criss-cross over a section of your backyard. 10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends


Any homeowner knows that keeping your yard in mint condition takes time and patience. The summer heat in Texas can play a big part by determining if your backyard can continue to keep green or surrender to the weather with its white flag. That means there’s a good chance that you or your kids will be using the water hose a lot. Instead of leaving it lay in the grass where it can leave odd marks or scare you thinking it’s a snake, just like your gardening tools you want to keep the water hose stored in a safe place and out of the way.

A cool idea to consider is to buy a large enough tin bucket to place your hose in. Another great use of this bucket is to mount it on an outdoor wall with the bottom facing the wall. Then have the hose wrapped around it and use the bucket as a holder for your sprinkler.

10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends


An excellent table can be a wonderful addition to your backyard style. This functional and beautiful piece of furniture can create hidden storage space for your backyard. It’s a simple enough build, you want to start by obtaining the metal tub. Look for a galvanized metal tub at least 17 gallons or larger from a hardware or tractor supply store, this will act as the base of the table. Once you’ve picked out and purchased your metal tub, measure the radius of the top lip of your tub and cut out a circular piece of wood that is at least 3 inches larger in diameter. You’ll want to get some sort of fastener to hold the wooden top to the metal tub base, use whatever you like and drill out the holes in the metal base and the wood table top. Then stain the top with your desired stain and you have a gorgeous piece of homemade outdoor furniture. When putting food or other things on the table make sure the table top is latched or fashioned to the metal tub base.

You can add this table as a patio piece or if you have extra seating add this table and a few chairs elsewhere in the backyard with this smart and attractive idea. Add a round rug underneath the table to add more color and style to your patio.

10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends


Nothing says backyard fun the way a campfire-like setting in the comfort of home does. Gather your family around a backyard fire pit and share stories while you roast yummy marshmallows, then go inside to your air conditioning. This can be a super simple DIY project as easy as picking up a readily built fire pit at your local hardware retailer and maybe decorating it with a little gravel or some rocks.

To build the brick fire pit like the one pictured below you’ll probably want to consult a professional as laying brick and building something as complex as this can be difficult without the right experience. Remember to always be careful with flames in your backyard, make sure no matter how you build your fire pit that it isn’t close enough to your house or to any trees or other things made of wood. Always keep a water pale and fire extinguisher close by your fire pit, just in case, 10 of the Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends For This Summer


You want to use design elements and landscaping to make your patio the central focal point of your backyard. Remodeling isn’t easy or inexpensive, make sure you take time to plan this out and discuss with your loved ones the function your backyard will play for your family in the years to come.

A great backyard patio has room to relax, attractive and functional storage space, good and unique lighting, and adds a new level of design aesthetic to the home.

Many of the tips we offered above will help you design and personalize your patio if you want us to help you design and remodel your patio and your backyard, get in touch. We’d love to help!

10 Best Backyard Decor DIY Trends