Ten Top Trends in Kitchen and Bath Home Design From The NKBA

Trending Home Design Ideas From The National Kitchen and Bath

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is an industry group which monitors aspects of the trade including current trends in home design. Their annual Kitchen and Bath Trends Report is a must read for all of us in the home improvement industry. It provides members (and homeowners) the opportunity to learn about the current home design trends in both kitchen and bath design including new materials, technologies, and styles of design.


Let’s take a look at the top 5 trends in kitchens and bath design that are with designers and homeowners.

The Top Five Trends in Kitchen Design

The latest report confirmed the popularity of transitional style, wood flooring, increased technology and dedicated pet spaces as popular kitchen and home design trends. Here are five more specific trends in kitchen design!

1.     Transitional Style, with Contemporary Elements Emerging

The blending of transitional and contemporary style appeals to both boomers and millennials, and it a trend to watch. Transitional style and clean, modern lines create streamlined spaces that are unique with plenty of room to personalize the space.

2.     White, Off-White and Gray Cabinets

Neutral colors remain popular. In addition to neutral wall colors, gray, white and off-white are the top cabinet choices. Homeowners are also increasingly asking for mixed colors within a space. For example using one color for perimeter colors and another cabinet color for the island.

3.     Innovative Storage Solutions

Storage never goes out of style! Today, homeowners are opting for innovative solutions like pull-outs, tilt-outs, and tilt-ins because these options are functional and conserve space. Add to this garage door style upper cabinets and appliance garages. This is especially popular with homeowners who are choosing to age in place.

4.     Quartz and Granite Countertops

Granite is still really popular, but it has been declining in popularity over the last few years. Quartz has been gaining on granite in the past five years.

5.     Wood Flooring

Hardwood and wood-look ceramic porcelain are the two most popular choices in 75% of survey respondents. Wood look ceramic is especially popular in a herringbone pattern.

Homeowners are also seeking smart home technology, built in coffee stations and wet bar areas, even in smaller kitchens. Also, special pet spaces are a growing trend as homeowners are increasing accommodations for man’s best friend! Hidden slide out food and water dishes are particularly popular home design trends for pets.

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White and Gray custom kitchen cabinetry and diagonal hardwood flooring in this transitional kitchen remodeled by Joseph & Berry

The Top Five Trends in Bath Design

Homeowners are increasingly requesting spa-like bathroom full of luxurious amenities like heated floors, more streamlined layouts and universal design elements as more are opting to age-in-place. Here are five more popular bathroom design trends.

1.     More aging in place amenities

No threshold, curbless showers, higher vanity heights, grab bars, and chair height toilets are leading the way when it comes to bath designs. The trend of aging in place will continue to grow in the coming years as baby boomers hit retirement age. The keys are comfort and safety.

2.     Transitional Bath Designs are More Popular Than Contemporary

Transitional is now the most in-demand bathroom design. Contemporary comes in at number two. A full 80% of respondents specified these two styles as their choice when redesigning the bath.

3.     Neutral Colors Rule

Much like kitchens, bathroom color palettes are a popular choice. White and grays are mosts popular with beige and bone shades the third most popular color choices.

4.     Undermount Sinks Are by Far the Most Requested Style

An emerging home design trend to watch for: 15% of homeowners did a trough sink last year. This figure is expected to rise in the coming year.

5.     When Tubs are Included in a Master Bath Remodel, the Trend is Towards Freestanding

While 67% of respondents reported removing tubs and whirlpools in favor of larger shower enclosures, an equal number added a freestanding tub. Sixty-one percent reported installing a soaking tub.

The NAKB report is a must-read for design build contractors to stay ahead of home design trends in the coming years. While manufacturers continue to release new technologies, materials, and designs for improved functionality, some trends continue to signal shifts in the way homeowners and designers approach to home design. Aging-in-place and the continuing growth of technology, like the move toward smart home technology, are two trends that will continue to grow as more of us reach retirement age.

Transitional bathroom remodeling by Joseph & Berry Remodel Dallas

Here at Joseph & Berry, we always stay ahead of the trends to give our clients the best the industry has to offer. If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the coming months, give us a call! Our designers are always happy to talk to homeowners about all of the possibilities. Let us help you design your dream kitchen or new spa-like en suite!