Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling

Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling?


Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling
Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling

Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling, Often individuals that reach this stage concerning their home don’t give enough thought as to whether home remodeling would be a better alternative to selling. It is really something that should be seriously considered before making that final decision.


One of the biggest advantages to a home renovation is that you are going to get exactly what you wanted even more. It is going to have your personal touch to it, because you are the one that is setting the ground rules for the home remodel. Whether you always wanted to have a traditional cozy-home-feeling or a modern touch, you get to decide which path to choose.


It is true that there may be a few inconveniences when going through a home remodel, but nothing compared to what takes place during a move. A move means some very big changes for the entire family (and even smallest changes like needing a new doctor changing your preferred nail salon can be quite a hassle sometimes), and some of which may not be well received.


Even if the housing market happens to be hot at the time, it may not be to your advantage to sell. While you may get a good price for your home, you are also going to be paying a hefty price for a new one. Your needs for sprucing up those areas of your home that you are not happy with could be done within a set budget that you are comfortable with.


Having home renovations completed in Dallas, Tx area should definitely increase the value of your home, which even if you have no intentions of selling it, these upgrades will increase your net worth. This provides good security for your financial stability.


If you plan your home upgrades carefully then you can make them so they are versatile. Meaning, not only will they suit your needs now, but in the future. For example, if you are planning on turning a spare room into an entertainment area for your young teens now, you can plan it so it can become a room for your enjoyment once the kids leave the nest.



The other things that you need to consider when trying to decide between a home renovation and a move is:

  • Will you be able to get the true value of your home in its present condition? Is your house is ready-to-move
    for new buyers or you need to remodel it to meet market value and standards?
  • Will you be able to replace it with a home that has all your wants and needs?
  • Will a move create problems for the young ones in the family?
  • Are you able to detach yourself from the personal connection that you have to the home

These are all questions that require answers to when comparing a move to a home remodel.

Why Home Renovations May Be Better Than Selling

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel To Help Young Cancer Patient & Her Family

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel To Help Young Cancer Patient & Her Family

Cancer patient Kelly Maynard’s face could’ve lit up half of Collin County, thanks to an in-kind gift from Plano, Texas-based Joseph & Berry Remodel | Design Build, Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970 Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel

The 12-year old young lady returned home two weeks before Christmas after undergoing a stem cell transplant in early-November as part of an aggressive treatment for the Stage 4 Neuroblastoma diagnosis she received on April 7, 2015.

Her ability to move freely around the master bathroom that was recreated by Joseph & Berry gave her a boost of hope, joy, and enthusiasm.

That smile touched Joseph Tsedaka in a very special way.

“This whole thing is so, so close to my heart because I have friends who lost a three-year old child to cancer,” said Mr. Tsedaka, Owner and Project and Design Consultant for Joseph & Berry. “I understand the challenges a family in that position faces.”

“We wanted to try and help Kelly and (the Maynard) family because they didn’t have someone they could count on, and they needed a helping hand to ensure the right things were being done,” he added. “We renovated the master bathroom in order to enhance her ability to move around freely and take care of herself.”

Mr. Tsedaka, partner Berry Kaufman and their colleagues at Joseph & Berry realized that the Maynard family was going through a very tough time, “and we met with them and told them we were willing to donate this job. They paid a little, but it was mostly (a gift-in-kind) donation. And we were more than happy to do it.”

The Maynards had started the process of remodeling the master bath with someone else, but contractors hadn’t shown up as promised. “We wanted to provide them with peace of mind, so when they left for the hospital we told them not to worry about a thing,” said Mr. Tsedaka. “We asked them not to visit their home until they were bringing Kelly back. It would be a surprise and they didn’t have to be involved because we wanted them to focus all of their time and efforts on Kelly. We kept them up to date and informed, always reassuring them they could count on us at Joseph & Berry.”

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970


Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel

As part of the bathroom remodeling project, Joseph & Berry removed mold, built a bench so Kelly could relax without standing for long periods of time, and redid the plumbing so the middle school student could use a hose. The company also created an enormous-sized vanity that gives Kelly the independence tend to her needs by herself, without assistance.

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970

“There aren’t a lot of companies who can do this type of project and do it the way we did,” said Mr. Tsedaka, who estimates his company’s gift-in-kind donation at $20,000. “The truth is, we became friends with the family, much more than just a provider of services. We talked with them about her treatment. I think you can say that we feel like a part of their family. And that really gratifies us about what we’ve done.”

Upon returning home and seeing the bathroom remodel, Sarah Maynard – who had been by her daughter’s side through several rounds of chemotherapy and the stem cell transplant at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth – was nearly speechless.

“I don’t have the words to convey our family’s appreciation,” she said. “We just appreciate it so much.”

In addition to Joseph & Berry’s remodeled master bath, other individuals and companies had contributed money and sweat equity to help Kelly.

For example, the Maynard home had to be cleaned because Kelly’s treatments and transplant had weakened her immune system. “Anything that can basically hold dust or any mold or fungus needs to be removed,” said David Maynard, Kelly’s father in reference to the removal of their home’s popcorn ceilings, and cleaning of its heating and air system.

Kelly's new master bathroom
Giving back – master bathroom remodeling in Plano, Tx for a child fighting cancer

In addition to the Joseph & Berry donation, a website formed Kelly’s Crusaders to raise money. Several local companies disinfected all the rooms and cleaned the home’s wood, carpeting, ductwork and air system.

Joseph & Berry Remodeling | Design Build is a company that provides a passion for service, a dedication to excellence and the desire to fulfill all of its clients’ needs under the same roof. The firm earned a prestigious 2016 NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) annual CotY (Contractor of the Year) award for outstanding remodeling projects.

Mr. Tsedaka creates the remarkable designs while Owner and Production Manager Berry Kaufman creates the lasting contracting solutions backed by a top professional crew to deliver bathroom and kitchen or living room remodeling, home addition, restoration , full home renovations, interior design, and much much more.


Joseph & Berry Remodeling | Design Build invites you to visit their office located 2801 Regal Road, Suite 105 in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. You can also visit their website (www.remodel-dallas.com) to request a consultation or a quote, contact them via phone (469 412-1492 or toll-free at 800 371-8970) or connect with them via E-mail (info@joseph-berry.com).

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970