Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen and looking for some tips and inspiration – you are at the right place! Here are few points to

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Concealment Of Appliances
Concealment of appliances is one of the newer kitchen remodeling trends that you can try. It has become quite popular over the years thanks to many advantages. Concealed appliances offer an artistic way of saving space. Not only do they improve functionality in your kitchen, but it also prevents the kitchen from looking too cluttered. Hidden appliances, when revealed, are also interesting and will create a lot of attention.

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Color Trends For Appliances
Certain colors of appliances will maintain their title as the most favored choice for the finish of kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is one of them, and it has been a common choice for over a hundred years now. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has a universal appeal and a shiny appearance, which is often associated with luxury. It also provides a more sterile surface than the others.

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There is a variety of trendy styles of cabinets available for you to choose from. There are floating units, cabinets with touch latch doors, systems that are hidden behind sliding doors, and cabinets with innovative surfaces, such as semi-translucent glass, bamboo, and aluminum.

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Countertops with custom touches, such as marble slab inserts and wooden butcher blocks are a big hit. Some homeowners even embed concrete with metal and glass bits.

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Is A Framed or Frameless Glass Shower Best For A Master Bath?

Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath? Glass shower doors and walls will make your master bath feel spacious and contemporary

Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath?
Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath?

Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath? If you have children, a master bath is one of the most important parts of any home. It is often characterized as the private retreat, complete with a luxurious shower and beautiful decor. When part of a master suite, a master bath be a much-loved luxury. If it’s time for you to remodel your master bath and turn it into the spa you’ve always wanted, glass shower doors should be one of your biggest priorities.

A Glass Shower Allows Light In

Many homes have master baths, but few of them are designed to provide the open, relaxing environment that most people are after. Older styles walk in showers had floor to ceiling tile walls or bathtub and shower combos with semi-transparent sliding doors or opaque shower curtains. All of these options tend to close off a section of the bathroom and make the room feel smaller and darker. Glass shower doors open the room up by adding transparency, allowing you to take in the whole space, and allow natural light into the shower. Even lightly frosted glass gives the room a lighter feel.

Remodeling your master bath into a warm, welcoming room for the adults is one of the best investments you can make. Bathrooms have a high return on investment, and the master bath especially is important to anyone shopping for a home because it is the most private part of their daily routine. The shower doors you choose will make an instant visual impact on anyone who enters the room.

Glass Shower Doors Come in Framed And Frameless Styles

When it comes to designing a glass shower for your master bath, there are two different styles of doors to choose from. First, you can find framed glass shower doors which include chrome or gold hardware. If the movable shower door itself has a frame around it, it is called a framed glass door. Framed glass doors are typically less expensive than frameless doors, and the hardware tends to serve as an accent to the decor.


Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath?
Framed / Frameless Glass Shower Best Master Bath?

Which Glass Shower Door Is Right For Me?

Ultimately, the perfect glass shower doors for you will depend on your personal tastes and budget. Seeking for inspiration? Click here!
While frameless glass doors are considered the gold standard in design, they may not be functional for everyone. If you want to achieve a look similar to frameless doors but without the added expense, you can always find framed doors that have a minimalist frame around the edges. This reduces the appearance of the frame and hardware while maintaining a slightly lower cost and ensuring that the door has all of the necessary seals to keep water in.

Once you’ve installed your new shower doors, you will be amazed at how much bigger your master bath appears. Glass shower doors expand the look and feel of the room and make the shower more inviting. There are dozens of glass shower door styles available on the market today. Framed options  You may also want to look at different styles of hardware that will fit with the decor of the room as a whole. If you are preparing to embark on a complete remodel, ask your contractor about the different styles of shower doors available and how you can work them into your new design.

If live in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a master suite bath remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you create a master bath you will love for years to come.