What Does a High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX?

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX? Key Things to Consider When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart and hearth of your home. It’s the place where you prepare your meals and share dinners with your family. Where your kids do their homework and where your family and friends gather during the holidays. A kitchen remodel is often the first project many new homeowners consider when they move into their new home. And why not, a kitchen remodel often has the largest payoff regarding lifestyle and boosting a home’s resale value when it’s time to sell, High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost ? just call us now:(800) 371-8970

Of course, a kitchen remodel is also one of the most complicated home improvement projects and can be one of the most expensive. Many factors go into budgeting a kitchen remodel like the size of the room, the quality of materials and whether or not you change the room’s layout.

At Joseph & Berry, we specialize in high-end remodels that include the finest fixtures, appliances, and materials. We start by sitting with the homeowners to completely understand their lifestyle, needs, and priorities, then we outline the project, from budgeting and design, through permitting, scheduling and construction.

Let’s explore some of the factors and costs of a high-end, luxury kitchen remodel in Dallas, TX!


As a general rule, a high-end kitchen remodel will take your kitchen down to the studs and replace everything with new materials including flooring, cabinets, appliances, tile, countertops, sink, fixtures, hardware, lighting and ventilation. You’ll receive an entirely new design and floor plan maximized to meet your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Often, a luxury remodel can include moving or removing walls, adding an addition for extra space, installing skylights, heated floors and more.

For this scope of work, you can expect to pay between $120,000 to $250,000 or more. Of course, within this budget, you receive the very best professional quality appliances, all new countertops using elegant materials like marble, stone floor tile, high-end custom cabinets, and more. Your remodel can include natural stone materials like limestone flooring and marble, quartzite or soapstone countertops, solid wood cabinets made with exotic woods and custom tile work.

Again, your final budget depends on determining your priorities, needs and wants. When you engage a design build firm, your contractor will begin the design process, and once the design is finalized, they will outline exactly where your budget will be allocated.

The final result of the planning stages is establishing your budget. This is the final arbiter of what you can achieve. Make sure when you set your budget, you stick to it. Add-ons and change orders can do a number on the best budget. Once you have a fixed budget, you can better plan ways to keep your costs in the range you can afford. As you’re developing your plan, you’ll need to consider these three areas, priorities, payments, and predictions.


Once you’ve established a budget range, you then need to decide where to spend your money. This depends on your preferences and goals. Now is the time to really dream big. Write down every aspect of what you envision as your dream kitchen along with a general price for that item or upgrade. Once you’ve got your list together, prioritize your needs and stop when you reach your budget number.

Don’t forget the small costs! For instance, will you live in your home during your kitchen remodel, or will you need to live elsewhere? If you don’t think you can stay in your home (it can be disruptive!), you’ll need to factor in the cost of a hotel. If you’re staying at home during construction, remember to budget for takeout food unless you have a secondary kitchen!

Finally, you’ll need to add a cushion for unexpected costs. It should be about 20% of your total budget. When you’re taking a room down to the studs, you never know what you’ll find. For example, when you remove the old dishwasher you may uncover a leak that has rotted the subfloor, or perhaps you’ll need to rewire to bring your home up to code. All of these surprises can add costs… and there will be surprises, so it’s best to be prepared!

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX

white custom kitchen remodel and copper vent hood

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX


Once you’ve signed off on your project, you’ll want to go over the financial details. Will you need to come up with a down payment? Does the contract call for milestone payments, for example, 20% down, 20% at completion of demolition, 20% upon passing inspections, etc.? Will you need to make a significant down payment with the balance due upon completion of the final punch list? Make sure you have everything in place before any work begins.


Finally, complete your budget process by creating a spreadsheet with the final budget and a timeline. This allows you to see the entire picture of how and when money is needed. Track expenses. A good idea is to have a weekly meeting with your contractor to review the costs and budget. That way, costs can be kept in check, and your budget won’t get out of control.

If you don’t like spreadsheets, contact the professionals at Joseph & Berry regarding your kitchen remodel. We work with homeowners through every step of the process from planning and budgeting through the design and execution of your project. Help us help you! Set up an Ideabook on Houzz and begin compiling ideas for your ideal kitchen. It can help us to better understand your vision, and we can work with you to make it a realistic dream!

Let us help you create your dream kitchen! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a design consultation!

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best fair price in Dallas TX

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options For a Remodel Explained

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options For A Remodel Explained

Undergoing a renovation? Here’s an introduction to kitchen cabinet door styles

In any kitchen renovation, your cabinet doors are an essential element of the design. They are not only one of the most visible items in the room, but they can also be one of the most expensive. Door styles range from the simple to the elaborate and are available to fit any design from traditional to transitional, and modern to industrial.

Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options Remodel Design Build Firm – call us now:(800) 371-8970

Let’s take a quick look at the three types and some of the most popular styles and see which cabinet doors might fit your home’s style and kitchen remodeling budget.



Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers come in three different types: inset, partial overlay and full overlay, which is often referred to as “Euro” style. Each has a slightly different function and look.


Most cabinets from the early 1900s that were built in place feature inset doors, making them the oldest style. Small hinges are mounted on the face frame or just inside it. The hinges may be visible when the door is shut.

The face of an inset door is in the same plane as the leading edge of the cabinet box. It’s a very traditional look that is more expensive to replicate today.


A more modern style, partial overlay doors, and drawers are mounted over the face of the box, covering the opening completely and partially covering the frame. The only downside is that large areas of the frame remain uncovered. This design can make vast expanses of cabinets look like they are dotted with doors and drawers rather than defining the space. Partial overlay doors work with certain styles of kitchen designs like transitional, or smaller kitchens.


Full overlay cabinet doors are the most modern design. The door or drawer face completely overlays the box. Hinges are hidden as well. Because this style creates minimal space between the doors, it offers a consistent and continuous look that is at home in some designs & styles like contemporary, modern, and industrial.


Here are some of the most popular styles of cabinet doors among homeowners. They range in price and are available in some different materials and finishes, with solid wood being the most expensive.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

The Shaker-style cabinet door is the most popular choice today. This is a five-piece flat-panel style the has a frame made from four pieces of wood with a single flat panel inset. It features clean lines and an elegant look. There are home in almost any décor from contemporary to traditional and come in a variety of wood species, and finishes.


Louvered Style Cabinet Doors

Commonly used on interior doors and windows, louvered cabinet doors add a distinctive architectural look to your kitchen. They are an excellent choice for cabinets that require ventilation. This style comes with a hefty price tagת FYI.

Flat Style Cabinet Doors

Simple and stylish, flat-panel cabinet doors are void of details. Their hard lines and minimalist forms make it a great fit for contemporary, modern, and industrial designs.
It is easy to clean and maintain, add chic to your cooking space, and offers a hefty range of unique storage solutions. Flat-panel doors come in decorative laminate and wood. Win-Win situation, right?
Laminate doors are more budget-friendly and come in a wide variety of colors and shins.
If you are looking to remodel your kitchen in Dallas, Tx, and suburb, we’d love to help! Let’s start by scheduling a free consultation with our project developers (submit the form, and we will make sure to contact you in the next 24 business hours).


Inset Style Cabinet Doors

Just a heads up! This tends to be the most expensive style. However, It offers a classic look that is always in style.

The higher cost comes from the precise measurement and construction needed for inset doors to fit, open, and close properly. Inset doors require visible hinges which usually are not included in the box construction price. Take ordering hardware into account when choosing inset doors.

Distressed Style Cabinet Doors

If your style moves toward antique, distressed doors are a great choice. Most manufacturers offer a distressed door. You choose your door, and they apply distressing techniques for the perfect look. Be prepared to pay 15 to 20% up-charges to have a tradesperson beat up your brand new doors!

Beadboard Style Cabinet Doors

If you love that chic beach cottage look, nothing looks better than beadboard cabinet doors. They’re made to look like traditional beadboard paneling. While al white beadboard cabinetry can give your kitchen a clean, bright, homey look, all of the cracks and crevasses can be difficult to keep clean.

Your kitchen cabinet doors are a vital element in the aesthetics of your overall kitchen design. They’re a major focal point in your kitchen, and in an open concept home, they can help set the style for your entire décor. At Joseph & Berry, our design team can help you to choose the perfect cabinet door to make your kitchen shine!

If you’re not happy with the option we covered above, we are happy to design any custom cabinetry and build the perfect kitchen cabinet doors to meet your creative vision! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a kitchen remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options Remodel Explained call us now:(800) 371-8970

What Does a Master Bathroom Remodel Cost In Dallas TX?

What Is A Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Bathroom Remodel: Creating the Spa-Like Bathroom of Your Dreams

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?
Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?

If you’re thinking a high-end master bathroom remodel is in your future, you’re probably wondering about your options and the cost involved. The trend today is towards elaborate spa-like master baths. A private oasis from the stresses of the day.

So what are your options? Here at Joseph & Berry we understand the trend and work closely with homeowners to create the perfect design. When creating a high-end bathroom remodel your only limitations are your creativity and your budget. While each Joseph & Berry design is unique to each client, let’s look at some of the options you have available, and the costs involved with creating the master bathroom of your dreams!

Wondering How Much Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? Allow yourself to work with the professionals at Joseph & Berry.
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When remodeling a luxury master bathroom the first step is to assess what you like about your current bathroom. This can give your designer an idea about your needs in terms of functionality and design. For most projects, the existing bathroom is taken down to the studs. This allows for flexibility in the design process. Fixtures and plumbing can be moved, finishes can be upgraded and options like heated floors, skylights, custom cabinetry, heated towel racks, and multi-head programmable showers are all available.

The design process is the time when your needs and wants are established, the scope of the project is determined and the budgeting process begins. When establishing your design and budget, your team will take into account the square footage of the space, your existing layout, the infrastructure of your home, and your family’s lifestyle. All of these elements will play a large role in your final design. Learn more about our process – Click Here!


For a complete high-end master bathroom remodel you can expect to spend between $80,000 to over $200,000 depending upon the scope of the construction involved and the amenities you choose to include. For this budget, you receive an entirely new custom designed space created to meet your specific needs.

At this level, your bathroom remodel is usually a full down-to-the-studs gut job. Everything is removed and this means you can put things where you want them. This stage can also include moving walls or adding an addition if you want additional space. All of this preliminary construction will be determined during the design process.

Because you have complete flexibility, the toilet and shower could change places, the bathtub might be moved and a sauna can be put in its place. Your new bathroom will include all new high-end fixtures, materials, lighting, natural stone, radiant heated flooring, custom finishes and custom cabinets or any other upgrade you may want or ask us to invent for you. The finish work can also include detailed molding, trim work, and custom tile work. Looking for inspiration? Click here

As your bathroom begins to take shape, you’ll make decisions about fixtures and finishes like cabinetry which can be custom made to fit exactly in your space. They will be solid-wood construction and can include a personal touch as exotic woods with custom finishes and hardware. Another way to custom your vanity is to include a luxurious countertop such as marble, custom concrete, quartzite, or even exotic stone like onyx. A wide variety of flooring and tile options are available, for example using natural stone like marble, granite, or limestone. These materials are labor-intensive and difficult to custom cut but each tile is completely unique and will enhance your aesthetic design.

Infrastructure is moved to accommodate your design and plumbing includes all high-end finishes and top quality parts. Electrical service may be upgraded to include power for amenities like a sauna, custom lighting, or a Jacuzzi soaking tub and to meet the current code of your city (and trust us to know all about Dallas, Tx, Highland Park, University Park, Plano, and all other surrounding cities!). It all depends on what you include in your new bathroom.

A high-end design can also include luxury amenities like steam showers, waterproof TV’s, surround sound audio systems and radiant floor heating.Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? for the best price call us:(800) 371-8970

At this level of remodeling, you are only limited by your budget and creativity. But you will end up with exactly the spa-like bathroom you envision. If you’re planning a master bathroom remodeling project in the Dallas, Fort Worth area give Joseph & Berry a call!


We offer a personalized experience and work with you throughout the entire process, from design through construction. Our design team will work with you to explain all of your options on everything from where to place your soaking tub, to building your custom zebra wood vanity. We have a project manager on-site every day to make sure your job remains on time and on budget.

A custom-designed luxury bathroom is a major investment that can provide you with the perfect, spa-like retreat to relax, renew and pamper yourself after a long day. With Joseph & Berry, you will not only get the bathroom of your dreams, but you’ll also be working with professionals who understand the process and work hard to make it much easier, take less time, maximize your budget and cause less disruption to your daily life. Give us a call and let us bring your creative vision to life!

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? for the best price call us:(800) 371-8970

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