Choosing a Range Hood That Looks Fantastic And Works Even Better

Choosing a Range Hood For A Kitchen Remodeling Project

Over-the-range hoods are a stylish and practical feature for the home cook’s kitchen. Because of the popularity of this feature, and the various makes and models, adding a professional range hood to your kitchen is more accessible than ever.

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Why do you need a range hood?

Range hoods prevent your home from being overwhelmed by odors and grease from the cooking you do each day. Cooking foods like lamb chops, bacon and even a slow-simmering sauce, yield odors and grease into the air that stick to walls, art, furniture and other fabrics. One way to draw these fumes outside of the kitchen and away from areas you’d like to keep smelling fresh is a range hood. Because this feature involves ductwork and venting, there are often regulations and building requirements when it comes to installing range hoods. Our designers have ample experience in kitchen design and know the requirements in the Dallas Fort Worth area. If your planning a kitchen remodel (read more about our kitchen remodeling in Dallas, Tx), give us a call to find out how these rules apply in your town (800)-371-8970 or Click Here to submit your details and we’ll contact you.

Right-sizing a range hood

There are basic rules of thumb to pair the cooktop’s energy production with the hood’s oil- and grease-sucking power. For every 100 Btu, you need 1 cfm of ventilation power. For example, a professional-grade range with 90,000 Btu would require a range hood that has 900 cfm.  The recommended cfm reflects what is needed to properly vent the cooktop burners, so if your cooktop includes an indoor grilling component, you should choose a hood with more power.
When it comes to the physical size of the unit, it should be larger than the cooktop area, especially if you are looking at professional-grade ranges. If you are going to the effort to install a professional range hood, don’t skimp. In this case, going bigger is better.


Many kitchens opt for a duct-free range hood installed under the cabinets. These include a fan, typically with two speed, that draw fumes from the range through a filter and back into the kitchen. These units do little to reduce smoke or odors and we do not recommend this style for regular home cooks.


Proper kitchen ventilation requires ductwork that draws fumes and odors outside of the home.  Depending on the location of your range, you have some choices as to how this is done. Ductwork can be routed through a chase, soffit or chimney.If the range is located on an exterior wall, ductwork can be installed to vent to the outside directly behind the range hood. Island hoods can be vented through ductwork in the ceiling.

A downdraft hood is another option, which aims to remove the smoke and fumes through an exhaust system on the floor. As most people know, heat rises and there’s little evidence these units are as effective as they claim. For that reason, we do not recommend this kind of product.

All-in-one or insert and shell?

Here comes the fun part. Choosing the type of range hood will determine the exterior look. Do you envision a classic stainless steel or a dramatic shell? Your decision could impact the kind of range hood you buy.

There are two kinds of range hoods. The all-in-one hood comes with the blower fan and outer shell built together. These typically have a classic kitchen look, made of durable and attractive materials like stainless steel. Insert and shell allows customers to choose the interior blower components with the shell they want separately. This is handy for homeowners who want extra power, but also have a specific shell in mind. Typically, companies that produce insert and shell models are higher-end products, giving homeowners even more options. Manufacturers like Broan, Zephyr, Viking and Wolf offer high-end professional grade products that are both highly functional and stylish.

joseph & berry kitchen remodel

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and have questions about what range hood is right for your kitchen, contact Joseph & Berry. Our kitchen designers are available to talk to you about your plans and answer questions. Call us now at (800) 371-8970

Custom Homebuilders Dallas

If You Looking For The Best Custom Homebuilders Dallas Just Call Us Now:(800) 371-8970

Custom Homebuilders Dallas, One of the most fulfilling dreams in someone’s life is building a custom home. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it for your family, or your friends, a custom home is a reflection of a futuristic vision. Building one elevates your quality of life, and, apparently, the decision is an enormous one with emotions and finances attached.

Those are two major reasons why you want a firm near you. One that you can trust, a trusted homes builder that understands and shares in the specific details you want your house to have. You want homebuilders that will construct a house as if they were doing it for themselves. And which better company to go with than the Remodel-Dallas homebuilders?

At our Dallas homes builders company, our main priority is to ensure that all your preferences and specific needs are met. It doesn’t matter how technical or far-fetched they seem to be. We are dedicated to delivering the best we can at Custom Homebuilders Dallas and well educated on the working process of working with architects and other interior designers.

Custom Homebuilders Dallas
Custom Homebuilders Dallas

Our Dallas, TX business has, for a while, been built in the USA by referrals, high-quality services, and our strive to put customer needs first. We are popular around Dallas and most of its environs because of the quality work we do. Visit our website or call us now on (800) 371-8970 to get free in-home estimates, or for an appointment to check our custom home models.

Style Doesn’t Limit Us – We Build from Traditional to Modern Styles

We have built a wide range of styles during our projects throughout Dallas, Texas. From family homes to heritage-style and modern houses, we can build them all. Even the simple ones with timber frames, beams, and posts akin to the types found in upcountry are no challenge for our team of professionals.

Our fully licensed and insured professionals will create everything from simple to the most technical, and all with meticulous and precise attention to every detail. Whatever you can dream, we will build it!

Custom Homebuilders Dallas
Custom Homebuilders Dallas

We are With You Every Step of the Way

When you decide to build your home with Dallas homebuilders, we will be with you from the beginning to the end. From the moment the planning begins during the design stages, to the final stages of landscaping and check in after the work is completed, we will not leave your side.

We offer you the freedom to do whatever you want during all the stages for the betterment of the project. Whether you want us to join you during the design meetings, we will be there, and upon the beginning of the project, we will tirelessly give it our all to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

The reason we will be with you from start to finish is also to ensure that any problems that may arise are handled beforehand. Our local contractors are well versed in the industry and are expert problem solvers. They offer creative and practical solutions with ease and convenience. The team is only a call away. Reach out through (800) 371-8970 today!

We Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Budget

Our experience and skill in the industry will help you maximize your particular budget for the best possible return. We are talking about quality, curb appeal, value, and comfort of your dream home. This is why as a homes builder firm in Dallas, we are reviewed & trusted by homeowners like you. While at it, we will give you honest advice on where we think you should spend, and where you should cut on cost to save money without having to sacrifice the quality. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy the best services that are worth the value of your money.

You have Our Undivided Attention

All of our contractors are local and independent. What this means is that our services are personalized and tailored towards your preferences. We do not build lots of custom homes that will give us little time to pay attention to your house. Rather, we are fully dedicated to ensuring that our team offers unsurpassed craftsmanship to meet the schedule we’ve set aside to complete your project.

We Prioritize Quality Work

Often times, you might hire a contractor who will spend many months while designing your home, in a relationship that is rather unpleasant, stressful, and incomprehensible. This is why hiring us, Dallas homes builder company is the best option. We are fully licensed, insured, and geared towards providing quality works. We value satisfaction, solutions, and professionalism. Most importantly, we stand behind our work with a warranty. Call us today Custom Homebuilders Dallas, Just Call Us Now: (800) 371-8970 to have your dream house built.

For The Best Custom Homebuilders Dallas, Just Call Us Now:(800) 371-8970

Kitchens Remodel Dallas

If You Looking For The Best Kitchens Remodel Dallas Call Us Now:(800) 371-8970

Kitchens Remodel Dallas, A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is one special room where you get to cook delicious meals, entertain your family or guests, or eat meals apart from retreating into it for a midnight snack. Sometimes, it potentiality extends to being a place of sharing stories and doing other memorable things during the holidays. It is the throb, the life of your home, day in day out. This is the reason why the kitchen should be designed in a way that all your preferences come to life.

The decision to carry out kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to give consideration is how it 00will look like eventually. The specific model of how your kitchen should look like is way different from, let’s say, a living room. So many factors come into play. Sadly, they are unchangeable and the need for a professional remodeler is inevitable.
The decision to carry out kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to give consideration is how it 00will look like eventually. The specific model of how your kitchen should look like is way different from, let’s say, a living room. So many factors come into play. Sadly, they are unchangeable and the need for a professional remodeler is inevitable.

Kitchens Remodel Dallas
Kitchens Remodel Dallas

Why Contact Us?

Kitchen remodeling shouldn’t be hard. If you are in the USA and residing in Dallas, TX and its environs, here is our number (800) 371- 8970 calls us today and we will eliminate the frustrations of you having to go through countless considerations to get the job done.

Apart from being homebuilders in the Greater Dallas region, and specializing in other services like bathroom renovation and remodeling, and luxury homes, we are also a full-service kitchen renovation and remodel firm. Working with any of our remodeler guarantees premium quality projects as well as customer satisfaction.

Our Dallas, Texas team will meet you in person, specifically in your home, to fully determine and fathom the amount of work your kitchen will require as well as all the purposes you intend for the room. Our contractors are local, fully licensed, honest, and trustworthy. As such, your experience with them will be nothing but pleasant. Call us today! (800) 371-8970.

When the need arises for your kitchen to bring your family closer, or to churn out limitless culinary experiences, or simply serve as an entertainment hub, Dallas kitchen remodelers can deliver whatever variation you prefer, depending on your budget.

We pride ourselves in working with reputable suppliers for the most durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing and high-end remodel materials. We know that you want the best, and that is what we will offer after you contact us on (800) 371-8970.

Kitchens Remodel Dallas
Kitchens Remodel Dallas

Kitchen Services We Offer

We are not limited to renovation and remodeling only. Call us today through (800) 371-8970 and get to enjoy all the vital components that are ideal for a state-of-the-art kitchen. Rich in experience and expertise, we are a 5 star rated contractor positively Reviewed & Trusted By Homeowners Like You. The perfect vision of your dream kitchen is what any of our remodeler experts will bring to life. Our Dallas kitchen remodelers specialize in:

• Electricity and lighting

• The duct work, radiator work, as well as heating

• Flooring and tiling services

• Plumbing

• Windows, doors, cabinetry, millwork, and trim

• Countertops

• Framing

• Gas fitting

• Drywalling

• Soundproofing and insulation

• And many more custom services!

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is unattractive, the finishes are worn out, or that all the other accessories and kitchen parts are outdated, Dallas kitchen remodelers will work with you from beginning to the end. We will match your needs, lifestyle, interior décor, and your budget to create a stunning kitchen.

Our kitchen remodel process is simple. It is a four-step process that begins with your participation in a meticulous planning stage and ends with your dream kitchen being an actual reality. If you want all of your needs as well as preferences to be delivered on time, call us today on (800) 371-8970.

What Should You Expect from the Kitchen Remodel Project?

At Dallas remodeling firm, we look forward to working with you during the creation of your new and restructured kitchen. We understand that individual needs vary. Every homeowner that our remodeler has met has a specific idea in mind while others are overwhelmed with the considerations and choices to make.

We are the solution if more space is what you are looking for. The end result will also be a stunning and breathtaking appearance. New cabinets and appliances, all the necessary accessories, and much more are some of what you should expect from our fully licensed and insured firm upon calling us For The Best Kitchens Remodel Dallas at (800) 371-8970.

Even though what each person is considering varies, one thing remains constant, the need for a new kitchen. The one thing that most homeowners have in common is that each wants something that the current kitchen cannot provide. That something is what Dallas remodelers will help you find and build it.

To know more about our other types of remodel services, don’t waste time. Call us today at (800) 371-8970 or reach out to us through our website for appointments and free quotes.

For The Best Kitchens Remodel Dallas Call Us Now: (800) 371-8970

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

If You Looking For The best Bathrooms Remodel company in Dallas Just Call Us!  (800) 371-8970

One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. It is where your day begins and ends.

Your Bathrooms is more than just a place where you rush in and come out as you get ready for work. It is also a place where you can allow yourself to relax and refresh however you want; soaking in your lux tub or refreshing up in your steam shower.  Naturally, with time your bathroom gets old, and other times the design of the room gets boring and outdated that’s when you start thinking of remodeling it and all the things you find annoying or dysfunctioning in your bathroom. It is a great idea that saves you lots of money while at the same time bringing elegance to your home.

When you are considering a bathroom remodeler, two things will occasionally worry you: the general appearance of the bathroom as it were, and whether every fixture and accessory in it work after the project is done. Nothing is more frustrating as having the most beautiful and breath-taking bathroom with a sink that doesn’t work as it should. Similarly, walking into a bathroom that is dull and unappealing conjures certain levels of disappointment!

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

Well, of course, you could take matters into your own hands and try to remodel the bathroom yourself, and spend insurmountable periods of trying to figure out what should go where and waste lots of money during the process. Or, you could hire homebuilders Remodel-Dallas through (800) 371-8970 if you are in Texas to do the job for you!

It makes all the difference when your bathroom is remodeled to fit all the required specifications and attention to detail. If you are in the Greater Dallas, TX region, you are in luck. We understand all your remodeling and renovation needs, which is the reason why by calling us today Bathrooms Remodel Dallas (800) 371-8970, you can eventually own the bathroom remodel you have always desired.

Remodeling doesn’t need to be such a hard task. Our contractors are local, fully licensed, and are well versed in the field. Any of our remodeler team will get the job done in no time. The high-quality work and the way they are with you every step of the way will ensure that the work of our Dallas, Texas company conspicuously reflects what you had in mind. With the as little interruption of your day to day life, our remodelers will be there for the shortest time possible and pull off a one of a kind project.

Why wait? Don’t let frustrations get in your way. Submit our contact form and we’ll contact you asap. Let us, the Dallas, Texas trusted remodeling professionals help you renovate and restructure your old bathroom to something you will always love.

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

Why Us?

We are a 5 star rated contractor that has been constantly Reviewed & Trusted By Homeowners Like You. Consequently, we have worked with other homeowners like you to remodel and renovate their outdated bathrooms for many years now. Our team of professionals is experienced, fully licensed and insured, and can help you create a bathroom that exceeds all your expectations. This way, you get to elevate the value of your home and get the most out of the available space. Simply pick up the phone and call us Bathrooms Remodel Dallas (800) 371-8970.

Apart from our licensed and insured remodel experts, you can also feel confident that you are getting the best kitchen, bath & whole home remodeling service that is up to par with the industry standards, and we are proud to share our recent national award Best in America Livina (BALA) by the National Association of Home Builder.  Contact us today, your Dallas, TX home remodeling company (800) 371-8970.

Some of the needs homeowners approach us with include:

• Master suite, guest bathrooms, hall bathrooms, children’s bathroom customization, Jack & Jill bathroom

• Vanity, shower updates, and tub replacements as well as any other partial replacement

• New flooring, and even better, heated floors if you desire

• Tub conversion to a spa custom showers

• Decorations or decorative shower and tub accessories

• Better use of space by changing bathroom or kitchen layout, organization and use efficiency

• Enlarging the bathrooms

Basically, our bathroom remodeling projects and services include:

• Custom shower styles and custom glass doors

• Partial bathroom remodel or bathroom refresh

• Full bathroom remodel

• Tub and or shower replacement

• Vanity replacement

• Master Suite and children’s bathrooms remodeling

If you are unsure of what to consider during the remodeling process, there are things we can help you factor in when you simply dial 800 371-8970 and reaching out to us. They include:

• Who is the room meant for? What is its purpose? Is it particularly focused on adults? Are you remodeling for your kids? Guests?

• Accommodating modern features in the available space

• What to keep and what to replace. Are you ready for tub conversation into pampering double standing shower?

• The specific type of tub that will let you enjoy good service. Here, we will allow you to explore the several types of tubs whether therapeutic, traditional, or decorative.

• All the necessary accessories including shower surround and tub materials

• The ideal theme that compliments your home perfectly

• The type of lighting you should go with

• The type of finish as well as the decorative touches that aren’t easy and highly appealing

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

These and much more are some of the things our remodelers will help you with. Don’t hesitate. We are only a call away. Contact us through (800) 371-8970. Our unique design build process will ensure your home remodeling project will fulfill your needs. We will turn your dreams into reality.

If you want to learn more about Bathrooms Remodeling Dallas, call us today through (800) 371-8970 or schedule an appointment and speak with one of our qualified professionals


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Luxury homebuilders Dallas

If You Looking For A Luxury homebuilders Dallas Call Us Now:(800) 371-8970

Luxury homebuilders Dallas, so you have the money, and a dream house in mind, but you do not know which home builder company to go to Dallas, TX. The answer is simple. Remodel-Dallas is the best option. It doesn’t matter the type of house you have in mind. Whether it is a romantic one with log walls or a compact, fully furnished house with brick walls, we can build them all!

At luxury homes builder Dallas, we know it well that you have a particular kind of design in mind when you want to own a prestigious house with all sorts of possibilities and features. Call and talk to us today through (800) 371-8970. We will go with your pre-defined plan and transform your imaginary home to a perfectly ambient and elegant reality.

Luxury homebuilders Dallas
Luxury homebuilders Dallas

If you have a precise idea or a vision of the kind of a luxury home you desire and you need help bringing it to life, homebuilders Dallas, Texas will offer you more than the typical specifications other companies will offer. As a fully licensed and insured company, our unique all-in-one architecture, design, and engineering, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality services and craftsmanship possible.

We prioritize work smoothness and your satisfaction. We also give you a wide range of unique and high-end construction services that are unmatched in the industry. By picking up your phone and dialing (800) 371-8970 or contacting us through our website, you will get Free In-Home Estimates or quotes that fall within your budget.

Luxury homebuilders Dallas
Luxury homebuilders Dallas

Advantages of Hiring Us

By calling us through (800) 371-8970, you can keep your luxury home dreams alive and explore unlimited potentials we offer just for your convenience. Here are other benefits that you will get to enjoy after hiring homes builder Dallas, TX.

• Any Model of a House is Possible – We understand that whenever you are looking to remodel, renovate, or build a luxury home, you have a set of specific ideas in mind. Consequently, at our company in Dallas, we harbor unique and bespoke luxury home styles that are particularly tailored and customized towards specific preferences, to meet all your wants.

Whether you want us to go with your idea, or make renovations on an existing model, we guarantee that we will offer you our exclusive planning services that will bring a smile to your face. Call us! (800) 371-8970.

• You can’t Compromise – Our Dallas, Texas company offers you everything you want, which negates the need to settle for a construction model that falls short of your expectations. Our contractors are local, and for that reason alone, you can be guaranteed of a model that is no cookie-cutter. The features you want will be included by the remodelers as they renovate, restructure, or when they are building your house.

We have an uncanny ability to steer away from the predictable models and build you a home that will be the envy of others. Everything that a modern home carries is included in the design features that you will be free to sample and choose. Schedule a free consultation through with our home remodeling developers (800) 371-8970 today!

Luxury homebuilders Dallas
Luxury homebuilders Dallas

We Give You all the Prestige You Desire – Because we customize everything for you, you are assured that the exact specifications you desire will be met. Unlike any other contractor in the market, our possibilities are unlimited. We have no boundaries in terms of the options you decide to go with. Whether it is to remodel or renovate certain areas of your home, whether you want to choose the flooring, tiles, fixtures, countertops or fittings, there’s no other 5 star rated contractor and homes builder like ours.

Talk to us today Luxury homebuilders Dallas call now: (800) 371-8970! We are only a call away and ready to be of service to you. You say it, we do it.

High-end Home Materials – At Remodel-Dallas, our team of professional general contractors & homebuilders understands that the construction process isn’t the end of a custom home. For this reason, we offer a variety of other services like kitchen, bath, and whole house interior design, as part as your Dallas home remodel, to fit all your ideas and features without compromising space, quality, or the general appearance of the building.

We have high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers to ensure that your home is there to stay. You can order custom fixtures or any other exclusive item. All in all, upon contacting us through our ever line (800) 371-8970, you are at liberty to choose unmatched quality and the best homebuilders services that will bring harmony to your new house.

The Building Process is Seamless – Because all our contractor is local, you will get a chance to work with one team from the initial stages of design your home to completion. We incorporate several design aspects in any project we work with to ensure you get personalized service. Enjoy all these by calling us today Luxury homebuilders Dallas at (800) 371-8970!

Are you in the USA, the state of Texas, particularly the Dallas region, and you want complete and truly unique homes builder services? Give us a call today through (800) 371-8970. Don’t let your dreams go to waste.

Luxury homebuilders Dallas call now :(800) 371-8970

Homes builder Dallas

If You Looking For The Best Homes builder Dallas Just Call Us Now:(800) 371-8970

The decision on whether to buy or build a high-end home often varies from person to person. However, one thing remains, a home is fundamentally the largest investment you can make. It often occurs that you might not find exactly what you are looking for when you are thinking of buying a home. With a custom-built home, all your specific needs, the features, and attention to detail will be met. A new home is convenient in terms of design and energy efficiency in Homes builder Dallas.

A custom home is a solution to defining your lifestyle, and if you want your dreams to become a reality, work with Remodel-Dallas. We are an award-winning, licensed and insured homes builder company in Dallas, specializing in high-end luxury homes. Reviewed & trusted by homeowners like you. We are a 5 Star Rated Contractor in Dallas, Texas. We are ever dedicated to providing you with outstanding and innovative design service. Call us at (800) 371-8970.

Homes builder Dallas
Homes builder Dallas

We have a track record of superior quality that speaks for itself. It doesn’t matter what your needs are. Whether it is a mansion, a bungalow, an exclusive house with a swimming pool, a gym, or a Jacuzzi among others, our team of professional interior designers, general contractors, and project managers in Dallas has you covered. From the development stages, the appearance until the completion of your home, we pay attention to every little detail, and we take great care of your project unlike any other contractor in the market.

If you are in the USA and living in the greater Dallas, TX, contact us through (800) 371-8970 to get Free In-Home Estimates or to let us know of the style, the size, as well as any other specific requirement you want to be included. Whatever the idea you have, we will be with you every step of the way and make sure that your house is exactly the way you want it to be.

Why Choose Homebuilders Dallas?

• As a custom house builder specializing in various design aspects including modern luxury homes, we strive daily to validate our credibility and the trust you bestow us. No other company guarantees an uncompromising commitment to building high-quality structures. Your project will receive every attention it deserves, and with our aim of ensuring your expectations are exceeded from conception to completion, nothing should stop you from picking that phone and talking to us through (800) 371-8970.

• Regardless of whether you have every detail figured out, or you are oblivious of where to begin, our team will adhere to all your needs. Nevertheless, we have a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary designs with flexible spaces for entertainment or living. We can also design state-of-the-art bathrooms and kitchens as well as private spaces, which are incredibly quiet and cozy. Home office or an activity room, talk to our team through(800) 371-8970.

Homes builder Dallas
Homes builder Dallas

• We are a value driven company with great lasting relationships with all our customers. We offer premium quality building materials with equally the same standards of quality at the best prices possible. We stand out from our competitors through our unsurpassed high-quality craftsmanship and elegance with timeless appeal. Our single point accountability and a cooperative team approach is another goal we deeply invest in. This is another good reason why speaking to us through our line(800) 371-8970 is the best option for you.

• We handpick the best suppliers for the materials used to build your dream home. This way, your project is built with the utmost skill and to the best standard. All our contractors are honest, licensed, and faithful. With a rich knowledge and expertise in the building industry, they will accomplish every task without much of a hassle. They take their time to ensure that the outcome is nothing but satisfactory.

• Our prices are highly competitive. Give us a call through (800) 371-8970 to get a quote or Free In-Home Estimates. The line is always open and if you are wondering where to find homebuilders company near you, we are your rescue team.

• We have based in north Dallas, Texas, USA. What this means is that if you live in the greater Dallas area, you should look no further. Contact us today through (800) 371-8970. We would be happy to talk to you about your ideas and better ones if there are any.


Homes builder Dallas
Homes builder Dallas

Contact Us  For The Best Homes builder Dallas

To get to know more about what Remodel-Dallas services offer such as unique and exclusive homes builder ideas, renovation, remodeling, and construction, fill the contact form or call us now: (800) 371-8970 for the best Homes builder Dallas.

For The Best Homes builder Dallas Call us now: (800) 371-8970


How To Remodel and Design A Highly Functional Laundry Room

Advice on designing an easy to use laundry room that looks fantastic

For many families, the laundry room is kind of an afterthought. You probably don’t spend a lot of time in the laundry, unless of course, you have a house full of kids, then the time you do spend in there needs to be quick, easy and efficient.

We all need to do laundry eventually, and if you have a washer/dryer in your home, it’s often tucked away in a utility closet or a corner of the basement. Creating and designing a functional, dedicated laundry room takes some thought. Once you’ve set up a counter to fold clothes, some storage for supplies and maybe room for an ironing board and hanging clothes, you’ll begin to understand all of the benefits of creating a designed and dedicated space to do this most mundane of chores. In fact, with a little planning and thought, you can have a laundry room that’s not only functional but fun! Looking for home design inspiration? Click Here

Here are some tips and elements to consider when creating the perfect laundry room!

• Don’t Overlook Storage Space! – Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, stain spray, bleach, irons, ironing boards, clothing steamers all are used in the laundry. You’ll want to store them, and you’ll need cabinets and shelves to do it! Don’t forget to include hanging racks for ironed shirts and drip racks for sweaters and drip dry clothing.

• Make Sure You Include Proper Lighting – Laundry rooms are often located in a spare utility room or closet, or in the basement many times without any windows or natural light. If you’re only dropping your clothes into the washer, you might just need a small light, but if you’re planning on sorting, cleaning stains, or ironing, you’ll need some task lighting. Natural light is always the best, so if you’re considering converting a spare room into a laundry room, natural light is best. Overhead or recessed lighting is the next best thing.

Remember to Consider the Water! – It’s necessary and often not thought about, but you don’t only need it to do the wash, it can pose a danger as well. If there’s a plumbing problem, you can experience extensive damage to your home. If you’re converting a room or starting from scratch, always make sure to keep the drain accessible, and include an emergency water shut-off valve or system and make it easy to find and operate. You never plan on a flood, but if you have one, make sure you plan and have proper precautions in place.

• Consider Your Work Flow – Your design should take into account how you work and focus on assisting you with the task. Before you, design and layout typically space, consider how laundry will flow into and out of your space. Will you use laundry baskets, or install a chute system from the second-floor bedrooms, bathroom or hallway directly into the laundry room in the basement if possible. Think about how you normally work and your family’s needs. Then create a space that will work out with your normal flow.

• Install Proper Ventilation – Your dryer requires proper ventilation to operate. Usually via a hose that vents out of your home. However, ventilation fans and windows can help to keep your laundry room cool and dry. The combination of water, heat and the action of your washing machine can cause increased humidity in the room. Without proper ventilation, you can be susceptible to mildew or worse, mold! Even with modern appliances. Make sure to take ventilation into account when designing your space.

Creating a formal, well-designed laundry room is a great addition to any home. While you can have fun with the design and make it an aesthetically, exciting part of your living space, make sure you prioritize functionality over anything else. The thing to remember is that the function of your laundry room is to make your chores easier and provides plenty of space to work. Whether you’re building a new laundry room or remodeling an existing space, make sure your design team has the experience in place, and the understanding of your family’s lifestyle to ensure that you will create a space that is functional and you enjoy working in! Schedule a complimentary consultation and start your home remodeling project now!



The Basic Styles of Kitchen Sink Design For A Remodel

Choosing A Kitchen Sink For A Remodel

When it comes to your kitchen, few fixtures will see as much use as your kitchen sink. It’s a vital area for food preparation, cleaning, and more. In fact, it can be argued that choosing your kitchen sink is one of the most critical choices you’ll make when you remodel or update your kitchen.

The model, size, and style you choose will affect your daily life for many years into the future. So what are your choices? Let’s explore some features to consider when selecting your sink, like basin configurations, shape, and accessories.

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choosing a kitchen sink for your dallas kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Sink Basins and Configurations

Single basin, double basin, shallow, or deep, you have a few choices to consider when choosing your kitchen sink. Each configuration has pros and cons. Start by reflecting on how you use your sink and what shape will best fit the way you work in the kitchen.

Large Single Basin

On the plus side, a single deep basin gives you the flexibility to soak a big pan and the space to prep lots of food. However, rinsing veggies while soaking a large casserole might require some juggling.

In the past few years, sinks have gotten wider, deeper and more flexible. Today, many homeowners and designers are opting for a single, deep basin sink, typically 33 to 36 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep. It’s an incredibly versatile size that works for both prep duty and cleaning duty at the same time. Many manufacturers are adding lines of accessories like fitted rinse baskets that make pulling double duty easier.

Two-Basin Sink (60/40 or Offset Sink)

The two basin sink allows you to separate tasks like food prep and cleaning efficiently. A 60/40 sink, typically has two basins, an 18 inch and a 14-inch side by side. The idea is that you can clean up in the large side and prep food in the smaller one. The large side may include a garbage disposal unit making clean up even more efficient. Dual basins are also handy when you have non-dishwasher safe items. You can use one for soap, and the other to rinse. The downside? A smaller basin makes it harder to wash and soak large pans and casserole dishes.

If you want some flexibility, a two-basin sink is a great choice. While the most common configuration is the 60/40 style, thanks to modern manufacturing the customization options are nearly limitless, so you can get exactly the size you want and need.

Two-Basin Sink (50/50 Configuration)

The same concept, pros, and cons of the 60/40 configuration, but this features two equal sized basins. If you love symmetry in design, this configuration is a great choice.

Three Basins

Usually configured as two equal sized large basins with a smaller basin and garbage disposal in between. This is a nice set-up because it allows you to use the disposal independently of the sink. While it’s not the most convenient set-up for just sweeping food scraps off the counter and into the sink, there are many accessories like cutting board inserts that can make this a convenient configuration.

Choosing the Shape of Your Kitchen Sink

The shape of your kitchen sink is one option that is about form over function. While rounded sinks can be a little easier to clean, the shape of your sink is more about design aesthetics than anything else. You have several choices including:

The Farmhouse Sink

Most are simply a single large basin sink. The distinctive feature is their apron front which offers a real vintage vibe that works in almost any style kitchen from traditional to modern. If you choose porcelain or enamel, there are a wide number of color options which can add a focal point to your kitchen. The only drawback is that a farmhouse sink makes a definitive design statement, if your tastes change, this can be a problem.


Double Farmhouse Sink

Same benefits as any other double basin sink, and it offers the same design statement. The only real con is that because it is “non-traditional” a double basin farmhouse sink doesn’t offer the “true” vintage look of a single basin.


Rounded Sides

Many homeowners consider a rounded sink easier to clean than one with angular edges. While it offers a distinctive look, a rounded sink may not work in a more minimalist or modern kitchen design. Manufacturers are now offering sinks that have crisp, angular corners at the top of the sink where it meets the countertop, with rounded edges near the bottom offering a more “modern look” while keeping the benefits of easier cleaning.

Built-In Drainboard

These are great for draining dishes, so if you hand wash your dishes, it’s a convenient feature. It also allows you space to dry fruits and veggies after washing or prep. The only drawback is that this style is much wider than a standard sink and can take up extra counter space so it might not be a great choice for smaller kitchens.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Today manufacturers offer a variety of accessories to enhance the functionality of your sink. From colanders and cutting boards the slip over the basin, to built-in dish drying racks, produce baskets, and stainless steel racks that fit over the bottom to prevent scratching, manufacturers are adding new accessories all the time.

When choosing your sink, speak with your designer, or design-build remodeler to discuss your options. You should also educate yourself. Create an idea file online, read the home decor magazines, and visit stores to see and touch a variety of options. Today, you have a variety of choices when it comes to colors, styles, and sizes. With a little research, you can find the perfect sink to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle!

Looking For Unique Home Designs When Remodeling? An Ideas Guide

How to build a resource of unique home designs when remodeling or building a custom home

You want to change the look of your home beyond simply redecorating, but you’re not sure where to start. Anything you design needs to look great for a number of years, yet needs to complement the existing features of your home. Remodeling projects, when well thought out, can transform your living space.

To get started, you need to consider your lifestyle. Is this a project that you want to undertake, or something you need to do? For example, are you expecting a new addition to the family, or is an aging parent coming to live with you? Do you love to entertain in the kitchen and want to improve the space to allow friends to gather? Maybe you’re thinking of improving your master suite by adding a stand alone whirlpool tub, or a deluxe shower. The best way to begin is to do some research.

Compiling a file of unique home designs and ideas has never been easier. From TV networks like HGTV to websites like Houzz, here are some great places to look around, get some ideas, and compile a master list of ideas while you consider your next project!

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Where to Look: Ideas For Unique Home Designs

We live in a media rich society where it’s easier than ever before to find information. Whether it’s 400 TV channels, websites and blogs online, or a visit to the bookstore, there are plenty of information sources, ideas and unique home designs you can access to help you turn your house into the home of your dreams!

TV Shows/Networks

Networks like HGTV, DYI and FYI offer a wide range of shows full of interesting ideas. Whether it’s a simple home improvement project or a complex down to the studs remodel, shows like “Property Brothers”, “Curb Appeal” and “Kitchen Crashers” can offer up a wealth of ideas. Many of these networks also have websites where you can watch archived shows.

Websites / Blogs:

Surfing the web is a great resource for ideas and the best way to research projects. Many remodelers, manufacturers, magazines and TV networks have websites that feature project ideas, photos, buying guides and product information. Web directories like the NAHB Remodelers Directory can help you find a contractor, and websites like Houzz and Pinterest can help you compile extensive photo files of inspirational ideas. There are also plenty of DIY blogs, design blogs, product pages and other info that can inspire you! Click to see more of our inspirational projects !

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There are plenty of magazines that cater to home improvement, lifestyles, and remodeling that can be great sources of inspiration. Consider publications like Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Country Living, Architectural Digest and Southern Living. They can help you to identify materials, designs, and projects for your home.


Plenty of bookstores have well-stocked home improvement sections that can provide you with ideas. Be careful of books that tell you to be your own contractor. Most remodeling projects require a level of skill and work outside the scope of books. Look for inspiration, but always hire a professional to execute the work.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

They are the perfect source for information about new products and how to use them. Most have websites and run ads in the home magazines. Lumberyards, hardware stores, and other suppliers can all offer valuable information. Many even offer home planning centers where you can browse materials, look at samples and gather information to share with your designer or contractor.

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Unique Home Designs: Trends To Watch in 2017 and Beyond!

In 2017 unique home designs are all about creating lush living spaces by taking traditional design ideas and updating them with unique colors, textures, and materials. Consider this year’s top color choices including grays with warm beige undertones for living rooms and kitchens and bold reds and caramels for bedrooms. In the coming years, homeowners are looking towards upgrades that make day-to-day life more convenient and luxurious. Trends, like built-in bars in the kitchen, retro appliances, hexagonal tile backsplashes, marble surface beyond simple counter tops and black steel and glass in the bathroom, are hot and getting hotter! Watch for these trends and consider them when planning your own home project!

Master Bathroom Design & Remodeling – Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile

Choosing Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile For A Master Bath

Tile manufacturers have products for nearly every use and personal taste today. With so many choices, deciding on the product right for your master bathroom can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a quick guide to help decipher the characteristic of ceramic vs. porcelain tile to make this process a little easier.

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Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile — The Basics

Ceramic and porcelain tiles both are kiln-fired at very high temperatures to ensure hardness, but they are made from slightly different materials. Ceramic tiles are usually made of white or red clay and typically have a glaze finish that gives the tile its color and pattern. Porcelain tiles are made of white clay in what is called a “dust pressed method,” which provides a much denser tile.

The big difference when it comes to ceramic vs. porcelain tile is in its water absorption, as defined by the Tile Council of North America. Porcelain tiles absorb less than 0.5 percent of water, while ceramic tiles absorb more than 0.5 percent water. For this reason, porcelain tile is often the preferred choice for areas with high exposure to water — like a master bath.

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Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile — The Upkeep

When it comes to care, cleaning and upkeep, ceramic and porcelain come out even. Both types of tile resist dust, dirt and residue, making them a good choice for both the floor and walls of a master bathroom. They also retain their like-new look for many years, making them a solid investment. Ceramic and porcelain tile are also stain-resistant, and because the colors are fired into the clay or glaze, they will not fade. These tiles also resist allergens, do not absorb fumes or odors, and are typically placed in spaces where good hygiene is desired.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile — Special Uses

Do you have dreams of an outdoor shower just outside your master bathroom? Thinking of adding a small, intimate patio off your master suite for coffee in the morning? Tile can be a way to seamlessly bridge indoors and outdoors. However, a durable tile is a must. Because porcelain is so dense and virtually waterproof, it is the preferred option when it comes to outdoor use. Ceramic does have a higher chance of water permeability. Over time and in areas prone to frost, it can cause the ceramic tile to expand and break.

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What About Flooring?

Deciding on what material is best for your bathroom floor isn’t always an issue of ceramic vs. porcelain tile. Both stand up better over time than wood, laminate or carpeting. However, if you are looking for top marks on strength, porcelain has the edge. When shopping for a porcelain tile, be mindful of the PEI or Porcelain Enamel Institute ratings, which will tell you the proper use of specific tiles. Based on a scale of zero to five, a score of zero means it’s for wall use only. Class one and two are for very low and low foot traffic, respectively, which makes them OK for bathrooms in most houses. Class three is for moderate traffic like in kitchens, while classes four and five are for the heaviest foot traffic, like mudrooms and restaurant flooring.


Consider the cost

For some, the price is no object when it comes to the bathroom of their dreams. For others, there are things that top the priority list and others that are less important. When selecting options for your master bathroom, you may have your heart set on some big-ticket items. If tile is not your passion, choosing a less expensive option could be a way to trim a bit of the cost for use on other luxury items. In general, ceramic tile is less expensive than porcelain, at less than $5 per square foot for the top-end products. You can still find beautiful, durable, high-quality ceramic tile that works well in a bathroom setting at a cost that’s less than top-quality porcelain tile, which is usually $6 per square foot or more. When it comes to ceramic vs. porcelain tile, there is a big difference in the cost.

If you’re ready to remodel your master bath, give us a call at (800)371-8970 or click here! Joseph & Berry are experienced design-build firm in the Dallas Fort Worth area that has completed hundreds of master bathroom projects. With a project manager on site at all times, we are here to answer questions and provide you details about our custom designs. At Joseph & Berry, our designers are aware of all the latest bathroom tile options available and can help you to choose the best one for your project. Let us help you create your dream master bath by providing bathroom tile samples and providing you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice.

The Pros and Cons Of Soapstone Countertops in a Kitchen Remodel

Soapstone countertops are beautiful but are they right for you?

There was a time when granite countertops ruled the day, but as tastes change and trends emerge, homeowners often look to other materials to give their kitchen a beautiful and unique look. Soapstone countertops are a high-quality choice for the homeowner looking for a high-end kitchen remodel. Durable, impervious to stains and bacteria, and beautiful to look at, soapstone fits well with any kitchen style and design. At Joseph & Berry, we've seen some beautiful kitchen designs incorporate soapstone in the Dallas area. Our in-house project managers are well-versed in using the material and can answer your questions on this attractive countertop option.

kitchen countertops dallas


About soapstone countertops

Soapstone is a steatite stone that consists fo the minerals chlorite, magnesite and dolomite. Most of the varieties of soapstone contain a considerable amount of talc which gives it a milky or powdery look and feel to the stone. For centuries, it has been used in architecture and by sculptors for its workability and durability. While its soft enough to work with, it is durable enough for fireplaces and kitchen uses.

Soapstone has emerged as a high-end choice for countertops because of its unique properties. It is not affected by chemicals. Soapstone has a soft feel, yet stands up great to heat, so there's no need to worry about finding a trivet for a pot or baking dish fresh from the oven. It is very dense with light veining similar to marble. Its density protects against stains and bacteria, and the gray color compliments many different kitchen styles. Looking for kitchen inspiration? Click Here

A timeless choice

In parts of the country where older homes are more familiar, it's not unusual to find a soapstone sink from the 1800s still in use. Soapstone countertops will last a lifetime. The color is complementary to a variety of cabinet finishes and room colors and can be found in both traditional, country and modern style kitchens. For those looking for a timeless look that will stand up to years of cooking and washing, soapstone is a great choice.

Caring for soapstone countertops

While soapstone countertops are durable, it will scratch. When scratching does occur, a light sanding will make the scratches disappear. Keeping the countertop well-oiled will provide extra protection against scratching and discoloration. This wear is often questioned by homeowners, but once they have it in their home, find it adds character to the kitchen.

Other issues

A well-oiled soapstone countertop will darken from gray to a charcoal gray or even black over time. For some, this shift in color does not fit with their aesthetic. While durable, it is susceptible to scratching chipping and gouging. These imperfections can be repaired, but for some, this could be a bit more maintenance than they're looking for. The color can also be a limitation. It can vary from light gray to black often with a slight green hue. Those looking for a pink or brown accents will not find it here.

For those interested in sustainability, soapstone is not a material that can be locally sourced. Once found in Vermont and the hill of Appalachia, most soapstone is mined in Brazil today, meaning significant travel from source to your home. However, we've seen stone sourced from around the world, and having a beautiful slab from afar can also be a significant selling point.

kitchen countertop remodel dallad

If you would like to know more about the versatility and look of soapstone countertops, our team can discuss options and answer your questions about this beautiful countertop option. The professionals at Joseph & Berry Remodel Design Build specialize in custom kitchen design and have remodeled many award-winning homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Call us today to schedule your consulting meeting with our professionals! Call us now: (800) 371-8970


Kitchen Island Design Trends for Home Remodeling in Greater Dallas

Learn What’s New In Dallas for Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen islands are among the most popular features in today’s kitchen. Because of their popularity, designers have found a way to incorporate dozens of innovations into the space, from large to small. When considering your kitchen island design, think about how you would use the area, how you use your kitchen today and how the design might meet the most of your needs. Looking for design inspiration? Click Here


Kitchen Island Design for Prep

One of the most frequent requests we hear from homeowners who want a kitchen redesign is more room for preparing food. Kitchen counters often get cluttered with coffee makers, toasters, knife blocks, so a kitchen island design that’s clutter free gives homeowners plenty of room for kneading bread, chopping vegetables or displaying foods for a holiday party. These can have the look of a farmer’s table with a wood countertop, or more tradition marble or quartz.

Kitchen Island with marble countertop – perfect for preparation

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Dining Island

Fewer and fewer homeowners want to eat meals in a formal dining room and instead ask for seating options in the kitchen area. Incorporating dining seating into your kitchen island design is one way to accomplish that goal. The island can be counter height, bar height, or multi-level. High-top chairs or bar stools are easy to tuck away after use. Kitchen island seating is a place for the casual family meal, as well as a place to entertain friends.

modern kitchen dallas Joseph & Berry
Dining island kitchen

Thinking to remodel your kitchen? Read more

Storage in Your Kitchen Island Design

Home cooks have come to realize that dishwashers, ovens and other big appliances built within a kitchen island take up a lot of space, leaving less room for extra storage, a seating area or other functions. If your plans include a large island as the focal point of your kitchen, include cabinetry to store items you use for entertaining, baking or large cooking projects in your kitchen island design. Since the top will likely be a space where people gather and food is prepped, and later displayed, having the tools and dishes for these jobs at your fingertips saves time and steps.


Sinks and Small Appliances

If you love entertaining but hate leaving the action to do prep or clean up after, consider a sink at one end of the island. A small prep sink can be used for washing vegetables or serve as part of a wet bar. A larger farmer’s style sink can be used for rinsing dishes and washing items too big for the dishwasher. Friends can gather with drinks and refreshments at one end of the island, keeping you company both before and after the big meal.

Small appliances are also showing up in the latest kitchen island designs. A beverage fridge keeps the pressure off of your main refrigerator when entertaining, and a microwave stored just below the counter gives the whole family easy access to this handy kitchen appliance.

A Place to Display

The island side that faces your kitchen work area is usually functional, with cabinets and drawers for storage, but consider a kitchen island design that has shelving for displaying some of your favorite items facing the rest of the room. Whether it’s a collection of vintage cookbooks or your favorite yellowware pieces, having a spot to show them off in your new kitchen will add character and a personal touch to the design. Some homeowners also use the kitchen island as a place to display their own style. Consider a design that features a pop of color, or a natural wood accent to offset the look of the rest of the cabinets. In an all-white kitchen, a bright yellow island base makes the room feel less matchy, and a deep wood stain can give the room a cottage feel while keeping with the overall design.

Joseph & Berry have experienced staff on-site to help you create a custom kitchen island design, as well as many other home features. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Joseph & Berry provides top-quality design-build services and expert advice. Contact us today and let’s schedule your free consultation meeting!

Choosing a Fireplace for a New Home Addition

What’s the Best Fireplace For A Home Addition

If you’re adding an addition to your home, including a fireplace is an excellent choice. Whether it’s a large communal space or a master bedroom addition, a fireplace can add value to your home, and an intangible benefit to your quality of life. Nothing beats gathering around the fireplace with your family and friends or enjoying a quiet afternoon with a good book. While it’s possible to heat a room with a fireplace, typically a fireplace adds ambiance to your room and creates a focal point in your decor.

Here are a few factors to consider if you’re planning on adding a fireplace to your new addition.

Dallas fireplace interior design remodel dallas
Designed fireplace – custom made by Joseph & Berry

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Think About How You’ll Use Your Fireplace

Consider all of the possibilities. You probably already have some ideas on how you’ll use your new fireplace. Maybe it will be a gathering spot for family and friends or a romantic focal point in the room. Are you looking for the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a cold night? You may even be considering using it as the primary heat source for your new space. Or maybe it’s just a modern addition you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reasons, defining its use is essential in helping you decide on where you’ll place it, and what style you’re looking to convey.


When thinking about how you’ll use it, you probably also considered where you’d like to place your fireplace. Of course, how you’ll use the same will somewhat determine the location and style. Most commonly, fireplaces are added to a space that is going to be used as a great room or family room. Some homeowners also prefer a romantic fireplace in the master bedroom, and if the addition is for a master suite, it’s an elegant premium that will enhance your lifestyle.

Where you place your fireplace will determine the fuel. If you’re thinking of a wood-burning fireplace, it must be located on an exterior wall, and your contractor must add a chimney. With newer gas and electric technology, you’re not limited to an exterior wall. You can place it on any wall, or even in the center of the room. We’d love to discuss more your project, contact us to schedule your free consultation meeting!

Fireplace Fuels: Wood, Gas or Electric

There are pros and cons to each fuel choice. Choosing the right one for you depends on several factors. If you’re choosing to heat your space, gas might be a better choice than wood for example. Here are some things to consider when determining your fireplace fuel.

Wood – If you’re a purist, nothing beats a wood-burning fireplace. They are beautiful, ever-changing and create a cozy ambiance that is unmatched. They will need to be placed on an exterior wall, and you will pay the additional expense of constructing a chimney, firebox, and liner. You’ll also need to clean up after each use.

Gas – While they don’t offer the authentic sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace, gas is far more convenient. There’s no cleanup; the can be turned on with a remote and are self-vented, or merely require a PVC pipe for venting so they can go anywhere. It’s possible to get a blower unit that makes them an efficient heat source.

Electric – The least realistic and they don’t put out much heat. However, they’re the most versatile. They require no venting so they can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of a room. They have a modern look that will fit perfectly in contemporary or industrial decor.

Consider The Style of Your Home

The style of your home decor should dictate the style of your fireplace and surround. Design options cover the full range from rustic to traditional, classic, modern, or contemporary. Traditional fireplaces featuring stone surrounds give the room a cozy, rustic feel. Brick can also be rustic but can transcend design to be classic chic. A modern fireplace could feature slab marble, or slate, with clean lines and minimalist construction. The firebox offers more choices to add an element of geometric design or a way to introduce contemporary materials into your space.

In between traditional and modern, there is a wide range of styles based on materials, color, and installation of the surround (Click for more design inspiration!). When considering adding a fireplace begin by doing some research. Look at lots of pictures. Read decor and home-style magazines, go online to sites like Houzz and study your options. Consider them within the context of your home’s current style.

Your fireplace will be a beautiful addition to your home that will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Speak with your designer or design-build remodeler about the many options available to you. They can help you to design the perfect fireplace for your new addition.

Fireplace in your new addition

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