Kitchen Flooring Trends for Home Remodeling in Dallas

Cutting Edge Kitchen Flooring For Your Home Remodeling Project

When remodeling a kitchen from the ground up, the best place to start is with the floor. Throughout the Dallas area, we are seeing homeowners choose kitchen flooring provides a luxurious, custom look that balances durability and functionality. At Joseph & Berry, we can advise on materials, finishes, and styles that will achieve your goals. Whenever undertaking a remodeling project, a design-build team is a key to executing your vision. We put together the top trends we’re seeing in 2018 for how homeowners are getting unique, beautiful looks for their kitchen floors:

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Herringbone & Chevron Flooring

Kitchen flooring laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern – and flooring laid on a diagonal – is gaining popularity this year. This luxurious option is a bold, high-end statement in hardwood and tile, representing the high degree of craftsmanship needed to install this look. The recent increase in this design speaks to the rising popularity of geometric patterns in the home. Additionally, herringbone and chevron floors are a flexible and beautiful look that complements any style of decor from rustic to contemporary.

Dark & Light Contrast

For both tile and wood kitchen flooring, the theme of the year is contrast. The trend towards both dark extremes (hickory and espresso finishes) and light extremes (blonde wood and white-washed tile) is holding strong in 2018. We’re also seeing more high-contrast variegated flooring. High color variation is a theme for both wood and tile that creates a natural, rustic look. After all, in nature, stone and wood aren’t perfectly uniform! This flooring trend really elevates any kitchen floor into a statement piece.

Green is in

Eco-friendly flooring is a growing section of the market. Increased consumer demand and advancing technologies mean that eco-friendly flooring is really going to have its moment in 2018. More importantly, this trend is proving that going green does not mean giving up luxury. Exotic hardwoods like Tigerwood and Brazilian cherry have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified options, representing that they meet strict standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are also seeing a rise in custom-made, reclaimed, and recycled options, including flooring made from vintage wine barrels which brings an amazing, one-of-a-kind look to the kitchen (click to learn more about a kitchen remodel in Dallas).


One-of-a-kind Texture

For hardwood kitchen flooring, in particular, the texture is more prevalent than ever before. Just like with color, high variation is in, meaning we are seeing more hand-scraped looks: long, ingrained scrapes that make each individual plank look handcrafted, unique, and rare. We also see more wire-brushed floorings, which have subtle, intentional scratches for a smoother but exposed look. And last, but not least, distressed floors which is similar to hand-scraped but feature additional “wear and tear” like knots, burns, and wormholes flooring. Incorporating these textures into your flooring naturally makes any kitchen look more timeless.

Mixed-width Kitchen Flooring

Adding flooring of different widths to your home is a subtle detail that adds an extra “pop” to any room and creates a little something unexpected that draws the eye in the kitchen. It’s stylish and contemporary, which is likely why we are seeing it becoming increasingly popular, particularly for wood and wood-look kitchen flooring.

Hexagonal Tiles

We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of hexagonal tile for kitchen backsplashes in the past.  Nowadays, we are seeing it on the kitchen floors. This tile design originates with early 1900s subway stations, which makes it a great choice for creating a classic or vintage look, or in sleek and ultra-modern decor. This is a great way to create a statement in the kitchen and create an on-trend geometric look in the home.


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