5 Tips For Your New Home Resolutions

There is no better time than NOW

You have been wanting to remodel your home for so long, or recently bought a home that suits your budget but definitely not your style? Make it part of your new year’s resolution and start to plan ahead. Here are 5 things you need to think about before you start remodeling your house:

Well, planning is good. Wait, what should I do first?

First of all, let us tell you that if you have enough time, money, and energy to spend the possibilities are endless, and you can choose whoever you want. If you think your time is precious and you value your hard-earned money, you should really make a plan.

Start with listing all the things you want to change in your home. Everything you desire to change should be on that list. The more specific you’ll be the more accurate your budget will get.

Now, ask yourself how long are you planning to live in the house? There are alterations and designs we would steer away from, for the sake of resale purposes. If you see this as your forever home, great! Now let’s start with your real wish list! (Yes, that TV mirror you always wanted or that man cave you have been dreaming of).


Let’s talk finance, shall we?

We all saw Fixer Upper in Waco and were given the impression we can have a fully renovated home with custom cabinets and a lavish master bathroom for $50K. Well, sorry to dissolve that dream… it can happen only on television. If you are to hire an interior designer, general contractor to manage all teams together, pull permits and buy quality materials you will spend a lot more. Be realistic about your budget. If you want to refresh the whole house you should be starting at least $150K. If there is electrical work to be updated to meet the code as well as plumbing, you should be working with certified professionals to pull permits and go through inspection. Think about the amount of money you are willing to invest in your home. When you do so, make sure you are not exceeding the market around you, and you know Dallas’s home market has a large variety to work with.

When you interview your design build firm or contractor, make sure you have a payment plan that won’t stress you out. A contractor that requires a full payment in advance should raise a red flag.

Finding your soulmate (AKA your general contractor, design build or remodeler)

Your design-build firm/remodeling company will be at your house over a significant period of time,  and you should feel comfortable with their presence and rely on them to be respectful of your home, and personal belongings. You should trust your contractor. When beginning the process of interviewing potential home remodelers or design-build firms, you should learn about their liability and insurance, permit policy, learn about their labor warranty, and payment plans. Ask the important questions about their design team and project managers. Read the contracts you are receiving and make a note to yourself in case there is something that needs clarification.

Design. Interior Design.

Since we have completed so many projects and have had the opportunity to meet so many different clients, we can tell you one thing. If it is NOT functional, it is not worth your efforts. We all know how beautiful 24 X 24 white porcelain tiles appear, but keep in mind if you have young kids or pets and you don’t own a cleaning company, then you’d better skip it.

Yes, we understand you like it clean and fresh. Trust us, water spots combined with muddy shoes and grass are everything but clean, or fresh.

When you meet up with your assigned designer, make sure to create the full picture for them (not that one you’ve been fantasizing on, the real deal!). Point out all the pain points, all the things that can make your life easier, all the Pinterest perfect kitchen photos you have been saving in the past 3 years… The designer should deliver a fresh layout and design that hopefully has all your needs & wants.
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Your brand new home (or kitchen or bath…)

You thought it would be easy. Well, we told you, it is anything but.  Remember the cabinets you approved, but freaked out when you saw it in your actual kitchen? Yes, those type of things happen, and guess what? Sometimes you and your contractor are right. Take a deep breath. After reviewing so many door styles, hardware, paints, and tiles you are not sure you like the outcome. Relax, two weeks later, when you organize your space, and all the details come together, you will fall in love again. After all, it was designed for you, with YOU in mind.

Remodeling your home can be challenging and stressful. Make sure to have a professional team on your side.

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