Building A Master Suite Addition On Your Existing Home

Designing A Master Suite Addition For Your Home

A master suite addition includes a new build-out attached to an existing home that consists of a bedroom and full bathroom. Whether you are adding on to an older home or are creating a private retreat away from the kids, a master suite addition not only increases enjoyment of a home, but it adds value too, especially if you live in a neighborhood where master suites are the standard.

A master suite addition requires a quality design-build team

As a homeowner, you will need to make many decisions about the project, such as whether it will be a first-floor or second-floor addition, the orientation of the master suite to maximize privacy and minimize noise from the surrounding area, exits, and entries, and restrictions in your neighborhood and requirements for permitting.  Joseph & Berry has project managers in-house who have worked in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years and are available to discuss the many aspects of undertaking a project of this size. Want to know what makes us different? Read more

Make your wish list

All of Joseph & Berry’s designs are custom, so we’ve seen a wide range of master suite configurations and amenities. Before meeting with a builder, sketch out your vision for the room and make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Here are a few of the amenities and features we’ve seen in recent master suite additions. Looking for interior design inspiration for your next project? Click to see more!

Ample windows — Whether it’s skylights to let in the morning sun or floor to ceiling windows overlooking a private garden, large windows, glass doors, and skylights are one way to make the room feel light, airy and open. If too much morning light or privacy is a concern, work with a design-builder to create custom shades and window treatments.

Dressing rooms — Walk-in closets are a must in every home, but a dressing room elevates the closet to its own transitional space between the bedroom and bathroom. Dressing rooms have the shelving, drawers, and storage needed as well as features like a make-up vanity and sitting area.

Shower and tub — Luxurious showers are replacing the whirlpool tub as the centerpiece feature in a master suite bathroom. People with busy lives find they have less and less time for a bath and are looking to shift their focus on creating a high-end walk-in shower they will enjoy every day. Of course, master suite bathrooms can be designed to include both a luxurious shower with multiple shower heads, bench seating, frameless glass doors as well as a roomy whirlpool tub if you like having options. Consider whether tile or stone is your style if you want an elaborate design or clean and simple lines, the color you want and the location of the tub and/or shower. These choices will largely inform your other decisions.


Bedroom layout — Have you always dreamed of a bedroom fireplace or waking up to a beautiful view? Would you like a discrete entrance to a garden patio for morning tea or coffee? Do you see yourself in an open-concept master suite addition with a sitting area adjacent to the bed and nightstands or a more cozy feel where the bed faces a fireplace or built-in television? Let your design-builder know, as they can add these features and discuss how they would fit into the larger master suite addition layout. If there are any restrictions on your property regarding property lines or buildable land, the project manager can discuss how this could impact the orientation and size of the addition and how best to incorporate your bedroom layout goals.

Bathroom amenities — Cabinetry, heated flooring, dual sinks, enclosed toilet area, mirrors and lighting, and towel warming drawers are just a few of the many decisions homeowners will need to make when creating their dream master suite addition. High-tech options like integrated sound systems and mini televisions are also popular features in a master suite bathroom. When it comes to creature comforts, let you’re imagine run. Looking for bathroom remodeling inspiration? Click here. 


A luxury master suite and bathroom remodel is an investment that will provide you with the perfect place to relax. With Joseph & Berry, you will not only get the bathroom of your dreams, you’ll be working with highly competent professionals who understand the remodeling process and work hard to make it easy, fast, and cause less disruption to your daily life. Give us a call and let us bring your creative vision to life! Call us now: (800) 371-8970