Choosing Stained or Painted Kitchen Cabinets

From the showroom to home decor and design websites, white kitchens and painted cabinets are everywhere you look. Painted cabinets provide a clean, sleek feel to a kitchen whether the style is traditional or modern, but before selecting painted kitchen cabinets for your remodel, there are a few things to consider.


What’s your style?

If you have dreams of a classic, all-white kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets is a must. All painted cabinets, whether white, gray, blue or a bright sunny yellow, have the effect of making the room look very polished. Combinations of colors, such as white kitchen cabinets below the counter and a contrasting color of cabinets at eye level, is a popular choice as well. Painted kitchen cabinets give homeowners a wide range of options to customize their kitchen and create the exact look and feel they are looking for.

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However, wood stain finish on kitchen cabinets should not be overlooked. Whether your style is Danish modern or country chic, there’s a wood finish that complements the look. Hardwood with a light stain can fit in beautifully with a traditional kitchen design while a dark, contrasting stain in an open concept home can add depth and dimension. One drawback of natural wood stain is the wood texture. Some wood may have uneven grain patterns that some homeowners love, but may not fit with a particular owner’s aesthetic.

Kitchen cabinet wear and tear

Painted cabinets certainly are polished, but chips and dings can quickly take away from that look. When installing custom cabinets, make sure to discuss with your builder obtaining a paint touch-up kit to ensure any fixes are perfectly matched. If you live in a climate-controlled environment year-round, there’s little need to worry about cabinets expanding and shrinking over time. However, if you enjoy fresh air flowing through your home, keep in mind that seasonal changes in humidity can cause seams in painted cabinets to show over time.

Wood doesn’t always mean dark

Wood kitchen cabinets have a reputation for making a room feel dark and heavy, but as homeowners’ tastes shift toward modern, European-inspired designs, lighter stains have become more popular. Lighter stains can create a bright and open feel to a room, especially when paired with light color choices for paint and tile.

Stained wood can also provide the kitchen with its own unique look. Because you are not covering the grain of the wood with paint, the natural character can shine through. On custom cabinets made with high-quality woods, this can achieve a stunning look. Take, for example, Zebrawood cabinets. The look brings a modern and sleek feel to a kitchen, and with a light, finish provides texture and unique style without feeling too dark.

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Customize your kitchen cabinets

Can’t decide? Consider cabinetry that features both stained and painted finishes. Whether you paint the wood with white or a pop of color, combining wood and painted cabinets creates a unique look. If you are interested in a combination look, it’s important to consult a design-builder to ensure a seamless incorporation of the two styles. At Joseph & Berry, the designs they create are always custom to the client. For this look, we will want to see the other wood elements in your home, such as exposed beams and hardwood flooring, as well as how the color palette will flow from one room to the next. We not only want to create a beautiful kitchen but a room that looks as if it has always been part of the home.


If live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a kitchen remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.