Guest Bathroom Design and Remodeling Styles Visitors Will Love

Guest Bathroom Design and Remodeling Advice

A beautiful inviting guest bathroom can make your guests stay more comfortable, protect your privacy, and is a perfect second bathroom in the modern home. If you have kids, it can make mornings run more smoothly. With tasteful furnishing and fixtures, a well thought out layout and your personal touch, you can transform your small second bathroom into the perfect haven for relaxation for your family and your guests.

Unlike a powder room, which typically contains a toilet and a small washbasin, a guest bathroom opens itself up to many more possibilities and comfort despite a smaller footprint. If you’re considering or planning a guest bathroom remodel or addition in the coming year, here are some considerations to help you design the perfect space.

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Make the Most Out of a Limited Guest Bathroom Space With Compact Bathroom Furnishings

As a general rule, guest bathrooms typically come with a limited footprint. But with proper planning and the right furnishings and fixtures, you can turn even a small space into a relaxing oasis of comfort for your family and your guests.

Today, intelligently designed furnishings offer great solutions for small bathrooms.They can make the best use of limited space while still providing an aesthetically pleasing design. Elegant, slender washbasins create a comfortable setting in even the smallest space. Compact toilets with smaller dimensions or toilets with hidden tanks that can be installed in niches can create a feeling of openness.

Choosing a matching vanity and space saving furniture can create a welcoming space for your guests as well as providing plenty of storage. Equipping your guest bath with tub or shower can complete the space. If your space is small, considered space saving designs like a corner shower that can conserve space while providing a relaxing bathing experience for your guests.



Tips For Making Your Guest Bathroom Appear More Spacious

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With a few simple design choices, you can make even the smallest guest bathroom appear more spacious and luxurious. For example, opting for lighter colored furniture like vanities and linen closets can create the impression of “lightness” in the bathroom. Adding ambient lighting, such as spotlights in corners and indirect lighting can complete the illusion.

Large mirrored surfaces will create the feeling of more depth. If possible, include a window in the space. Along with bringing in natural light, a window can provide additional ventilation. In a bathroom without a window, make sure to include an efficient ventilation system to create a fresh feel for your guests.


Here are some other guest bathroom design tips to consider:

  • Consider drawers as opposed to doors. They can offer easier access to items stored under the sink
  • Opt for vertical furniture. It will give a greater illusion of height and maximize the space you have.
  • Recess the medicine cabinet and toilet tank into the wall to gain floor space.
  • Go with semi-custom cabinetry to more precisely fit the available space. Make sure you choose quality cabinets to add value
  • Reconsider adding a pedestal sink. While it can provide the appearance of space, but where will guests keep their toothbrush or razor? Consider replacing a pedestal sink with a floating vanity. It adds storage and gives the appearance of more floor space.
  • When you’ve completed your guest bathroom remodel, consider the amenities! Providing your guests with a hairdryer, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and even extra toothbrushes will make your guests feel even more at home when they visit.

With proper planning and smart design choices, even a small bathroom can become a welcoming space for your guests and family. At Joseph & Berry, our designers can create the perfect guest bathroom. They’re aware of the latest design trends and space saving products available for every element in your space. Let us work with you to provide your guests with a perfectly relaxing and welcoming space in your home. If you’re ready to remodel your guest bathroom, contact us at (800)371-8970 or click here! Joseph & Berry are Greater Dallas’s preeminent design-build firm and has completed hundreds of bathroom projects. We provide a project manager that remains on site at all times to answer questions and provide you details about our custom designs.