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Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath Consider Quartzite for Your Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to natural stone countertops, one of the up and coming materials is natural quartzite. With veining reminiscent of the most expensive marble, quartzite is rapidly gaining in popularity with homeowners who are looking for the beauty of marble and the durability of granite. Today, it’s used for everything from kitchen and bath countertops to feature walls, Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath just call us now today:(800) 371-8970 

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Many homeowners, even some professionals use the terms quartz and quartzite interchangeably. The fact is, they’re entirely different materials. When speaking about countertops, quartzite is often shortened to quartz, and as a result, it can be confusing.

Quartz is an engineered stone product that is made using 93% natural stone and stone dust combined with 7% resin, which is then rolled into slabs. Quartzite is a natural stone that offers unsurpassed durability and refined elegance.

Let’s clear up the confusion! Here are some frequently asked questions about quartzite, answered for homeowners in the market for a beautiful, unique natural material as a statement piece for their homes!


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed in two steps. It begins its life as sandstone. Over centuries of intense pressure and heat, this sandstone gradually fuses and crystallizes into a single rock. The end result gives us quartzite. It is ideal in the kitchen and bath of busy homes and it delivers the beauty of marble combined with the durability of granite.


Like fine Italian marble, quartzite is predominantly white or gray with hints of black and brown veining. It does come in other colors with hints of pink, red, blue, green or yellow as a result of imperfections or minerals that were present during the fusing process when the stone was formed. For example, the iron oxide present in the sandstone can give quartzite red or pink highlights.

Every slab is a one-of-a-kind piece of natural beauty that gives your home’s kitchen and bath a unique and elegant look. The stones neutral color palette complements any design style or décor and the natural veining gives it a subtle sense of movement. It is luxurious and unlike any other natural stone.

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Unlike soapstone or marble is a hard stone that resists scratching and etching if properly sealed. Most natural stone can handle some heat. Quartzite is in fact, harder than granite and is completely impervious to heat. While you can put hot pots and pans on quartzite with no danger, it’s always a good idea to use a pad or trivet for safety.


Quartzite is a hard stone, but it will require occasional resealing. All natural stone, with the exception of soapstone, is porous and should be periodically sealed to avoid etching and staining. Quartzite should be resealed annually. When cleaning, always use cleaners specifically made for natural stone countertops. Even though it is tough to scratch, avoid using abrasive cleaners to keep your countertop looking new.


Granite is an igneous stone and Quartzite is a metamorphic stone, so they each have their own unique qualities. Granite has years of data about its durability while quartzite is a relative newcomer. That being said, both offer outstanding durability. While granite is durable, quartzite provides the durability of granite combined with the veining, luxury, and elegance of marble. It’s the best of both worlds!


This is the big question homeowners ask! Natural quartzite is at the higher end of the price scale when it comes to natural stone kitchen and bath countertops. It is comparably priced with other stone materials, but it offers an unparalleled look and offers tremendous quality for the cost. The size and configuration of your questions will influence the final price. Natural Quartzite is extremely hard and as a result, must be precisely cut using a diamond saw blade and needs experienced professional installation. This can increase the installation cost. Rare natural white quartzite which contains few impurities and is even harder than common quartzite. As a result, it is more expensive.

Quartzite is a newcomer to the world of kitchen and bath countertops. It rivals granite’s durability and offers the elegant look of fine Italian marble. If you’re looking to add a fabulous focal point to your kitchen or a unique design element for your bath, quartzite is an excellent choice!

The professionals at Joseph & Berry, are very familiar with quartzite and have installed it in many of our Dallas area clients homes. Speak with our designers to learn more and see samples of this incredibly beautiful stone!

Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath just call us now today:(800) 371-8970


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