Installing A New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs, What features to look for when installing a new toilet in a master suite bathroom.


Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs
Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs ,Technology has reached the bathroom, well at least it has in Japan, but it’s coming to America and it’s pretty amazing! Toilet manufacturers in Japan have been manufacturing and selling “hi-tech” smart toilets for several years and today, three out of four toilets in Japan include a bidet and other smart features.

By contrast, U.S. bathrooms are pretty far behind (sorry!) but toilet manufacturers are betting that Americans installing a new toilet are ready to embrace the bidet and the many other advantages and options smart toilets offer. Today, smart toilets have lids that open as you approach them, play music or white noise for privacy, offer a heated seat, deodorizer, self-clean and sanitize, glow in the dark, and even wash and blow dry. Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? click here


If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and installing a new toilet, it’s worth your time to at least check out the innovations in toilet technology. For many homeowners, the toilet is not the first place they think of when talking about home technology. Companies like Kohler have been introducing new customers to their smart products and the general response when they try the product, is that it’s “life changing.” In fact, introducing customers the product has increased Kohler’s smart toilet market by 50% last year alone.

Even without the bells and whistles, smart toilets are a practical choice as well as a luxury item. As more Americans are opting to age in place, smart toilets are useful for helping those with a limited range of motion and in the future will be important for those who want to age in place. Along with their benefits for those with limited motion, they are ecologically beneficial. Self-drying bidets require no toilet paper which means less waste and use of natural resources, and their self-cleaning ability means less time and effort spent cleaning your home, and fewer potentially harmful chemicals entering the water supply.




Toilets generally are a practical item that is rather utilitarian in its function. Today, technology has raised the bar and your toilet can actually save money, time, and even protect your health.

Imagine, it’s the middle of the night and you have to go to the bathroom. As you enter your bathroom, the toilet, which has motion sensors, lights up and begins to play your favorite pre-selected music. The lid rises and a light shines on the floor next to the toilet.

You tap the lighted area with your foot and the seat rises. After you’re through, you turn to walk away and the toilet flushes. Because you raised the ring, it knows that it can use less water. If you had sat down for longer than a minute, the toilet would have used a longer flush and then initiated the self-cleaning mode.


Manufacturers are already working to develop smart toilets for the American market. Kohler is selling a model called the Numi which is a one piece design with lots of features. It offers a heated seat, integrated bidet with temperature control, an air dryer, a deodorizer which pulls the air back into the unit through a charcoal filter and exhausts out the back, music, a foot warmer and it’s self-cleaning. All controlled from an integrated touchpad screen!

Kohler also produces another model called the Veil Intelligent. Other makers include the Japanese company Toto, which produces the Washlet, and as the market continues to grow, more makers like American Standard are designing, developing and offering smart toilet technology.


Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs
Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs


The price is one hurdle that many homeowners can find off putting. Smart toilets can cost anywhere from $600 to $10,000 depending on the features involved. Of course, as more consumers embrace the technology the price will come down. In fact, American Standard offers a unit called the Acti-Clean which is a self-cleaning model that is priced in the $500 dollar range. Other manufacturers are opting to create add-on units like Tushy’s bidet attachment which can be added to existing units in as little as 10 minutes, costs around $70.00 and required no additional plumbing or electrical work.Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

The other factor that homeowners can address during a remodel is that all smart toilets currently available require electricity in order to function. As many homes do not currently have outlets near the toilet, this needs to be addressed if you are planning on including a smart toilet in your remodel. If your unit includes a bidet, you may also need to add additional plumbing.

As the technology continues to improve and become more commonplace, prices will come down and features will increase. In the future, biometric features could analyze waste to help diagnose health issues early and the technology will begin to address older users, bedridden patients, and disabled children. As technology improves and becomes pervasive in every part of home design, installing a new toilet, one that self-cleaning capabilities will be just one of the options available when considering updates to your master suite.

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs