What to look for in a bathtub style for a master suite design and remodel.

What to look for in a bathtub style for a master suite design and remodel.

One of the most central features of a master suite bathroom is the bathtub. A stunning freestanding tub or whirlpool tub in an alcove can elevate a standard bathroom to a peaceful retreat. Joseph & Berry has a designer on site at all times to work with clients on these details. We have experience in helping clients find the right features that will work for them in their master suite bathroom. We are so confident we guarantee our work.


When designing the master suite

How often do you plan to take a bath? Do you dream of having a luxurious soaking tub, or are you thinking more long-term about aging-in-place? How you plan to use the master suite bathroom will have a significant influence on what kind of bathtub you choose. Think about any physical constraints you have within the room. A whirlpool tub may not work with the layout you envision, or the area for the freestanding tub may not be the right dimensions. Also, consider your limitations. You may want a whirlpool tub to soothe sore joints and muscles, but will your injuries make it difficult to get out of certain types of tubs?

Bathtub choices for a master suite

Whirlpool or Jacuzzi — Once the standard for any luxury master bath, the whirlpool tub is typically more substantial than a standard bathtub and has jets within the tub walls for massaging and creating a flow of bubbles. While some design magazines feature bathrooms that are moving away from the whirlpool tub, it is still a popular choice for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where homes often have the space to accommodate this style easily.

Clawfoot or pedestal — For those who dream of a grand bathroom with a traditional aesthetic, a clawfoot tub is an excellent choice. Once a feature in the homes of the wealthy in the 19th century, this style has reemerged in recent years. If you already have an original clawfoot tub, you know they are extremely heavy and require reinforced flooring. Reproductions are made of newer, lighter materials and are easier to come by. These are often freestanding tubs, either near a wall or placed in the center of the room as the main feature.

Alcove — This is the standard variety of bathtub you find in most homes in America. With walls on three sides, this style also usually has a shower feature as well. In a master suite bathroom, alcove tubs can come in various sizes and with jets.

Drop-in — A drop-in bathtub is inset within the floor or a raised platform, where the top of the tub is flush. This is a popular choice for master suite bathrooms, and a standard or whirlpool tub can be installed. This style also includes the over-flow bathtub. Like an infinity pool, an over-flow tub can be filled to the top and overflows into a gutter system, creating a stunning, modern look.

Corner tub — Like the name suggests, this triangular-shaped tub fits within a corner. They can come in many sizes from large and luxurious to compact and efficient. For homeowners who want the option of taking a bath but not a large tub taking up space, this is a popular choice. If you want to focus on creating a luxurious shower space, but still want a bathtub, consider tucking in a whirlpool corner tub for the best of both worlds.

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The right material

Investing in a master suite bathroom means selecting fixtures and features that will last for decades. Here is an overview of the materials on the market.

Enamel-On-Steel — Also known as porcelain-on-steel, these tubs have a classic look that’s easily cleaned and maintained.

Cast Iron — This durable material is also covered in an enamel coating. These tubs will last for decades.

Cultured marble — This engineering stone is made by crushing marble, combining it with resins and pouring into a mold to produce a solid surface, similar to quartz countertops. It is covered with a clear, durable coating making for easy maintenance.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and Acrylic — Sometimes referred to as “gel coat” fiberglass reinforced plastic is a common material for making whirlpool tubs, as it is a glossy material that’s easy to shape. Acrylic is another high-gloss choice that’s used for a variety of tub styles. These materials are common but lack long-term durability.

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