NOMI Spotlight Moment With
Denise McGaha Interiors

Every great project starts with a great design and a lot of hard work. In today’s spotlight, we will have Denise McGaha to share with us her principles for a successful project.

Denise McGaha Interiors is a dynamic design firm reinventing traditional style for over two decades. 

Hi Denise, thank you so much for joining us. Tell me about your ah-ha moment, the very first time that you knew that you will be an interior designer. 

My husband and I built a home in 2000 and the process was so fascinating to me, that I spent every waking hour researching design for our new residence.  I loved it so much more than my daily job that I knew I had found my passion.

What do all your projects have in common?

 An ability to tell the client’s story through design – our rooms have the personality of the people who inhabit them.

What’s the first thing homeowners should think about when working with a designer\architect to design a new space?  They need to be able to loosely articulate what rooms they love using photographs.  Bring tearsheets and Pinterest images

What is your definition of good design?

How do you hope clients will live in the spaces you’ve designed for them?  Good design allows for flow and flexibility.  The ability to move items around to create different looks is paramount. Also, ART is key in a space.  I love using performance fabrics that look and feel luxe.  Nothing should be too precious and should durability is key!

What is your favorite part of working with clients, engaging in the creative process, and running a business?

I love interpreting what clients think they want in their head to an actual room or home.  I also love finding new artisans and creators to add originality to my projects.  I love business and actually have a degree in Economics.  This has been so helpful in running my own firm and I approach our firm from a visionary view.  This is revealed in our licensed product collections

What do you find to be the biggest challenge for an interior designer?

Learning when to know that a project is not a fit for your firm.  It is so tempting to say yes to everyone who wants you, but understanding which clients can truly trust you and allow you to lead them to a one of a kind home is key.

What type of projects do you typically take? 

We are a full service design firm and focus on larger projects from ground up construction of new homes, full home renovations and all decoration.  We don’t do staging or styling independent of our full service projects.  Our firm works across the country and take projects that are a fit for us, not just in a certain zipcode. 

What’s your favorite hobby? 

Travel.  I love exploring new cities and regions as inspiration for my work.  I love traveling with my husband and other designer/architect friends, as we often seek out the hidden gems in a city.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

On a beach or in Paris.  I feel equally at home in both places.  Paris for it’s soul and beauty and the beach for the calm it produces in me.  I find it hard to relax, but the ocean provides that for me.

What would be the best advice for a homeowner that is going to remodel or build a new house? 

Plan, plan, plan.  Engage your designer as part of your builder and architect team from the beginning.  The money you will save from preventing mistakes is the reason why!

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