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Getting Started

Our bathroom remodeling projects range between $9k-20k, including design, labor, and materials from A to Z.

Dallas Fort-Worth and Austin Metropolitan Area.

Coming soon: Houston (-: 

NOMI is a bathroom remodel specialist. We focuse on the wet area of the bathroom. 

Shower  remodeling

Bathtub remodeling

Tub to shower conversion

Shower to tub conversion

Tub+shower to double shower conversion

We are specialists in designing and remodeling shower and tub areas, which sets us apart in our field of work.

We firmly believe that the wet area in every bathroom is the most important and critical component. That’s why we have developed the world’s best wet area remodeling solutions, exclusively available through Nomi.

Our revolutionary wet area solution is unmatched in the industry. However, we understand that some individuals may also desire changes to their vanities, mirrors, or paint. To accommodate these preferences, we have curated a comprehensive list of partners who can assist you in completing those tasks.

By working directly with our trusted partners, you can ensure the highest quality product and eliminate unnecessary middlemen. This approach allows us to offer the best products at affordable prices.


No. for the most part, HOA has no involvement in the interior of your house. 

Design + Procurement

Our awesome designers will meet you at your house at your convenience.

In a single meeting, they will be able to help you design your dream bathroom and assist you in selecting all your materials.

We can create hundreds of design options for you, all made from the best materials available in the market.

NOMI’s designer will help you to plan and design your new bathroom in as little as a single meeting.


Simply email him directly after your appointment is scheduled.

NOMI purchases all the materials for your project before it starts. Our teams will receive all the project materials at our warehouse and deliver them to your house on the scheduled start day.


Please remove any personal belongings from your bathroom area.

Our teams are well-trained to work around your personal items with care.

Jewelry, cash, and firearms should be stored outside of the project area in a secure place.

Bathtub remodeling 2 days

Shower remodeling 3 days

Double shower 3-5 days


NOMI takes all safety measures and implements dust control actions to allow you to live in the house during your project.

Before you know it, our team will be done with your project.

Your project designer during your design phase, and your project manager during construction. 

both of whom are full-time professional employees of NOMI.

Unlike most companies that only use “green drywall boards” or, worse, nothing at all, NOMI utilizes the most advanced waterproofing systems available in the world for your floors and walls.

In addition to our waterproofing systems, we incorporate non-porous stone slabs on the walls and floors to prevent water penetration.


With NOMI, there are no surprises regarding when and how much you’ll have to pay.

All costs will be presented during your design meeting.

Once the design is approved, you will be required to place a deposit, and the remaining payment will be due upon completion.

99% of the time, the answer is no.

As a general rule, we remove and replace all the project components.

However, in some cases, we may discover unforeseen issues only after demolition.

In such instances, your project manager will contact you and present you with available options.

In those cases, you can expect to incur additional costs ranging from $100 to $300 for necessary repairs.

Post construction

2 years on labor and manufacture warranty on every product. 

Please call our main office line at 800-371-8970 or contact


NOMI is socially obligated to give back to the community that is constantly helping us grow.

If you know a great cause or a family needing home improvement that we might be able to help, we’ll be happy to reach out to one of our home remodeling specialists and change others’ lives.

Let’s make Dallas greater than it is.

Dallas STRONG!

Angles in white - COVID-19, Dallas Fort-Wort

The COVID-19 is a war, and the soldiers in the front lines are the medical teams that fight for each one of us. Those days, we create “Thank you boxes” with small things that might make their days a little bit sweeter. We would love to give each one of our boxes with a personal thank you note – thank you note from you and your family. Email us your thank you note, and we will attach it to our boxes. have your kids decorate it and help us spread the love.



Our monthly commitment

One a month our team stop it all and join our friends at the bridge of Dallas to help the people in our community to stand back on their feet.

For the neighbors

Bathroom Remodeling, Plano Tx

Meet Kelly, our heroine, who battles cancer at the age of 12.

NÖMI Remodel Design Build had the privilege to be part of changing Kelly’s life by remodeling her master bathroom and making it more comfortable and easier for her to keep her day-to-day routine after released from the hospital.

Hurricane Harvey, Tx

Our hearts go out to see the picture and read the information on the media. We are humble and thankful for the opportunity to donate vital products and money to varies organizations in order to help south Tx.

Please join us in that extremely important cause and help change other’s lives.