NOMI Spotlight Moment With
Top Architect Bruce Bernbaum

Bernbaum-Magadini Architects (BMA), founded in 1998 by Bruce Bernbaum and Patricia Magadini, is a Dallas firm with a team-based design approach. This approach inspires double the know-how, double the proficiency and double the inclusiveness.

Hi Bruce, Tell me about your ah-ha moment, the very first time that you knew that you will be an architect. 

The Ah-ha moments have been more during my career. When we work with a client on a design and then they walk through the space during construction. It has been common for them to state “did we know it would look like this” and we had the vision during the design process.

What do all your projects have in common? 

Thoughtful, complete design with the indoor/outdoor relationship of natural light.

What’s the first thing homeowners should think about when working with an architect to design a new space?

Come to the table with a wish list and vision for the rooms require. Let the Architect then assemble to rooms relating to each other and the site.

What is your definition of good design?

Good design can come in many forms but it results from asking questions and thorough planning.

How do you hope clients will live in the spaces you’ve designed for them?

Our clients live comfortably in the spaces we design with a sense of wellbeing.

What is your favorite part of working with clients, engaging in the creative process, and running a business?

I enjoy interviewing with our clients educating them on the process and benefits of working with an architect. During construction, I like being out on the site as the structure comes out of the ground and seeing the vision of the design develop.

NOMI CUSTOM HOME SPOTLIGHT - Bernbaum Magadini Architects (3)
NOMI CUSTOM HOME SPOTLIGHT - Bernbaum Magadini Architects (3)

What do you find to be the biggest challenge for an architect?

Meeting our client’s expectations and keeping the budget in mind.

What type of projects do you typically take? 

Our projects range from residential addition/renovation projects to new homes.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Blowing up fireworks!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Any beach- love being out in the sun and sand and listening to the waves.

What would be the best advice for a homeowner that is going to remodel or build a new house? 

My best advice for a homeowner working on an addition/renovation or new home is to be open-minded and work with an architect.


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Bathroom Remodeling, Plano Tx

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