11 Ways to Reduce Your North Texas Electricity Bill This Summer

Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill  This Summer

Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill
Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill

Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill During this time of year North Texans all know that the summer heat can be brutal and according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas summer temperatures in the North Texas area could rise as much as 1 degree this summer. The most taxing of the season is the how it can effect your home’s electricity bill. So in order to ensure a cost effective reduction in your bill this year, we thought we’d share a few tips to keep you cooled down and save a few bucks while doing it.


Think about using caulk to seal up any cracks around doors and windows. It is easy for the heat to leak through any gap that you may not be aware of. Check your doors and make sure there is no air traveling through the top, sides, and bottom when the door or window is closed. If you feel air or see sunshine streaming through you might need a new door/window or new weather stripping or some other way to stop the air from leaking. You can use weather stripping, caulk, or foam to fill in any of these gaps and stop the loss of cool air.


So this one’s kind of hit or miss but could still be a good tip when trying to save on your bill this summer. Using the oven, just like the dryer, can create heat around the home. Try to use the oven less or prepare meals that are no-cook and made of only fresh ingredients. Alternatively instead cooking with an oven you could use a slow-cooker. With a little research, there are plenty of alternatives to a hot cooked meal, the website Cooking Light provides a bunch of healthy no-cook recipes and healthy slow-cooker recipes.


This one is most likely the easiest one to remember. When you aren’t in the home or in a room being occupied turn off those lights. This tip is the most commonly known one and helpful, to say the least. So when you are remembering to unplug those unused devices remember to do the same with the lights. During the day you can rely more on the natural light shining through your windows and perhaps at night, you try some candlelight dinners which could be an added bonus for your significant other.

If you absolutely must leave the lights on consider using energy efficient light bulbs, LED light bulbs, or having a motion activated light switch installed in the main rooms where you need daytime lighting.


Okay so this one might be a Little House on the Prairie move but let’s just give it a good food for thought when you do your next load of laundry. Whichever way your laundry room is set up, the heat from those dryers can be awful to some plus one of the biggest energy suckers in your home. So with that being said try hanging your clothes outside to dry and give that Mr. sun a chance to be work with you instead of against you. Plus, the sun is a natural benefit for bleaching out those stains in whites and towels.


You might have seen your grandparents do this growing up, going around the house closing off doors and room vents. This is an effective technique to cheaply and easily reduce the cost of cooling and even heating your home. As it gets warmer identify rooms that are rarely used in the house, such as a den or guest bedroom, go into these rooms and close the lever on the room vent and then keep the door shut. The room(s) you do this to should stop getting cool air from your central ac and begin to warm up. Close the doors to keep the warm air in that room from drifting into the rest of the house. This is possibly the cheapest and easiest trick to for saving money on energy in the Texas Summer.


Energy efficient windows are not only decorative but can save on energy. Carefully selected window treatments can save energy and cost on your bill. If you aren’t looking to splurge on windows check out some alternatives that can do the job just as well. You could buy some heavy clear vinyl and attach it to the inside of the window frame. This could create a good air seal that won’t dent your wallet.

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Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill  This Summer


11 Ways to Reduce Your North Texas Electricity Bill This Summer


Summertime is the ideal time to get those AC’s inspected. Inspectors can ensure your air conditioning is lead-free and working smoothly when you really need it during those 100 degree temperatures.

Following an AC inspection, it’s probably best you check those air conditioning filters too. Those things can get dirty quickly overtime, so monthly inspections are a must.


Stay cool by using those reliable ceiling fans. The heat can be unbearable during summer but if you find the right spots in your home and have all the blinds shut you are sure to keep at a refreshing temperature. Overhead fans can get the air circulating and delay that reaction of turning on the air conditioning.


With everyone’s busy schedules remembering to unplug devices that are not being used in the home can be overlooked. However, if you get into a habit of unplugging these devices it could help that electric bill in the long run. So the next time you’re turning off your laptop make sure to unplug it as well! This routine can cut back those high bills you normally get during this time of year. If the remembering part gets too overwhelming, consider purchasing a Smart Strip that will automatically cut power when devices don’t need it.


In 2014 Keen Home began building the first connected smart vents. While other IoT home appliances have been popping up to tackle your refrigerator, oven, and thermostat – Keen wanted to start with the common household vent. Smart Vents work by controlling the flow of hot/cold air on a room by room basis. This not only helps improve the comfort level in each room but reduces overall energy use leading to lower electricity bills. Each Keen Smart Vent runs about $85-$90


As you may know raising the temperature a few degrees can cut back on saving on your electric bill as well as turning off the thermostat. But let’s be honest who has time to play around with the thermostat these days? Installing a programmable thermostat could be the solution to those problems. The thermostat will automatically set the ideal temperatures you are wanting and will learn your air patterns as time goes by programming it to also shut off when no one is home. Genius right? The Nest Thermostat (now owned by Google) will cost $249 + installation fees, Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill  This Summer


If you’re building up your collection of smart home appliances or want to use both a smart thermostat and smart vents, consider getting a smart home bridge to allow the devices to work together and save even more on your electric bills, Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill  This Summer.

Many homes in North Texas were built recently, however, many more have considerable age on them. Older homes might require more work to improve their energy efficiency, if your home is newly built or has some age on it you still are likely not currently do everything you can to save on your electric bills. We hope the above tips help you find new ways to save money while enjoying the comfort of your home this summer.

Reduce North Texas Electricity Bill  This Summer