Attic Conversion



​If you need more living space in your home before you consider the expense of adding an addition, look up! You could have plenty of usable space right above your head. Many home owner’s tap the unused space in the attic to add the space they need! If you have an attic space you could potentially turn it into the living space you need.

With a little planning, your attic could turn into the spare bedroom you need for your growing family, or the home office you want for your growing business. If you’re looking for that spa-like four piece master bath, consider a stylish spiral staircase in the corner of your master, leading to your completely private oasis. Imagine taking in the view from your private soaking tub. It’s really up to you.

Here in Dallas, we have plenty of homes that could benefit by transforming the attic into a beautiful, functional space. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, or a separate dressing room, with a little planning, innovative design, and a moderate budget, converting your attic could be the perfect solution.

Ideas For Attic Conversions

Attic conversions are a cost efficient and flexible solution for increasing your usable space. Because you are dealing with existing infrastructure – the space is framed and usually wired, the costs are considerably less than adding an addition. And the work is less disruptive. The design and functionality of your space are only limited by your creative vision and budget. Your attic conversion can be used as:

  • A new master bathroom (if it is accessible from your master bedroom)
  • A walk-in closet/ dressing Room
  • An extra bedroom
  • A home office
  • A Media/Game Room
  • A yoga space, dance studio or music room

The first step is to have the space inspected to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed before your project begins. Attic renovations are not necessarily a high-design project, but if you have a creative vision and a budget they can be turned into beautiful usable space!

If you need more space and don’t want to, or can’t build an addition, look up! The perfect solution is right above you. Want to learn about other conversions? Click here

Exceptional Service, Creative Design

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We are a full-service design build firm with years of experience and the expertise to exceed your expectations. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire experience from the design stage through the final walkthrough, we’re by your side. We work with you to prepare a budget and help you choose the perfect materials and finishes for your new living space. If fact, our lifetime warranty means we’re still there long after your project is complete, for life.


Because the infrastructure is in place (walls, floors, wiring) your attic conversion can take less time and be less disruptive than you think. We work with you to schedule your job and make the process run as smoothly as possible.

We believe that attic conversions can be luxurious as well as practical and affordable. We work with all of our clients exactly the sam

e way, no matter how big or small your project. With years of experience and an award-winning and creative design team, we can suggest materials and finishes that are not only elegant and luxurious, we’ll also stay within your budget. Looking for remodeling ideas or kitchen & bath inspiration? Click Here!

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We’re a boutique remodeling company with a unique approach to design build. This means every client receives individual attention no matter how major or minor the project. From your first call to learn about our services, you have an open line of communication with our team. Your creative vision becomes our goal as we work with you to create the perfect space! We provide an eye for detail, the highest-quality workmanship and a lifetime warranty on all of our work.Give us a call today and find out what our design, residential construction, and home remodeling experts can do for you.


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