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Joseph & Berry is a luxury design and remodeling firm in Dallas specialized in providing a white glove customer experience in the construction industry. Our firm turns every bathroom to a residential spa in your own home.

Picture your dream bathroom. Does it have shower body sprayers controlled by your fingertips? marble stone countertops, soaking tub perfect for bubble baths and relaxing with a good book? Or do you picture a modern bathroom with a large shower, made unique with mosaic tiles, natural light, and soft music?

No matter your design preferences or personal style – the design team at Joseph & Berry can help bring your vision to life. Our spa bathrooms make you feel at your favorite boutique hotel every day.

Joseph & Berry is the national association of the remodeling industry award winner – Best bathroom remodel contractors in Dallas, Tx.

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Bathroom Remodeling Dallas, Tx

Unlike other remodeling companies in Dallas, Plano and the surrounding, Joseph & Berry is specializes in a very small niche of the bathroom remodeling industry – Luxury residential spa bathroom remodeling. We can turn every regular bathroom into a spa retreat that you wish to run into, close your eyes and enjoy the perfect relaxation. Our team is fully trained with the best technology and spa materials our advanced market can offer you.

If you wish to transform your every day showering into an every day special, feel free to contact us and we will guide to your next dream bathroom.



How To Choose The Right Bathroom Remodel Contractors In Dallas?

Selecting the perfect partner for your next bathroom remodeling in Dallas can be stressful and confusing. Luckily, we are here to make it simple.

Bathroom Small Or Minor Updates: In case you only wish to provide some facelift to your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, new shower head or maybe a fashionable floating shelves, you might want to contact your local handyman.

Those type of upgrades required no permits or special expertise and should be executed efficiently by a one-man show type of professional.

Bathroom Refresh: If your bathroom is dated and required a new look, you might want to consider replacing the tiles, bathroom vanities, shower door, and plumbing fixtures. This type of home renovation project will require several professionals and city permits to complete your project.

General contractor with a great bathroom designer or a Design-build firm will be the best fit for your needs. We recommend FIXED REMODELING for a great basic bathroom remodeling.

Luxury Spa Bathroom: Having a spa retreat at your own home can change your life forever. A relaxing getaway that will help you restart your engines each and every day.

Achieving that dream bathroom is not a dream anymore but, it’s unlike your average bathroom remodels. You would need to have the right professionals around you.

A spa bathroom typically requires a special digital plumbing fixture, improved tiles technique installation, different glass size and a lot of construction knowledge – Not always how to do, but also, what not to do. As a design-build company in Dallas, Joseph & Berry gained many years of knowledge in the luxury home remodeling market to tackle every dream and wishlist you might have and never thought it’s even possible.

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So many Dallas-area homeowners think of their bathroom as a strictly functional place, but we want our customers to see their bathrooms as a place to make their own – a room that can add extra value to their home and a little extra joy each and every day.

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel or redesign, there’s no better team to turn to than the creative experts at Joseph & Berry Luxury Remodeling.



Have you been dreaming about a luxurious bathroom, like the one you never want to leave when you visit your favorite boutique hotel? The bathroom that frees up your mind and inspires your biggest dreams, well you have come to the right place.

In the next few minutes, we will share EVERYTHING you need to know before your next bathroom remodel project. As an AWARD-WINNING company, nationally recognized among the top remodelers in the country we have been fortunate enough to design and build several of the most luxurious bathrooms in DFW and the nation.

Today, we will share it all!

Ready? Let’s start.


Bathroom Design Cost

As always it depends, it can be free with a large design-build company or up to 10% of your total budget. At Joseph & Berry we charge a design fee that is credited in full once we move forward to the construction phase. Other designers may charge an hourly fee. While a young designer charges $75 an hour, an experienced award-winning designer can charge upwards of $500 an hour. As mentioned earlier it is not a coincidence, this is why great designers win design awards year after year with their dream bathroom designs.

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Type of Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Dallas

Who is the right professional to remodel my bathroom? Many options stand in front of you, let’s figure this out once and for all.

Design-Build Company– a one stop shop that has the whole team working under one roof. This includes all team members for the design phase and the construction phase. Design-Build companies in the Dallas area will do projects as small as a single bathroom, a kitchen, whole house remodel, or custom home. [Design- Build is who you should consider hiring if you prefer one point of contact for all your questions – design and construction]

General Contractor– A general contractor is responsible for day to day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades. Typically, a general contractor will get a set of plans that are ready to be built from a 3rd party interior designer. [Consider hiring if you want to work with a specific bathroom designer]

One Man Show [“Chuck in a Truck”] – Typically someone that builds A-Z by himself or with very little help from trades and friends. [Consider hiring for small space and simple home improvements, such as a handyman project or fixing something- always get a strong recommendation and a warranty/guarantee]

Bathroom Remodeling Dallas, Tx – Costs in Dallas, Plano, and the DFW Area

bathroom renovation in Dallas usually runs between $20,000-$200,000. The average cost for a bathroom remodeling Dallas, TX is $50,000-$70,000.

A large master bathroom cost in Dallas with a professional company can be $50k if you keep the same layout and demo minimum walls. If you plan to reconfigure your bathroom to your ultimate dream layout while using high-end finishes such as exotic slabs, custom cabinetry, unique plumbing fixtures, digital controllers, a steam shower, and real marble tile, it can drive the cost up to $120k or higher.

Guest Bathroom costs in Plano, Dallas, and DFW surrounding will be $20k for a standard bathroom and up to $50k if you want to convert your tub shower into a standing shower while covering all your walls with stone tiles. same numbers can apply to other types of small bathrooms or powder rooms.

Bathroom remodeling costs can be varied and depend on the size of the bathroom, style, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, tiles, technology and much more. Whether you would like to update your guest bathroom or build your dream Master Spa that is controlled by a touch pad surrounded by custom tiles, the possibilities are truly endless.

For high-end bathroom remodeling services, homeowners in Dallas, TX know they can turn to Joseph & Berry Luxury Remodel. We understand the importance of having a beautiful luxurious bathroom that matches the sophistication and elegance of the rest of your home. This is why we offer comprehensive bathroom remodels where we transform almost every aspect of the space from layout to vanity and flooring. We believe few other bathroom remodeling contractors in the Dallas area- if any- can deliver the gorgeous designs, top tier materials, and exceptional craftsmanship offered by Joseph & Berry Luxury Remodel.


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