Love Your Bathroom: Dallas Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s the first room we walk into in the morning and the last we visit before bed. It’s where we complete the majority of our daily tasks, from preparing for work to a relaxing bath after a long day. It’s where we apply products to beautify ourselves and where we shed it all to reveal our natural selves. In more ways than one, the bathroom is our own private sanctuary where we spend more time than we often realize. As a room with so much significance, it’s no wonder that bathrooms are second, only to kitchens when it comes to home remodeling projects. Not only does a bathroom renovation add value to your home, it also improves your day-to-day experience. Remodeling your bathroom can transform it from a room you need into a relaxing environment that you love to spend time in. The home renovation experts at Joseph and Berry are always ready to help you upgrade your current bathroom to a spa-like getaway that is completely customized to meet your needs.

Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of a bathroom remodel? Standard features such as toilets, sinks, cabinets, and fixtures are what many people automatically think of. However, a custom bathroom remodel allows you to re-design and layout of every inch of the space to your liking. Some of the most popularly requested bathroom remodel ideas include: • Heated floors and towel racks • Entertainment and sounds systems • Digital shower temperature controls • Floors and counter tops made with luxury materials  No matter what your personal style, there are thousands of elements that make your bathroom remodeling options virtually endless. Bring your ideas to Joseph and Berry. We will take your inspiration and translate it into a design to create the bathroom of your dreams, click here for remodeling ideas and styles!

Exceptional Yet Affordable Dallas Bathroom Remodeling Services 

Many homeowners are wary of working with home contractors (you will also want to learn about our lifetime warranty), assuming that the cost of bathroom remodeling will be out of their budgets. The truth is, the average cost for a bathroom remodel in the Dallas area is $50,000 to $150,000. Of course, the final cost can go higher depending upon the scope of the work, size of the space and finishes and materials you choose. Click here to read more about latest technologies in bathroom remodeling. The time it takes for a bathroom remodel can vary, again depending on the scope of the work. The average is about 45 days from demolition to completion, depends on the nature of the project, and you can stay in your home during construction. At Joseph and Berry, we believe that your ideal bathroom can be lavish and affordable. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to clients with both large and modest budgets. With our years of experience, we can recommend different materials and finishes to keep your costs where you need them to be. One of the many advantages of home remodeling, including remodeling your bathroom, is that it can be completed in stages. If you are starting with a tight budget, you can schedule different phases of your project every few months. If you’re not in a rush to finish the remodel, this is a great way to keep it economical while taking baby steps towards the boutique bathroom you have always wanted.

The Joseph and Berry Difference

We are a boutique remodeling company. This means each of our clients receives individual attention no matter how major or minor their project. From the moment you make the first call to inquire about our remodeling services, you will have an open channel of communication with our team. Your dreams become ours as we work to make your new bathroom everything you ever hoped it would be and more. Give Joseph and Berry a call today to find out what our residential construction and home remodeling experts can do for you. 



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