JOSEPH & BERRY Collaborate With Your Architects or Interior Designer in Dallas TX


JOSEPH & BERRY Masters The Art Of Great Communication With Your Own Design Preprofessionals

Remodel or build your house using your own architect or interior designer and collaborate with a 3rd party remodeler can be challenging and very confusing – NOT ANYMORE. Your architect designs one part and your builder builds another one. Your designer told you this type of project should take 2 months but your house is far from completion. Each professional fights for your attention and forgets about the most important thing;

You and your family.

There must be a better way. There must be a way for you to enjoy two professionals or more on the same side, and team two professionals that work with you and FOR you to design and build together the home of your dreams. Its all down to one simple basic thing, communication.

PhD In Communication

In order to change the industry and to set up a new standard for 2,3 or even 5 different professionals around the same table, working together in harmony and relaxed environment we had to go back to the drawing board. Our professional team of project developers, estimators, and production team, had reached out to the finest & best architects and interior designers in Dallas area to learn from them what would be the best way to accommodate all their needs. 5 years of deep research, 5 years of focusing on their problems with hundreds of builders and remodelers allowed us to create the ultimate process, systems, and technology for an AMAZING result for you – the homeowner.

Here are some of our achievements only in the last year thanks to our unique process, dedicated team, and partners.

  • Best in America living award – The best whole house remodeling project in the united state.
  • Best kitchen remodel – Dallas Builders Association.
  • Best whole house remodel – Dallas Builders Association.
  • Best bathroom remodel – Dallas Builders Association.
  • Remodeler of the year award – NARI (national association of remodelers).
  • 1st place best remodeler of the year by “Architect magazine”.
  • Best of Houzz – Customer satisfaction.
  • Best of Houzz – Design.

Our Keys To Successful Collaboration

  1. Interactive project portal – One platform, any device. The construction management software provides real-time 24/7 access to construction scheduling, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, selections, and much more. It will allow you, and your design professionals to see your project progress on a daily basis from anywhere in the world (yes, you can still take that trip to Japan you were planning on!)
  2. Dedicated project developer – No more a one-man show, a builder that runs between several projects while trying to manage his own company at the same time. Your dedicate project developer is in charge of one thing only,  communicate with you and your design professionals during the pre-construction stage. making sure that we will build exactly what your talented architect or designer envisioned and planned.
  3. Dedicated project manager – Your project manager will visit your project daily and update your project portal with photos and important updates. He will manage our talented carpenters and trade partners to attain the best project results.
  4. LIFETIME Warranty – YES! We will stand behind our work as long as you live at your home. We are proud to be the only construction company in Texas to provide a lifetime warranty.


We are here for you at any stage. It’s never too soon to contact us.