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Joseph & Berry is a luxury design and remodeling company serving homeowners in the Dallas, Texas, area. We offer unique customer experience and are deeply dedicated to providing exceptional design services and high-quality craftsmanship. Our innovative approach, technology-driven communication, and personalized customer service have set a new standard in the kitchen remodeling industry. The kitchen renovation process is quite the journey, and we look forward to being by your side every step of the way.

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Kitchen Remodel Design

With our experienced team and unique design-build process, we’re able to bring our customers’ wildest dreams to life.

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The Time-Frame

How long does it take to remodel a kitchen in Dallas?

The amount of time needed to complete a kitchen remodel depends largely on the size of the space and the scope of the work.  kitchen remodeling in Dallas takes between six weeks for a simple “pull and replace” to 5 months for a custom kitchen with many wood details. On average, this type of remodel should take about 2-3 months.

The Cost

Kitchen remodel cost Dallas

The final cost of a kitchen remodel depends on the scope of the work, the size of the space, and the materials used. Generally, a complete kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from $70,000 to $300,000. The average cost for a kitchen remodel in Dallas, TX, is between $85,000 and $120,000.

The life during construction

Can you live in your home during a kitchen remodeling project?

Yes, you can live in your home during a kitchen remodel. Joseph & Berry will work to minimize disruption during construction and will ensure your home remains safe and livable throughout the duration of your project. Although living in a construction zone its never a fun thing to do, your budget and time frame will dictate your yes or no for this matter. As we rolling to larger projects and the kitchen is only one part of your upcoming project, we will advise taking a temporary living under your thought process.


Custom range hood

Vent hood installation Dallas

The hood is probably the most eye catching item in your kitchen area. It can be small or large, wood or copper, the options are endless. If designed right, the hood will set the design tone in the room and can drive even the same cabinets from modern to traditional look. See below, some of our latest gorgeous hoods.


The Pantry

Pantry Cabinet Or Walk-in?

Unfortunately, in most cases it’s not going to be only up to you. Having a large walking pantry should be part of the original design of the entire house. with that being said, removing the pantry in order to get a larger kitchen and install a smart pantry cabinet, packed with the right accessories, can make a big impact on your overall feel and look. If you still wish to have a larger pantry, As part of a whole house remodeling, we can typically find the right areas to gain the extra space and make your kitchen suitable for the right size walking-in pantry.


What's next?

Get Started

Lifelong memories are made in the kitchen, and we can help make them even more beautiful by creating the ideal kitchen for your family’s needs. After all, we don’t just do the job; we do it impeccably. Learn more about our award-winning home design and remodeling company or schedule a consultation about your Dallas, TX, home remodeling by contacting Joseph & Berry today at (800) 371-8970. We can’t wait to get started.


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