NOMI is a boutique general contracting and construction management firm specializing in luxury whole house remodeling and custom home build in the Dallas -fort worth area.

Our unique “Customer Remote Supervision” expertise, enables you to complete your project from any place on the globe, without ever needing to visit our office or your jobsite at all phases of your project.

Ready? let’s dive in.


Let’s face it, the construction industry hasn’t changed for nearly 100 years. Trends come and go, design esthetics, room size, and finishes are evolving and adjusting according to our modern living lifestyle. One thing has never changed – the actual construction process and the need to invest many months to prepare for the upcoming project. At the luxury and large remodeling segment, this process involves many people, endless meetings and long months of preparation for every project. Unfortunately, modern life requires us to do so many things every single day. Today, homeowners can not afford themselves to spend hours on every meeting away from their family as they already invest 80% of their day in their offices. Many families relocate from one state to another every 2-4 years, and meetings with the entire design-build team become even a harder task. Do we still need it? yes! Is there a better way to do this? Absolutely. Joseph&Berry luxury remodeling and luxury custom home in dallas Tx Joseph&Berry luxury remodeling and luxury custom home in dallas Tx


Every construction project requires 3 components to become successful.


Architectural plans – floor plan, demo plan, fixtures’ location, room sizes, electrical plan and etc.

Interior design – finishes, Wall colors, type of fixtures, cabinetry, accessories, and the list is long


Construction execution – Make the dream and plans a reality.

Unlike in the past, the contractor’s job requires a lot more. The number of different materials and details, hundreds of finishes, and architectural features are larger than ever and force the contractor to not only be a great builder, but to also run a smart organization that can capture all those items, price them correctly, install them per code and keep all parties happy.

Not an easy task!

A project at this level might take anywhere from 6- 24 months. Yes, that long to remodel or build your new house.

Getting to the finish line – or should I say the starting point of construction, requires many meetings between all parties, documents and hours, many hours.

homeowners require to give up family time or working time. there is no glory without sacrifices.

Not anymore.


At NOMI, 50% of our customers and sometimes the design professional team as well, are located in a different state or city.

Homeowners are relocating from California to Dallas, the architect might be from NY and we are the feet on the ground.

Flying back and forth, spending so much time, energy and money on logistics is unacceptable. We had to do something different, and we had to think fast.

Today we can run an entire process, from pre-construction to final completion without ever meeting our clients, until the last day of construction. Complete the project without compromising quality, or the information stream. We can ensure completion of your project from A-Z without you ever leaving the comfort of your current home. Joseph&Berry luxury remodeling and luxury custom home in dallas Tx



Meetings – All meetings are live on conference calls. We can have all parties around the table without leaving your living room. Why waste precious time on the roads, if you can share it with your family?

Scope of work – Our scope of work is self-explanatory and super detailed. We can update it live over the meeting and have all parties getting the final version anytime they need.

All parties have access to our portal where they can find the most update scope 24\7.

No more hidden fees, no more zero breakdowns, and no detail will go unnoticed on the scope of work – Commercial standards at it’s best.


Daily logs – Our project managers understand your need for updates and information every day, and you would like to make sure, that people actually are working at your house.

The PM will push all data right to your phone and computer. Every day you will get updates and photos to make your life easier, and less stressful.

Calendar and Scheduling – Construction projects require long term planning. For this reason, our team publishes a complete calendar and schedule that is available for you 24\7 and that offers updates on a weekly bases.

Payments – No more checks or complicated ways to transfer payments.

Today, you would be able to make any payments or check your balance 24/7.

Communication  We keep all communication organized in one place. Here, you will be able to record all your questions, concerns and notes.  We help you become the best-organized version of yourself.



NÖMI is socially obligated to give back the community that is constantly helping us grow.

If you know a great cause or a family in a need of home improvement, that we might be able to help, we’ll be happy to reach out with one of our home remodeling specialists and change others’ lives.

Let’s make Dallas greater than it is.

Dallas STRONG!


The COVID-19 is a war, and the soldiers in the front lines are the medical teams that fight for each one of us. Those days, we create “Thank you boxes” with small things that might make their days a little bit sweeter. We would love to give each one of our boxes with a personal thank you note – thank you note from you and your family. Email us your thank you note, and we will attach it to our boxes. have your kids decorate it and help us spread the love.




One a month our team stop it all and join our friends at the bridge of Dallas to help the people in our community to stand back on their feet.


Bathroom Remodeling, Plano Tx

Meet Kelly, our heroine, who battles cancer at the age of 12.

NÖMI Remodel Design Build had the privilege to be part of changing Kelly’s life by remodeling her master bathroom and making it more comfortable and easier for her to keep her day-to-day routine after released from the hospital.

Hurricane Harvey, Tx

Our hearts go out to see the picture and read the information on the media. We are humble and thankful for the opportunity to donate vital products and money to varies organizations in order to help south Tx.

Please join us in that extremely important cause and help change other’s lives.