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A growing family is a beautiful and exciting thing. Whether you’re expecting a new child, have relatives moving in, or have simply just outgrown your home, a space that is too small can lead to clutter and distress. The larger your family grows, the more space you need in order to maintain the comfort of everyone living in your home. While moving is always an option, finding a new home and packing up all of your belongings can be a hassle – especially if you love your current home. Instead of relocating to another neighborhood, what if you could expand the home you love to fit your growing needs? With the home addition experts at Joseph & Berry, it’s possible.

Popular Types of Home Additions

Depending on the size of your property and the present design of your home, there are a variety of options for expanding your home.

  • Room additions – Is your house one bedroom too small for your family? Have you always wanted a private suite in which to host guests during an extended stay? Do you love the idea of a “man cave” or home office but don’t currently have the space for it? A single room addition to the back of your home can do the trick.
  • Second story additions – Sometimes your family needs more than just an added bedroom or two. By building a second story, you can double the current size of your home. We can customize your second floor addition plans to include anything from additional bedrooms and bathrooms to a theatre room, living area, mini kitchen, and even an indoor balcony overlooking the first floor.
  • Garage additions and expansion – Although primarily created to protect our cars, a garage is also commonly used as a storage space for recreational equipment, holiday decorations, and out-of-season clothing. If you need an additional garage for a new car you’ve bought or would like to expand your current garage for more storage space, building an additional garage is the solution.
  • Sunrooms – A sunroom is an incredibly economical way to expand your home. It’s the perfect combination of an indoor and outdoor living space. With natural lighting and a scenic view of your backyard, it will quickly become the family’s favorite place to gather, entertain, and relax. No matter what the season, you will feel connected to the outdoors year-round in the comfort of your sunroom.

The Most Important Part of Your Home Addition: Your Contractor

Choosing an experienced home remodeling company is one of the main components of a successful home improvement project. However, it is even more vital for home additions. Compared to other home remodeling projects such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations, a home addition is one of the most extensive home improvement projects. The cost of adding an addition to your home can cost between $80,000 and $300,000 depending on the scope of the work and the amount of space. The average home additions in Dallas average about $120,000. We make sure that you can remain in your home throughout the process and on average it takes about 2 to 3 months to complete after permitting.

With a project of such magnitude, you want a professional who knows every piece of wood, nail, and fixture that must be installed. This will ensure that the job is completed properly, on time, and within your arranged budget.

The home remodeling contractors at Joseph & Berry have the experience, workmanship, and knowledge that it takes to successfully complete your home addition. At each stage of the project, you’ll receive guidance and updates so that you’re never confused or in the dark about how the addition is coming along, learn more about our process! We’re dedicated to completing your project with equal parts efficiency and professionalism, so you won’t see bloated timetables or extra costs. We’ll work diligently to accommodate your budget and bring your ideas to life.

Choose Joseph & Berry for All Your Home Addition Needs

We would love to discuss the ideas you have for your home addition. With the combination of your creative vision and our expertise, we’ll design an amazing space that will improve the livability of your home and the enjoyment your family has in your home, visit our portfolio for design ideas!

Have you outgrown your current space? You don’t have to move! Call (800) 371-8970 now to find out more about adding a room, guest house or a second story to your home.


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