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As a homeowner, you are constantly on a mission to improve the look and style of your home and likely have a never-ending list of projects you’d like to do. A home renovation project is a great way to get it done all at once, saving you both time and money. Whether you seek the warmth of a new hardwood floor, your dream walk-in closet, or an extra room for your growing family, the home renovation contractors at Joseph & Berry make every home improvement project a breeze. With our many years of experience in both design and construction, we’re dedicated to realizing our clients’ visions in the most affordable and efficient way possible. Each year, thousands of homeowners embark on home renovation projects in an effort to enhance and add value to their homes. From minor renovations like new flooring and windows to heavy-duty renovations that alter the layout of your home, there are many different home remodel ideas a homeowner can envision to completely transform their living space, Click here to view our portfolio.  As a professional contracting company, Joseph & Berry have completed a wide variety of both large and modest projects. Our kitchen and bathroom remodels are on the top the list of Dallas home renovation, as we were announced as Contractor Of The Year by the national association of the remodeling industry in Dallas,  and also Best Of Houzz design & services with our designed remodeling projects in Dallas.  One of our favorite aspects of home remodeling is that although three clients may request the same project, each of them will be unique. Within each project, there are many home renovation ideas that can be combined with others or be completed a la carte – and each idea offers an extensive range of options from color to material and placement. Some customizable home remodeling ideas include: • Flooring and hardwood • Doors and windows • Carpets • Interior and exterior painting • Siding • Heating and cooling 

Dallas Home Renovation To Fit Your Budget

One of the benefits of working with a professional contractor like Joseph & Berry is our ability to design a project that meets your financial expectations and delivers a final result that exceeds your expectations! We’ll show you how you can keep your Dallas home renovation costs low while still enjoying a dramatically improved space. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on upgrades that will give you the most impact for your dollar. Although we’re proud of our ability to cater to clients with in a variable budget range, we do not sacrifice quality just to save money (Learn more about our LIFETIME WARRANTY). We work diligently to find a way to finish your project on your terms, even if that means spending more time at the drawing board. Joseph and Berry carefully plans every detail of your home renovation project to ensure that the result is as strikingly beautiful as you imagined – down to the very last detail. We’re honored to be your home renovation contractors. Give us your ideas for improving your home and we will turn them into reality!

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