We’ve streamlined elite design and bathroom remodel into a simple, fast, and efficient process. 

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We’ve streamlined elite design and bathroom remodeling into a simple, fast, and efficient process. 

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Luxury Steam Shower IN DALLAS ANS SOUREUNDING


For most people, visiting a spa is an occasional luxury that we indulge in during a vacation retreat. What if you could enjoy the luxurious comfort of a spa-like experience every morning during your shower before work, or every evening after returning from a tiring, stressful day away from home?

Steam showers are the best luxury bathroom upgrade to completely transform your bathroom into a lavish home spa. A steam shower is essentially a type of bathing experience wherein a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed throughout the showering area. A steam shower functions effectively as a steam room combined with the typical features of a bathroom shower.

Steam showers are becoming the norm in luxurious hotels and health spas across the world. With NOMI´s leading luxury bathroom remodeling services, we can help you design and incorporate a steam shower that outperforms those of even the best health resorts. Read on to learn about how steam showers work, and the advantages of installing a luxury steam shower in your home.

How Does a Steam Shower Actually Work?

From the outside, steam showers might look like a regular, standalone shower stall. Unlike your normal, everyday showerhead, however, a steam shower permeates the shower stall with a hot, soothing steam that resembles a tropical, humid environment.

Most steam showers come with easy to operate digital controls that are installed inside the shower stall. Once you activate the steam shower, an electric valve fills the steam “box” with 1-2 gallons of cold water. The electric element in the steam shower then brings the water to a boil and a series of pipes directs the heated water vapor to the disperser.

In a sense, the electric heating element of a steam shower works like an electric kettle that you might use to make your morning coffee or tea. Fortunately, you never have to worry about accidentally burning yourself (as can happen by spilling the contents of an electric kettle) as steam showers come outfitted with controls that ensures the steam never gets hotter than a safe 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steam showers can be lined, coated, or finished with different materials to allow for customized looks. Together with the size of the shower stall, the type of lining will help to determine the proper size for your steam generator.

Here at NOMI, we only work with the best steam shower manufacturers on the market, and have found that the products developed by Mr. Steam are the highest quality steam showers on the market. Some of the different steam showers we can help you install in your luxury bathroom remodel include:

  • ISteam 3: This “smart” steam shower comes with a control panel that mounts easily on the wall of your shower stall. The ISteam 3 allows you to control the temperature settings with the simple touch of a button. You can also control this steam shower remotely from your smart phone and create different profiles for custom settings for temperature, time, and other settings.
  • Chromasteam 3: One of the reasons we choose to install Mr. Steam products is because of the extra luxuries that they incorporate, including music therapy and aroma therapy options. The Chromasteam 3 features a color wheel on the iSteam3 that allows the users to choose from an incredible 269,000 possibilities of different lighting options to enhance the ambiance of your steam shower experience. You can regulate the color and brightness during your steam shower, and even choose to have your light pulse gently as you shower.
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The Advantages of a Steam Shower

Steam showers take the bathing experience to a whole new level of extravagance and luxury. Instead of taking a quick 2-minute shower as part of a hurried, daily routine, steam showers encourage a focus on wellness. Besides helping you to relax and unwind, steam showers also boast several important health benefits, including:

  • Improved Circulation: The higher temperatures and humidity levels facilitate increased blood flow throughout your body.
  • Faster Muscle Recovery: For physically active people, steam showers can also help your body naturally get rid of the metabolic waste that builds up in your muscles after exercise or hard work.
  • Relief from Joint Pain: Relaxed muscles simultaneously reduces tension on your joints and cartilage. Steam showers are a great option for people suffering from stiffness, arthritis, and other similar conditions.
  • Natural Moisturizer: Steam showers can also naturally moisturize your skin. Immersing yourself in steam also opens your pores to allow your skin to naturally breathe and perspire.
  • Detox Method: During a steam shower, your body will naturally begin to sweat as if you were in a sauna. This helps the body get rid of toxins that have built up.
  • Natural Remedy for Sinus Problems: Steam showers might even be able to help you avoid colds as the exposure to steam can promote decongestion and clean airways.
  • Improved Sleep: After a relaxing steam shower, your muscles will be relaxed and your mind will be at ease allowing for a better night´s sleep.

Besides the obvious health advantages, steam showers can also help you drastically reduce the water consumption of your home. A half hour steam shower uses only two gallons of water. Most regular shower heads, by comparison, use the same amount of water each minute! For eco-friendly households, investing in a steam showers is a way to reduce your water consumption while simultaneously improving the luxury levels of your bathroom.

Lastly, the steam showers that NOMI can help you install allow for a customizable bathing experience that enhances your overall wellness. Besides the chromatheraphy options we explained above, we can also help you install a steam shower that includes aromatherapy alternatives. Your steam shower can be infused with aromatic fragrances such as eucalyptus, lavender and mint to boost the health benefits while creating unique moods for your bathing experience. Mr. Steam´s AromaSteam System is allows you to infuse your preferred fragrances and essential oils into your steam shower.

Also, your steam shower can also include a vapor-sealed sound system allowing you to enjoy musictherapy through playing your favorite music, meditations, or even the soothing sounds of nature while you bathe.

NOMI: The Experts in Steam Shower Installation

If you feel that a steam shower might be the best way to take your bathroom renovation to a whole new level of luxury, hiring the best contractor for your remodel should be a prime factor to take into consideration. For homeowners in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and surrounding areas of Texas, NOMI is the top-rated and award winning bathroom remodeler in the region. Unlike other construction and remodeling companies, we focus exclusively on remodeling, restoring, and renovating bathroom into the most luxurious home spas that money can buy.

Because of this singular focus, we have years of experience in helping clients in all different types of homes and living situation completely remake their old bathrooms into luxurious home spas. We are the experts on steam shower design and installation, and believe that every homeowner should enjoy the unparalleled benefits that come with steam showers.

When you hire NOMI, you are getting decades of accumulated experience and expertise in installing the best steam showers on the market. We offer completely transparent and upfront pricing and budgets, so that you can find the best steam shower option. 

If you are ready to start enjoying the wellness and relaxation benefits of a steam shower, contact NOMI at 1-800-371-8970 today!





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