Luxury Master Bath Remodeling – Choosing Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers Are A Luxurious Master Bath Must Have

If you’re undertaking a master bathroom remodeling project, one of the most luxurious items to add to your wish list is a towel warmer. Once relegated to hotels and spas, today, the towel warmer is an affordable comfort item for homeowners that you won’t believe you lived without!

Advances in technology, design, engineering, and manufacturing have brought homeowners highly efficient, effective, affordable options for any application and any taste. Let’s take a look at a few of your options to help you find the perfect unit for your new master bathroom.

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Before Choosing Towel Warmers Consider Your Needs

Asking and answering some fundamental questions can help you to narrow down your search. Speak with your designer and contractor. They will have information on the latest models, and technology available and can help you to choose the right unit to meet your needs and budget.

Ask yourself:

  • Which type of unit will fit my budget? Conservative, or luxury?
  • There are two types available, electric and hydroponic, what’s the difference?
  • Are there benefits when choosing between hardwired or plug-in installation?
  • Which style will better meet my needs, freestanding or permanently mounted?
  • Should I go for the simple, sleek design or a more artistic design?
  • What finish will compliment a high-end decor?
  • Should I choose a towel warmer with or without a timer?

Price Range

Manufacturers are producing towel warmers to fit any taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a simple, functional unit, or one with a sophisticated aesthetic design, towel warmers are available to fit any budget.

Depending on the style, size, installation type and more, warmers can vary widely in price with budget-friendly units available for under $300 and impressive, designer units that can run $4000 or more. Do your due diligence. Look at online reviews, speak with your designer and remodeling contractor, and take a trip to your local kitchen and bath store to see models in person. Remember, browse with your budget in mind.


Electric Vs. Hydroponic Towel Warmers

There are two styles of towel warmers, electric and hydroponic. Both are available in a range of prices, and both are extremely energy efficient.


Today, electric towel warmers typically use about as much electricity as a 60W lightbulb, so they’re very energy efficient. Electric models use one of two methods to heat towels. Some use a low-wattage dry element. Others use an element to heat mineral oil within the unit. Electric warmers are available as both hardwired, permanent units, and plug-in movable ones. Both types can be operated using an on/off switch or with a timer. Some larger units can provide supplemental heating to the room.


Hydroponic models typically use hot water from your plumbing system to heat the unit, much like a radiant heat system. Hydroponic warmers are among the most energy efficient, but they can be the most difficult to install, if not included in the original construction during a remodeling project or new build.

Today, all towel warmers incorporate safety features like thermostats and automatic shut-offs, so safety is really a non-issue. Towel warmers also have no moving parts to wear out, so they are very reliable.

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Wall Mount, Floor Mount or Freestanding?

These are the three primary mounting options when choosing towel warmers. By far, the easiest to “install” are freestanding units. Just place them near an electrical outlet, plug them in and turn them on! They are portable and easily moved.

Wall mounted units are great for bathrooms with limited floor space, and can even take the place of traditional towel bars. Both electric or hydroponic units can be either plugin or hardwired. All hydroponic systems are either wall or floor mounted as they need to be tied into your home’s hot water heater or radiant heat system. Wall or floor mounting depends upon your bathroom design and is a personal choice. Your designer or contractor can provide you with the best solution.

Luxurious Transitional Bathroom Remodeling
Transitional bathroom remodeling by Joseph & Berry Remodel Dallas


Other Considerations

Once you’ve decided on the type and installation of your towel warmer, there are a few other options to consider. There is truly a towel warmer for every bathroom style. From contemporary to classic, artistic to traditional, even antique-style there is a towel warmer to fit every decor. When choosing a towel warmer as a focal point, what’s most important is to reflect your personal style.

While many homeowners choose to stick with standard finishes like polished brass or chrome, many manufacturers offer finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, antique gold, satin nickel and more. Your designer can help you to choose the perfect finish to match your other fixture choices.

Some units offer options like a shelf for storage or a robe hook. Towel warmers come in a wide range of sizes. Consider your needs, your overall design, and of course your style and budget.

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Finally, modern towel warmers are extremely energy efficient, and the best way to use them is to keep them turned on. The energy used to initially heat them is significantly more than the energy used by keeping them on. Most manufacturers still include an on/off switch. Some manufacturers offer built-in timers on the unit, while some offer this as an option. Others use a thermostat, just like your home heating system.

A towel warmer is a luxurious addition to any bathroom remodeling project. They are affordable, energy efficient, and reliable. If you have any questions regarding towel warmers or need advice on how to remodel a luxury master bath suite, give us a call. Our designers can explain your options and help you to choose the perfect towel warmer for your home. Once you’ve experienced the elegance of stepping out of the shower and wrapping a perfectly warmed towel around your body, you’ll never look back!


What to look for in a bathtub style for a master suite design and remodel.

What to look for in a bathtub style for a master suite design and remodel.

One of the most central features of a master suite bathroom is the bathtub. A stunning freestanding tub or whirlpool tub in an alcove can elevate a standard bathroom to a peaceful retreat. Joseph & Berry has a designer on site at all times to work with clients on these details. We have experience in helping clients find the right features that will work for them in their master suite bathroom. We are so confident we guarantee our work.


When designing the master suite

How often do you plan to take a bath? Do you dream of having a luxurious soaking tub, or are you thinking more long-term about aging-in-place? How you plan to use the master suite bathroom will have a significant influence on what kind of bathtub you choose. Think about any physical constraints you have within the room. A whirlpool tub may not work with the layout you envision, or the area for the freestanding tub may not be the right dimensions. Also, consider your limitations. You may want a whirlpool tub to soothe sore joints and muscles, but will your injuries make it difficult to get out of certain types of tubs?

Bathtub choices for a master suite

Whirlpool or Jacuzzi — Once the standard for any luxury master bath, the whirlpool tub is typically more substantial than a standard bathtub and has jets within the tub walls for massaging and creating a flow of bubbles. While some design magazines feature bathrooms that are moving away from the whirlpool tub, it is still a popular choice for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where homes often have the space to accommodate this style easily.

Clawfoot or pedestal — For those who dream of a grand bathroom with a traditional aesthetic, a clawfoot tub is an excellent choice. Once a feature in the homes of the wealthy in the 19th century, this style has reemerged in recent years. If you already have an original clawfoot tub, you know they are extremely heavy and require reinforced flooring. Reproductions are made of newer, lighter materials and are easier to come by. These are often freestanding tubs, either near a wall or placed in the center of the room as the main feature.

Alcove — This is the standard variety of bathtub you find in most homes in America. With walls on three sides, this style also usually has a shower feature as well. In a master suite bathroom, alcove tubs can come in various sizes and with jets.

Drop-in — A drop-in bathtub is inset within the floor or a raised platform, where the top of the tub is flush. This is a popular choice for master suite bathrooms, and a standard or whirlpool tub can be installed. This style also includes the over-flow bathtub. Like an infinity pool, an over-flow tub can be filled to the top and overflows into a gutter system, creating a stunning, modern look.

Corner tub — Like the name suggests, this triangular-shaped tub fits within a corner. They can come in many sizes from large and luxurious to compact and efficient. For homeowners who want the option of taking a bath but not a large tub taking up space, this is a popular choice. If you want to focus on creating a luxurious shower space, but still want a bathtub, consider tucking in a whirlpool corner tub for the best of both worlds.

design build dallas bathroom remodeling

The right material

Investing in a master suite bathroom means selecting fixtures and features that will last for decades. Here is an overview of the materials on the market.

Enamel-On-Steel — Also known as porcelain-on-steel, these tubs have a classic look that’s easily cleaned and maintained.

Cast Iron — This durable material is also covered in an enamel coating. These tubs will last for decades.

Cultured marble — This engineering stone is made by crushing marble, combining it with resins and pouring into a mold to produce a solid surface, similar to quartz countertops. It is covered with a clear, durable coating making for easy maintenance.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and Acrylic — Sometimes referred to as “gel coat” fiberglass reinforced plastic is a common material for making whirlpool tubs, as it is a glossy material that’s easy to shape. Acrylic is another high-gloss choice that’s used for a variety of tub styles. These materials are common but lack long-term durability.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a luxury bathroom remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you design a home that will meet your needs for years to come.

Transitional bathroom remodeling by Joseph & Berry Remodel Dallas

Learn How Glass Shower Enclosures Bring Elegance to a Master Suite Bathroom.

All-glass shower enclosures, or frameless glass showers, are growing in popularity in the custom bathroom market. This style of shower enclosure does not need a frame to support their weight or slide on but instead operate by swinging open and shut on hinges. It’s this lack of a frame, and the open, airy feeling the glass gives to the entire room, that has made the frameless glass shower such a popular choice.


For the custom shower look

Most quality frameless glass enclosures are also custom made, giving homeowners a wide range of styles to choose from. Without frames, homeowners aren’t locked into specific sizes or dated slider doors. With more and more homeowners investing in intricate tile designs or stunning stone showers, a frameless shower helps showcase these remarkable features. A custom glass enclosure will cost around $1,200 or more, primarily because it requires a thick piece of tempered glass not only for the door and frame, as well as sturdy hardware to keep the door in place.

Will a frameless glass shower leak?

Framed shower doors do not have sealed edges to create a seamless connection with the walls and floors. Because of this, the bathroom is more susceptible to water splashing onto the floor outside the shower. The key to preventing water damage is to purchase a well-designed door and invest in a skilled installer to do the work. Joseph & Berry has seen both poorly installed and poorly designed frameless shower doors, and know how to do it right. Large gaps between the door and supports, shower heads aimed in the wrong direction, and other mistakes can turn your dream bathroom into a constant battle to keep it dry.

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Types of glass

Clear — Simple, sleek and classic, clear glass goes well with all styles and aesthetics. It is especially well suited for bathrooms that incorporate pops of bright colors throughout or has a signature tile on the shower wall. Talk to your design team about ensuring hardware does not take away from the clean look of clear glass.

Gray —  Gray glass not only creates a bit of privacy but adds contrast in bright white bathrooms and depth to rooms where stone tile and marble are prominent.

Blue — Whether bright hues or subdued navy, blue glass is a way to add a touch of color. Blues are cool colors, which is always a popular choice for bathrooms. Bold and vibrant colors, like oranges, reds, and yellows can be harsh to the eye and feel more trendy than classic.

Textured — Whether it’s horizontal stripes of frosted glass or vertical textures, a textured panel adds privacy and style. Consider incorporating textured glass into a custom shower if there are are other textures in the room to play off of, such as wood grains or stone.

Frosted —  If privacy is paramount, such as in a guest bathroom or one that will be shared by children, frosted glass provides privacy while also keeping the feel in the room light and bright. Consider adding lights within the shower for the person showering and added brightness in the rest of the bathroom. Frosted glass panels can also serve as a divider around the toilet or create other separated spaces in a shared bathroom.

Clean look with less cleaning

Besides feeling dated, framed shower doors can be difficult to keep clean. Water under seals and within sliders is the perfect place for mildew to breed. A frameless glass door is as easy to clean as a few quick swipes of a squeegee.

Some homeowners we talk to love the look of a frameless shower door but wonder if their bathroom is the right size. Because it is a custom creation, we can work with clients to build the right size and style. Clear glass shower doors also make a room feel larger, opening site lines and allowing you and guests to see the entire room.

Overall, the greatest feature of a frameless shower door is how they look. Sleek and straightforward, they allow the style and design of a bathroom speak for itself.

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Choosing Master Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures When Remodeling

How to select master bath plumbing fixtures that look great and will last a lifetime

Are your master bath plumbing fixtures looking old and showing a dull, pitted finish? Or, do they just look dated and out of style in your new bathroom remodel? Then it might be time to replace them!

Today, you have a wide range of choices in a myriad of styles and finishes to choose from. From $200 dollar faucets with five-year warranties to multi-head shower walls that can clean parts of your body you didn’t even know you had, the choices are nearly endless!


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Plumbing Fixtures

The best fixtures carry a lifetime warranty when it comes to finishes, so if you’re happy with yours but it’s looking a little dull, you should contact the manufacturer and check their warranty policy. If you’re new to selecting finishes and fixtures, it’s a great idea to get all of your master bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories in the same finish. Some like chrome and brushed nickel are somewhat universal but be careful, different manufacturers can produce fixtures using the same finishes that are not a perfect match and can cause design issues.

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The best way to ensure that you’re getting the exact same finish is to purchase all of your fixtures from the same manufacturer. Most will offer complete en suite sets that include tub spouts, shower heads, faucets and temperature handles that match in both style and finish. If you are keeping some fixtures and replacing others make sure to bring the current one with you to make sure you can match the style, color and finish.

Don’t Skimp on Price: Quality Matters!

If you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on a master bathroom remodeling, the place to save is not on your fixtures! When it comes to bathroom plumbing fixtures you definitely get what you pay for. In terms of style and finish, every manufacturer offers lower end models that are stylish and look great, at least for a little while!

What separates a quality fixture built to last a lifetime is much more than style and finish. It starts with the material it is made from. Start by looking at the body which includes the spout and controls. Solid brass bodies are best. They will last the longest and require the least amount of care. This is especially important if your home has hard water, which can corrode lesser metals. While solid brass construction costs the most, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability. If you’re not sure if a fixture is a solid brass, pick it up, it will feel heavier than other units.

Faucets with zinc alloy die cast bodies cost less and are durable. Zinc is the most common metal beneath most brass and chrome plated fixtures. Zinc will corrode when it contacts water so these faucets may only last a few years before needing to be replaced. Finally, stay away from low-end faucets with plastic bodies or components. While their inexpensive price may look good, plastic doesn’t hold up at all and you’ll be replacing your fixtures every two years.


Popular Finishes for Master Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Fixtures come in a variety of finishes to meet every taste and style. Here are few of the most popular choices of many homeowners and designers.

Polished Brass – Perfect if you’re looking for a vintage feel, but it also works in eclectic traditional and modern bathrooms as well.

Satin Brass – Satin brass offers homeowners an elegant brushed-gold look that is understated yet elegant. Its perfect for contemporary, modern of traditional designs and is incredibly durable.

Oil Rubbed Bronze – If you’re looking for a traditional look and are not interested in brushed nickel or chrome, oil-rubbed bronze is the perfect compromise. It’s perfect in Mediterranean or Tuscan themed baths and is easy to clean.

Satin Bronze – If you love the look of oil-rubbed bronze or copper then you’ll love satin bronze! At home in Mediterranean, traditional and eclectic designs it’s a lighter alternative to oil-rubbed bronze and easier to maintain than copper.

Polished Nickel – Darker than chrome, but with the same luster, polished nickel can change color depending on how it’s lit. Perfect in eclectic, traditional, contemporary and modern bathrooms. It can be expensive but is extremely durable.

Brushed Nickel – Another popular choice, brushed nickel is at home in any style bathroom and is extremely durable. It never shows wear, water spots stains or fingerprints.

Copper – Copper fixtures are bold, luxurious and look simply amazing when paired with a marble vanity top. Copperworks in steampunk, Tuscan or farmhouse settings and it ages beautifully creating a unique and beautiful patina over time.

Chrome – Chrome is a universal finish that goes in any style bathroom. It’s also the most budget friendly. If you’re looking for durability and a finish that works in any decor, chrome is the perfect choice.

Colored Fixtures – White, Black Red, etc. If you’re looking for a pop of color, today, fixtures are available in any number of colors and styles. Often available with a plastic finish or porcelain. Whenever possible, choose porcelain, it’s more durable, easier to clean and is a definite design statement!

Choosing your perfect bathroom fixtures can be fun and exciting! Today, you have choices to fit any style, taste, and budget. If you’re working with a designer or design build firm, they can help you to understand your plumbing fixture options and guide you towards the best choice for the look you want. It’s best to always go for the highest-quality materials your budget allows. Do your research, speak with our designers and come up with your perfect style and you’ll find the perfect fixtures that will last a lifetime!


If live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a master suite bath remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you create a master bath you will love for years to come.

Installing A New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs, What features to look for when installing a new toilet in a master suite bathroom.


Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs
Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs ,Technology has reached the bathroom, well at least it has in Japan, but it’s coming to America and it’s pretty amazing! Toilet manufacturers in Japan have been manufacturing and selling “hi-tech” smart toilets for several years and today, three out of four toilets in Japan include a bidet and other smart features.

By contrast, U.S. bathrooms are pretty far behind (sorry!) but toilet manufacturers are betting that Americans installing a new toilet are ready to embrace the bidet and the many other advantages and options smart toilets offer. Today, smart toilets have lids that open as you approach them, play music or white noise for privacy, offer a heated seat, deodorizer, self-clean and sanitize, glow in the dark, and even wash and blow dry. Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? click here


If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and installing a new toilet, it’s worth your time to at least check out the innovations in toilet technology. For many homeowners, the toilet is not the first place they think of when talking about home technology. Companies like Kohler have been introducing new customers to their smart products and the general response when they try the product, is that it’s “life changing.” In fact, introducing customers the product has increased Kohler’s smart toilet market by 50% last year alone.

Even without the bells and whistles, smart toilets are a practical choice as well as a luxury item. As more Americans are opting to age in place, smart toilets are useful for helping those with a limited range of motion and in the future will be important for those who want to age in place. Along with their benefits for those with limited motion, they are ecologically beneficial. Self-drying bidets require no toilet paper which means less waste and use of natural resources, and their self-cleaning ability means less time and effort spent cleaning your home, and fewer potentially harmful chemicals entering the water supply.




Toilets generally are a practical item that is rather utilitarian in its function. Today, technology has raised the bar and your toilet can actually save money, time, and even protect your health.

Imagine, it’s the middle of the night and you have to go to the bathroom. As you enter your bathroom, the toilet, which has motion sensors, lights up and begins to play your favorite pre-selected music. The lid rises and a light shines on the floor next to the toilet.

You tap the lighted area with your foot and the seat rises. After you’re through, you turn to walk away and the toilet flushes. Because you raised the ring, it knows that it can use less water. If you had sat down for longer than a minute, the toilet would have used a longer flush and then initiated the self-cleaning mode.


Manufacturers are already working to develop smart toilets for the American market. Kohler is selling a model called the Numi which is a one piece design with lots of features. It offers a heated seat, integrated bidet with temperature control, an air dryer, a deodorizer which pulls the air back into the unit through a charcoal filter and exhausts out the back, music, a foot warmer and it’s self-cleaning. All controlled from an integrated touchpad screen!

Kohler also produces another model called the Veil Intelligent. Other makers include the Japanese company Toto, which produces the Washlet, and as the market continues to grow, more makers like American Standard are designing, developing and offering smart toilet technology.


Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs
Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs


The price is one hurdle that many homeowners can find off putting. Smart toilets can cost anywhere from $600 to $10,000 depending on the features involved. Of course, as more consumers embrace the technology the price will come down. In fact, American Standard offers a unit called the Acti-Clean which is a self-cleaning model that is priced in the $500 dollar range. Other manufacturers are opting to create add-on units like Tushy’s bidet attachment which can be added to existing units in as little as 10 minutes, costs around $70.00 and required no additional plumbing or electrical work.Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

The other factor that homeowners can address during a remodel is that all smart toilets currently available require electricity in order to function. As many homes do not currently have outlets near the toilet, this needs to be addressed if you are planning on including a smart toilet in your remodel. If your unit includes a bidet, you may also need to add additional plumbing.

As the technology continues to improve and become more commonplace, prices will come down and features will increase. In the future, biometric features could analyze waste to help diagnose health issues early and the technology will begin to address older users, bedridden patients, and disabled children. As technology improves and becomes pervasive in every part of home design, installing a new toilet, one that self-cleaning capabilities will be just one of the options available when considering updates to your master suite.

Installing New Toilet Master Bath? New Smart Designs

Master Suite Flooring Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Dallas, TX

Learn the available bathroom flooring options when remodeling a Master Suite

Master Suite Flooring Ideas Bathroom Remodel Dallas, TX
Master Suite Flooring Ideas Bathroom Remodel Dallas, TX

Creating the perfect bathroom for your master suite means making lots of choices. From the layout and design to the fixtures, tiles, and flooring, you have a wide range of options. Today, with new manufacturing techniques and new materials, you have an almost overwhelming amount of choices for flooring in the bathroom in terms of colors, patterns, sizes, styles, and materials!

Your master suite bathroom flooring can not only be functional, it can help to establish the aesthetics of the space and, depending on what and how you install it, can even add an element of spaciousness to your overall design. Let’s explore some of the most popular and functional materials available for bathroom flooring today!


It’s important to do your research. Before you move forward with any material, understand its properties. Bathroom flooring is subject to unique challenges. It must be waterproof or water resistant, as well as safe to walk on when wet. Tile that may be functional in a kitchen, may become dangerously slippery when subjected to steam and water in a bathroom. Consider your maintenance and lifestyle needs as well. For example, natural stone and wood may need periodic sealing in order to remain water resistant.


Whether you’re seeking a natural material like wood or stone, or a manufactured product like ceramic or porcelain tile, there are plenty of beautiful and functional choices available for your master suite. Thanks to improvements in manufacturing, it’s even possible to get a waterproof porcelain tile that looks exactly like more expensive wood or natural stone flooring – click for more inspiration photos!

Here are a few of the most popular choices.


Ceramic is a wonderful floor surface that comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. It’s very easy to maintain and although a hard surface, if you add radiant heating, nothing is quite as luxurious as stepping onto a warm tile floor on a cold day! When protected with a hard glaze, ceramic can resist wear and scratches. While not completely waterproof, ceramic tile can resist water well if properly grouted and sealed.

Porcelain tile is impervious to water and harder than clay-based ceramics. They generally have through-body color which is an advantage if they are accidentally chipped or scratched. New manufacturing techniques allow for photo-realistic wood grain and natural stone patterns that can be extremely cost effective when compared to natural stone or wood flooring.

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Natural stone was once primarily used in the entryway. Today, it’s at home in any room of the house, including the bathroom.! Nothing is as beautiful and luxurious as stone and tiles are available in colors that range from pure white to cream, blues, reds, greens, golds and deep rich black. You can purchase textured tiles that include cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched and flamed variations made from marble, granite, limestone, slate and more. Stone does require periodic maintenance like regular cleaning and sealing to keep it water resistant and it is typically more expensive than porcelain or ceramics.

Master Suite Flooring Ideas Bathroom Remodel Dallas, TX
Master Suite Flooring Ideas Bathroom Remodel Dallas, TX


Cork s a warm soft material that feels great on the feet. It comes in a variety of color tints and will need at least two coats of polyurethane before you can get it wet. It’s installed much like ceramic, porcelain and stone, using a trowel on adhesive, but click-in-place floating floors are also available.


Hardwood flooring or wood floor tiles (parquet) in the bathroom looks luxurious, but extreme care must be taken. If wood gets wet, it can warp, buckle or stain. Any wood flooring must be fastidiously sealed and at least two coats of polyurethane applied. It’s not the best choice for a high traffic bathroom and can be expensive. Eco-friendly products like engineered hardwoods, bamboo or porcelain wood grain tiles are friendlier choices.

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Nothing is as unique as glass floor tile! It holds up well and if textured, resist slips. Small glass tiles with lots of grout are also very slip resistant. Aesthetically, covering a floor in a thin layer of glass creates the illusion of depth, and if it is tinted can provide a beautifully stained glass effect. Prices for glass tiles can vary widely but it’s generally on the higher end of the scale.


If you choose, glass, ceramic or porcelain, it’s important to make sure the material is rated for use as flooring. Choose ceramics with a grade of 1 or 2. Ceramic is also rated with a coefficient of friction (COF) for slip resistance and safety, choose one that s rated .50 or above. The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) also offers a rating system for porcelain. It works the opposite way. Opt for porcelain tiles that are rated at least PEI III.

If you’re ready to remodel your master bath, give us a call! At Joseph & Berry, our designers are aware of all the latest flooring options available and can help you to choose the best one for your project. Let us help you create your dream master bath by showing you samples and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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Plano Home Remodeler Joseph & Berry Wins 2016 NARI Annual CotY Award

Joseph & Berry Remodel | Design Build, a prestigious luxury home remodeling firm based in Plano, Texas, helped their client recreate their cherished memories with an unforgettable bathroom remodel. As a result, the May-June, 2015 project helped Joseph & Berry earn a prestigious 2016 NARI annual CotY award.Joseph & Berry Wins 2016 NARI Annual CotY Award The CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards are presented each year by NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) to its members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects. The 2016 program honors projects with a finish date between December 1, 2013 and November 30, 2015.

Homes builder Dallas
Plano Home Remodeler Joseph & Berry Wins 2016 NARI Annual CotY Award

“We are extremely humbled and thrilled that NARI has deemed our remodeling project worthy of this esteemed reward,” said Joseph Tsedaka. “The bathroom remodeling project for which we were honored was all about resurrecting treasured memories for our client. Our bathroom owners had one wish on mind, to relive their magical far East honeymoon all over again each and every day.”

Joseph & Berry were able to successfully restore those colors, smells, and sensations based on the client’s visual memory since their honeymoon picture album was lost during various relocation over the years. They successfully stretched their materials and used a creative approach to make do with a challenge of $25,000.

“We were absolutely thrilled when they told us that we made their most intimate memory into reality because that was our main goal,” said Mr. Tsedaka. “We also created a relaxing gateway retreat in which they can start and finish their day, and created a unique room with local orientation for future resale success.”


Joseph & Berry initiated new construction to extend the client’s standing shower and maximized their storage space by changing an existing Jacuzzi into a bathtub. This enabled them to create a functional master bathroom and refresh its overall look and appeal.


“We changed the room’s layout by installing a sink and vanity across from the bathtub to maximize space usage,” said Mr. Tsedaka. “We utilized the existing mirror and replaced the plumbing. The solid wood custom-made vanities with new granite countertops and dark solid wood shelves created multiple storage spaces.

In addition, the wood for tiles and accents was handled in a special way to seal it to maximize water resistance. Dark stone tiles were added to enhance the romantic environment, and new glass doors, luxury water fixtures including a double shower rain head and matching faucets added a high-end look and feel.

The bathroom’s overall appeal was significantly enhanced by a new light wood plank-look floor, and its texture was smoothed over by a fresh coat of natural paint in relaxing colors.”

Joseph & Berry Remodel | Design Build is a company that provides a passion for service, a dedication to excellence and the desire to provide everything their clients need under the same roof. Joseph provides the remarkable designs while Berry creates the lasting contracting solutions backed by a top professional crew to deliver bathroom and kitchen or living room remodeling, bedroom and closet reconfigurations, roofing and siding restoration, home renovations, interior design, and much, much more. We make your dreams come to life in a design that will impress everyone.

Joseph & Berry Remodel | Design Build invites you to visit their office located 2801 Regal Road, Suite 105 in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. Call to request a consultation or a quote by calling (469) 412-1493 or toll-free at (800) 371-8970 or connect with them via E-mail (


Additional winning bathrooms remodeled by Joseph & Berry remodel Dallas