How To Choose The Best Kitchen Counter top Material for a Remodel

Know Your Options When Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Countertop Material

Best Kitchen Counter top Material
Best Kitchen Counter top Material

For The Best Kitchen Counter top Material just call us now: (800) 371-8970 Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, giving your existing kitchen a facelift, or building a new custom home, your countertops can set the style and tone of the most important room in the house. If your home features an open concept floor plan, it can even carry your design sense throughout the entire living space.

In fact, countertops are almost as important as the layout of your kitchen. Today, you have more choices than ever before. With a huge variety of human-made and engineered products, as well as natural materials available in every possible color and pattern, you have more options than ever!

While it’s tempting to choose your new countertop based solely on aesthetics, picking your kitchen countertop comes down to four criteria; your style, maintenance needs, the material’s durability and of course the cost. Consider each before making a final choice.

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Start by examining your lifestyle. While beautiful white Carrara marble is an elegant, luxurious choice, if you have small children who love to come home from school and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the kitchen counter, marble is probably not a good choice for you. Perhaps an engineered quartz or natural soapstone surface might make more sense.

Do you love to prepare food? Will you be chopping and slicing on your surface? Maybe a hardwood butcher block surface, like natural maple is the answer. Looking for an eco-friendly option? Consider solid surface composites like IceStone, Richlite or Paperstone. They are sustainable and release no VOCs. Are you a baker? Marble countertops stay cool and if you like to bake, it is the perfect surface for kneading dough.

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Best Kitchen Counter top Material
Best Kitchen Counter top Material


The good news? With so many great kitchen countertop choices available, even if you have your heart set on a particular material like marble, but it doesn’t match your lifestyle, you can find a similar material like manufactured quartz that can match the pattern and style of natural marble.

Let’s explore some of the popular kitchen countertop options available!


Natural stone is a popular kitchen countertop choice and granite is by far the most popular. Granite countertops come in a wide variety of colors, and every slab is unique. It also comes in several different finishes including, brushed, antiqued, honed (which is a matte finish) and polished for a shiny almost luminescent look. Granite’s cost can vary widely with a common variety like Ubatuba being more affordable than the more exotic Labradorite.


While granite is the most popular natural stone, it’s not your only choice. Marble, limestone, quartzite, and soapstone are great luxurious options, but they are not as durable as granite and will require occasional maintenance like annual sealing. Even truly exotic stone like Onyx is available for your kitchen countertop if money’s no object!


Another option is engineered stone. Quartz countertops are made by using chips of stone and resin. They offer the look and feel of natural stone, but are almost bulletproof and come in every color imaginable. You will pay for this durability however as manufactured stone countertops can cost twice as much as the least expensive granite!


If it’s practicality you’re looking for, solid surface materials might be the right choice. Acrylics like Corian, or newer countertop materials like Paperstone or Richlite (made using recycled paper and resin) are easy to maintain and eco-friendly. We rarely use solid surface materials in our kitchen designs, but they are ideal for laundry rooms where value and practicality are important.


A hot trend a few years ago, concrete countertops are at home in a contemporary or industrial design. They can be customized with pigment, stained, acid washed, and polished. It can also be delivered with several different finishes including trowel finished,  exposed aggregate or pressed with a tool that replicates marble like veining. Concrete requires upkeep and needs careful maintenance. A sponge left on the surface can leave a stain, acidic liquids can etch the surface, and sudden temperature changes can cause warping or curling. It also needs to be sealed four times a year, and paste wax should be applied every couple of months.


Wood is a traditional material that can warm up your kitchen. Wooden kitchen countertops like maple or butcher block are easy to clean, and small scratches can easily be sanded out. Water can be a problem, so you will need to oil them frequently to keep the surface sealed.

The best option is to try to see and touch the surfaces in person before you make a final decision. Work with a designer and discuss your options. Countertops can be customized with various edge styles. Many designers are their meeting clients needs by combining different materials to create a truly custom kitchen. With all of the countertop choices available and a little help from your kitchen designer, you’re sure to find the perfect kitchen countertop to meet your lifestyle and stylistic needs!

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Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

Considering a kitchen remodel? Learn what’s popular in granite countertop trends and Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

Granite remains one of the most popular choices among homeowners and interior designers for kitchen and bathroom countertops… and it’s no surprise! Granite is durable, luxurious, and comes in literally hundreds of colors and patterns. Because it’s a natural material, each slab of granite is unique, Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

With so many potential choices you need to think about and define your personal style. Whether your taste runs toward swirling patterns of light-colored granite that mimic the luxury of marble or the contemporary look of solid black granite with a honed matte finish, there’s granite to match every style and taste.

While small samples can be helpful in matching color and style to your existing kitchen elements like cabinets and flooring, they’re generally not the best example of how a finished countertop will look. Whenever possible, try to choose your granite by viewing full slabs at a stone yard. This will give you a more “true” sense of the actual pattern.

Granite is also available in a few different finishes;

  • Polished granite offers a glossy, luxurious look.
  • Honed granite is a matte finish and is great if you are searching for a more “natural” look.
  • And finally, “flamed” granite which is heated to extremely high temperatures using a controlled process, offers a rougher more muted look. Flamed granite is not typically seen in interior spaces but is an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen or island.

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One place to start your search is by considering the most popular colors that homeowners are installing in their kitchens right now. So let’s take a look today’s five most popular color choices.

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Countertop trends along with homeowners and designers taste and style often changes. These five granite species are extremely popular right now. Several have spent a few years on the top five list! The beauty of using a natural stone product is that because it is created by nature, every piece is unique.


Tan Brown is a relative newcomer to the top five list. The past few years have seen an increasing trend towards darker countertops being paired with clean, crisp white cabinets, so it’s no surprise that Tan Brown has become a popular choice for homeowners and designers. It offers a dark rich color palette that incorporates many color variants of cooler grays and warmer browns which keep it to an overall neutral tone that can fit in any kitchen from traditional to contemporary.



New Venetian Gold has been a top five favorites for many years. Featuring a lighter neutral golden cream color that works with both light and dark colored cabinets, this species features metallic flecks that add a little sparkle and a modern flair to any kitchen design. New Venetian Gold works especially well paired with darker cabinets and a simple backsplash that allows this dynamic countertop to shine!



Like New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia features a light neutral tones color but with a lot of movement. While it doesn’t sport the same metallic flecks or golden sheen as New Venetian Gold if features more variants of brown within the stone. This is a classic granite option that’s perfect for the picky homeowner. Because it features a neutral color palette, it works well with any color cabinets, and its natural movement will keep you loving it for years to come.



Funny name for a fabulous variety of Granite, Uba Tuba is a darker color that’s a recent addition to the top five list! As the trend towards lighter cabinets continues to grow, countertop trends are shifting to darker more dramatic colors, and Uba Tuba fits the bill perfectly.

While the name hints are visions of blue and green, Uba Tuba is much more refined. It has a cool, dark black base color that offers rich gray, purple and gold undertones throughout. If you’re seeking to make a bold statement or looking for the perfect focal point for your kitchen, Uba Tuba may fit the bill.



The final entry in the top five is another from the family of dark granite countertop colors! Like Uba Tuba, Black Pearl starts with a deep black base color that features purple as a secondary tone and offers a great sense of natural movement. But unlike Uba Tuba or Tan Brown, Black Pearl features more speckled variants than patches or swirls. It also features an undercurrent of bright iridescent flecks within the granite that adds serious sparkle if you’re looking for a little bling!


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While trends in granite countertop colors, patterns and styles may change, one thing is certain; homeowners prefer granite as their number one countertop choice in the kitchen and the bathroom. These are just five of the hundreds of granite species available, and a great place to start. If you’re interested in learning more, visit your local stone yards, or speak with our kitchen design team.

Granite is a classic countertop choice that is extremely durable, functional and luxurious.
Your kitchen designer can help you to narrow down the many colors and finish options you’ll have when choosing the perfect granite countertop.
But whatever you decide, rest assured that granite the right granite countertop will provide you with years of service and enjoyment!

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Learn The Latest Granite Countertop Trends and Colors just call us now:(800) 371-8970

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