Choosing a Fireplace for a New Home Addition

What’s the Best Fireplace For A Home Addition

If you’re adding an addition to your home, including a fireplace is an excellent choice. Whether it’s a large communal space or a master bedroom addition, a fireplace can add value to your home, and an intangible benefit to your quality of life. Nothing beats gathering around the fireplace with your family and friends or enjoying a quiet afternoon with a good book. While it’s possible to heat a room with a fireplace, typically a fireplace adds ambiance to your room and creates a focal point in your decor.

Here are a few factors to consider if you’re planning on adding a fireplace to your new addition.

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Think About How You’ll Use Your Fireplace

Consider all of the possibilities. You probably already have some ideas of how you’ll use your new fireplace. Maybe it will be a gathering spot for family and friends or a romantic focal point in the room. Are you looking for the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a cold night? You may even be considering using it as the primary heat source for your new space. Or maybe it’s just a modern addition you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reasons, defining its use is essential in helping you decide on where you’ll place it, and what style you’re looking to convey.


When thinking about how you’ll use it, you probably also considered where you’d like to place your fireplace. Of course, how you’ll use the same will somewhat determine the location and style. Most commonly, fireplaces are added to a space that is going to be used as a great room or family room. Some homeowners also prefer a romantic fireplace in the master bedroom, and if the addition is for a master suite, it’s an elegant premium that will enhance your lifestyle.

Where you place your fireplace will determine the fuel. If you’re thinking of a wood burning fireplace, it must be located on an exterior wall, and your contractor must add a chimney. With newer gas and electric technology, you’re not limited to an exterior wall. You can place it on any wall, or even in the center of the room. We’d love to discuss more your project, contact us to schedule your free consultation meeting!

Fireplace Fuels: Wood, Gas or Electric

There are pros and cons to each fuel choice. Choosing the right one for you depends on several factors. If you’re choosing to heat your space, gas might be a better choice than wood for example. Here are some things to consider when determining your fireplace fuel.

Wood – If you’re a purist, nothing beats a wood burning fireplace. They are beautiful, ever-changing and create a cozy ambiance that is unmatched. They will need to be placed on an exterior wall, and you will pay the additional expense of constructing a chimney, firebox, and liner. You’ll also need to clean up after each use.

Gas – While they don’t offer the authentic sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace, gas is far more convenient. There’s no cleanup; the can be turned on with a remote and are self-vented, or merely require a PVC pipe for venting so they can go anywhere. It’s possible to get a blower unit that makes them an efficient heat source.

Electric – The least realistic and they don’t put out much heat. However, they’re the most versatile. They require no venting so they can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of a room. They have a modern look that will fit perfectly in a contemporary or industrial decor.

Consider The Style of Your Home

The style of your home decor should dictate the style of your fireplace and surround. Design options cover the full range from rustic to traditional, classic, modern, or contemporary. Traditional fireplaces featuring stone surrounds give the room a cozy, rustic feel. Brick can also be rustic but can transcend design to be classic chic. A modern fireplace could feature slab marble, or slate, with clean lines and minimalist construction. The firebox offers, even more, choices to add an element of geometric design or a way to introduce contemporary materials into your space.

In between traditional and modern, there is a wide range of styles based on materials, color, and installation of the surround (Click for more design inspiration!). When considering adding a fireplace begin by doing some research. Look at lots of pictures. Read decor and home-style magazines, go online to sites like Houzz and study your options. Consider them within the context of your home’s current style.

Your fireplace will be a beautiful addition to your home that will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Speak with your designer or design-build remodeler about the many options available to you. They can help you to design the perfect fireplace for your new addition.

Fireplace in your new addition

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Learn How Glass Shower Enclosures Bring Elegance to a Master Suite Bathroom.

All-glass shower enclosures, or frameless glass showers, are growing in popularity in the custom bathroom market. This style of shower enclosure does not need a frame to support their weight or slide on but instead operate by swinging open and shut on hinges. It’s this lack of a frame, and the open, airy feeling the glass gives to the entire room, that has made the frameless glass shower such a popular choice.


For the custom shower look

Most quality frameless glass enclosures are also custom made, giving homeowners a wide range of styles to choose from. Without frames, homeowners aren’t locked into specific sizes or dated slider doors. With more and more homeowners investing in intricate tile designs or stunning stone showers, a frameless shower helps showcase these remarkable features. A custom glass enclosure will cost around $1,200 or more, primarily because it requires a thick piece of tempered glass not only for the door and frame, as well as sturdy hardware to keep the door in place.

Will a frameless glass shower leak?

Framed shower doors do not have sealed edges to create a seamless connection with the walls and floors. Because of this, the bathroom is more susceptible to water splashing onto the floor outside the shower. The key to preventing water damage is to purchase a well-designed door and invest in a skilled installer to do the work. Joseph & Berry has seen both poorly installed and poorly designed frameless shower doors, and know how to do it right. Large gaps between the door and supports, shower heads aimed in the wrong direction, and other mistakes can turn your dream bathroom into a constant battle to keep it dry.

Looking for bathroom designs and inspiration? Click here


Types of glass

Clear — Simple, sleek and classic, clear glass goes well with all styles and aesthetics. It is especially well suited for bathrooms that incorporate pops of bright colors throughout or has a signature tile on the shower wall. Talk to your design team about ensuring hardware does not take away from the clean look of clear glass.

Gray —  Gray glass not only creates a bit of privacy but adds contrast in bright white bathrooms and depth to rooms where stone tile and marble are prominent.

Blue — Whether bright hues or subdued navy, blue glass is a way to add a touch of color. Blues are cool colors, which is always a popular choice for bathrooms. Bold and vibrant colors, like oranges, reds, and yellows can be harsh to the eye and feel more trendy than classic.

Textured — Whether it’s horizontal stripes of frosted glass or vertical textures, a textured panel adds privacy and style. Consider incorporating textured glass into a custom shower if there are are other textures in the room to play off of, such as wood grains or stone.

Frosted —  If privacy is paramount, such as in a guest bathroom or one that will be shared by children, frosted glass provides privacy while also keeping the feel in the room light and bright. Consider adding lights within the shower for the person showering and added brightness in the rest of the bathroom. Frosted glass panels can also serve as a divider around the toilet or create other separated spaces in a shared bathroom.

Clean look with less cleaning

Besides feeling dated, framed shower doors can be difficult to keep clean. Water under seals and within sliders is the perfect place for mildew to breed. A frameless glass door is as easy to clean as a few quick swipes of a squeegee.

Some homeowners we talk to love the look of a frameless shower door but wonder if their bathroom is the right size. Because it is a custom creation, we can work with clients to build the right size and style. Clear glass shower doors also make a room feel larger, opening site lines and allowing you and guests to see the entire room.

Overall, the greatest feature of a frameless shower door is how they look. Sleek and straightforward, they allow the style and design of a bathroom speak for itself.

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How To Plan For A Master Bedroom Addition

Consider these options when remodeling your home with a master bedroom addition

Behind kitchen and bathroom remodeling, the number three most popular home improvement project is adding a master bedroom addition. Maybe you purchased a starter home or an older home that may lack the modern amenities of today’s master bedrooms, or perhaps you’re seeking more space for a larger en-suite bathroom or walk-in closet. Whatever the case, nothing is more wonderful than creating the perfect relaxation getaway for you and your spouse.

A spacious master bedroom with a large modern en suite bathroom and his and her walk-in closets is the perfect way to create the dream home you want! Adding an addition to your home can not only give you the space you may need, increasing the livable space in your home can also increase its value.

Let’s look at a few steps you can take that can make the construction process run smoothly and stay within your budget.



Before you even consider budget, dream a little! Picture your ideal master suite. Will it have cathedral ceilings, a walkout to the backyard or a private deck? Will your en suite have heated floors, a wall of shower heads and a standalone soaking tub? You might want a giant walk-in closet, or even his and hers walk-ins, or a quiet place to sit, relax and read with a cup of coffee. You don’t have to get technical about your needs, this is just a planning exercise.

Work with your spouse or significant other to determine what’s really important to you. Jot your ideas down on paper or your computer using Houzz Ideabooks or Pinterest, weigh your options and compromise on the perfect master suite to meet both of your needs.


Now it’s time to come back to reality! It’s important to set a realistic budget for your project. In fact, the budget and planning stage of your addition is probably the most important aspect of the entire project. Your budget will dictate:

  • The size of your addition
  • Materials and finish options

Budgeting is an important step, but don’t let it overwhelm you! Your design build firm can walk you through the steps of planning and budgeting for your project. It’s important to find a firm that understands your creative vision and can offer you options that can meet your aesthetic needs and still remain within your budget. Want to learn more about the design build process? Click Here



As you finalize your planning and put together your budget, there are several physical factors to consider. If you are working with an architect,design-buildd firm or contractor, they can help. Here are some factors to think about.


This is probably the most difficult and complicated decision you’ll need to make. You need to consider how your addition will fit within the physical confines of your landscape as well as its relationship to your home’s flow. Will you be adding your bedroom into an existing floor plan, adding a new separate wing, or creating a second story to house a private suite? This will, of course, affect your budget and the scope of work.


Once you’ve determined location consider its access to the outdoors. In the past, this was less of a consideration, but current trends are favoring a ground floor master suite with doors leading to a private patio, deck or garden.

3.     WINDOWS

Will your space be flooded with natural light, or perhaps offer skylights for a personal view of the night sky from your bed?


Does your property offer stunning views? If so you’ll probably want to take advantage of them. Even if you don’t have amazing mountain or ocean views, looking out onto a beautiful garden, or your in-ground pool can also be pretty dramatic and relaxing!


A common trend today is to include a sitting area within the master suite. Designs can be elaborate, like adding a formal living room, or intimate and quiet, for example, a meditation area or in-home office space or reading nook. Perhaps a fireplace?


The ceiling can be a wonderful way to add interest and drama to a space. Imagine a cathedral ceiling with a wall of floor to ceiling windows, or exposed beams, or even a lit coffered ceiling. This can be a wonderful area to add detail and interest.


The bedroom offers plenty of opportunities for creative lighting. Typically you’ll rely on several different sources of light, for example, you may want a beautiful crystal chandelier on a dimmer over the bed or recessed cans in the ceiling. Cove lighting can also provide a romantic glow and can highlight architectural details.


You may or may not want to include a TV or music system in the bedroom. It can be as simple as hanging a TV on the wall, and adding a couple of blue tooth speakers, or including an elaborate entertainment system. Again, it’s all up to you and your budget.

When planning your master bedroom addition, start by dreaming! After all, this is your private sanctuary, why not splurge a little! Once you’ve determined the must-have features for your master bedroom addition, begin to develop your budget, and then focus on the actual location and amenities. Work with your design build firm to achieve your creative vision. They can help you with everything from creating blueprints to seamlessly integrating your new space onto your existing home, to helping you choose finishes. With a little work, you can have the master bedroom of your dreams!