Five amazing Dallas kitchen makeovers [including costs suggestions]

And how much a kitchen remodel should cost in Dallas, Tx area

First thing first!

No matter if you are new to Dallas, Tx area or have lived here for a long time, it is a safe bet to say your home needs at least a refresh if not a full facelift. You are so ready for your kitchen to remodel to start but have no idea how much it should cost? Let’s talk briefly about prices and things to consider when determining which kitchen remodel will fit you best.

Kitchen refresh VS kitchen remodel

If your kitchen has great bones, but needs some TLC like a new backsplash or countertops.  If you like your current layout and needs merely some touch-ups and paint, you may be comfortable with kitchen refresh. You can have new cabinets color, impress your guests with gorgeous backsplash, and brighten up space with new quartz countertops. If you like the sleek look so marble, quartzite or a different natural stone can be a great addition to your kitchen. But before we dive too in, you need to determine what is the right scope of work (SOW) for your kitchen remodel.

Whether your kitchen is too cramped, or you like to entertain but have not enough place for your friends and family or just want to open up your kitchen and have an open space layout, you should consider a kitchen remodel. Tap to see the  lasted trends for a kitchen remodel in Dallas 

Ready to start?

There is more to consider before deciding whether you should go with a kitchen refresh, remodel, or complete custom remodel.

  1. How long you intend to live in your home?
  2. What is your home value?
  3. What year your house was built and when was your home last update or remodeled?
  4. Do you have a level of investment in mind?
  5. Do you have the funds or be using a lender to finance your home remodeling?

If you are not sure what is best for kitchen remodeling, we’d love to help! Scroll up and fill the form. We’ll love to assist you in planning your home remodel.

Kitchen remodel costs in Dallas, Tx

There are no two kitchens remodel alike. You know someone that knows someone that paid $25K for his kitchen renovation, and he likes his kitchen? Perfect! Make sure to ask him a few questions:

  1. How long did it take to complete the kitchen remodel?
  2. Does the homeowner had to coordinate and schedule all vendors and construction team?
  3. What changes were made to kitchen layout or footprint?
  4. How was the design and selection process? Did he make the selections on his own or hired an interior designer to help him with tiles, countertop, knobs, light fixtures, etc.?
  5. Did he buy custom made cabinets or purchased a shelf product?

We witnessed so many conversations like that when the “happy” homeowner makes excuses until he finally says it was a nightmare. If it sounds too cheap, there’s a catch, so don’t be tempted to take the lowest offer, especially if it is far too low than other estimate or budget you set to yourself.  We gathered some numbers for you to review and consider while you think about YOUR kitchen renovation here in Dallas, Tx:

The figures we’re sharing below are referring to remodeling companies or design/build firms that design & manage your kitchen remodeling from start to finish. 

Small Kitchen Remodel – if you love your kitchen layout but you still need to replace cabinets, countertop, backsplash, and more, the recommended starting budget is $65K.

Average Kitchen Remodel – if your kitchen is the average Texan kitchen size (and we all know what they say about Texan size, right?) that you like your layout, then we would suggest considering a starting budget of $80K. If you would like open space concept, raise your stating budget to $95K (due to extra demo and framing work).

Large Kitchen Remodel – if you’re a social butterfly that loves to host, and you are also happy with the current kitchen layout, we recommend a starting budget of $95K.

Are you ready to see our amazing before & afters?

Stunning Before & After kitchen remodels in Dallas, Tx:

From design through complete turnkey, Joseph & Berry are proud to share some of the award-winning kitchen renovations here in Dallas:
(Tap the photos below to see more of our home remodeling projects in Dallas, Tx)


Two-tone kitchen with an eye catcher brick wall:
Best color mix award-winning project by Kitchen & Bath design magazine:



Contemporary kitchen remodel makeover aging in place specialty project – National Award Winner:
Best in America Living Award, by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), Best kitchen remodel award by Dallas Builders




Elegant white kitchen makeover:
Best whole house remodel by Nari Greater Dallas



Bright white kitchen remodel makeover:
Galley shape kitchen remodel in Kessler Park, Dallas



Ultra modern kitchen remodel makeover:
Electronically operated custom made kitchen cabinets, made in Italy


If you are thinking about remodeling your home in the Dallas/Plano area, consider us to be your remodeling contractors! We are proud to offer you a free consultation. Meet our team, hear about our process, and have a better understanding of your kitchen remodel. Call us now 800-371-8970 or scroll up and submit the contact us form, coffee’s on us!

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Thinking About Remodeling Your Home In Dallas? Join Us!

Kitchen & Bath Remodel Shouldn’t Be A Hussle, Right?

If you are thinking about remodeling and your head starts to ache, we just want to say we feel you! We had so many calls in the past months with clients that asked for HELP! My contractor bailed on me… my house is gutted… my floor is ruined… my shower is leaking. TOO MANY CALLS LIKE THIS.

We decided it is time for homeowners to take control of their kitchen, bath or home remodeling projects, and we are here to help you on that journey by simply providing free knowledge.
We are hosting a free dinner & learn for homeowners in Dallas, Tx. EVERYTHING you need to know about your kitchen & bath remodel but didn’t know who to ask.

Before & After kitchen remodel by Joseph & Berry Best of color mix award winning project

We will discuss the types of contractor in the market, we’ll share the questions you should ask any contractor before they start working at your house and host a Q & A session.

Join us on Tuesday, May 7th, dinner & mingle starting at 5:30 PM, our lecture starting at 5:45 PM.
RSVP required and seats are limited so mark your calendar and reserve your seat today. Tap the link to register: I want to reserve my seat! 

If you have any questions about our seminar, please feel free to contact us at 800-371-8970.

Master bathroom remodel by Joseph & Berry. Tub to double shower conversion

5 Design Trends To Steal For Your Kitchen & Bath In Dallas (And Won’t Look TOO Straining)

If you have been playing with the thought to remodel your kitchen & bath lately but wondered what will have the best impact for your Dallas home in case you’d like to sell it sometime in the future, you are in the right place! Joseph & Berry (yes, they are real people ;)) had the pleasure to participate in the recent kitchen & bath show and the largest builder show that took place in Las Vegas earlier this year. They also brought home an amazing Best in America Living award but that’s for a different blog 🙂

While they were exploring the latest and greatest technology we can now incorporate to your home, they also viewed the latest colors and trends that will fit best for the unique Dallas, Tx design and style that we have here. Remember, it may look phenomenal in that NY apartment you saw on Houzz or in Elle Decore but frankly? It may be way too modern for Texans and it could be a burden in the future if you’ll consider selling your home.

So, what are the kitchen & bath designs that we are going to do when you’ll start your Dallas remodeling journey?

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Kitchen design and cabinet colors that add flair to your Dallas home:

We see a lot of black and blue shades that are trending right now, but if we need to make an educated guess about your kitchen, we will assume it is some shade of BROWN, is it? As we mentioned, not whatever fits L.A or NY can work in Dallas. A good interior designer will combine the client (you) wants and needs with the local market (Dallas, Tx) styles and population.

So, what do we actually recommend for kitchen & bath design ideas?

White is still the most popular color for kitchen designs, however, we noticed that the colors are warming up a little bit. If you consider remodeling your kitchen than hues of white kitchen cabinets with a combination of dark cabinets for the kitchen island, will definitely add flair to your home,  just like we did in this beautiful kitchen remodel in Dallas:

Eye catching brick wall with blue kitchen island and white kitchen cabinets in Dallas, Tx
Mixed colors kitchen cabinet by Joseph & Berry


Gray shades are also warming up this season and we noticed a lot more greiges (gray & beige) in the show, check these selections we did marble hexagon tiles and modern light gray door style :

interior design selections for your home remodel in Dallas by Joseph & Berry
Backslash and tile selection for your Dallas kitchen & bath


Statement Countertops For Your Kitchen & Bath

If you feel like a colored kitchen or bath cabinets is too bold for you, you should consider using a bold countertop instead. Joseph & Berry noticed many kitchen & bath designs with bold or darker countertops. You don’t have to go all the way in, simply choose a countertop with darker veins. It’s beautiful, elegant and can pop up the room. Think about a small power room with clean lines, marble backsplash tiles and dark countertop over a white vanity. Elegant and timeless!


Looking for kitchen & bathroom design inspiration? Tap here 


Blending Designs: Traditional Mixed With Contemporary

We know a lot of homeowners in Dallas, Tx love traditional design but want to update their home to have an updated design. Don’t worry! Shaker style, which considered as a more traditional style, can blend very well with modern light fixtures, pulls, knobs, and modern tiles. Look at this kitchen remodel made in Dallas, Tx using shaker doors in modern gray:

Contemporary kitchen with shaker style cabinet doors in gray and white
Shaker style kitchen doors in modern gray and white kitchen in Dallas


LED Lighting

We know you think LED should be used in your backyard or to light up your driveway, well, we have news for you! It is 2019 and if you haven’t done that yet, think about changing your light bulbs to LED anywhere you can. It is a bit more costly at the beginning, but in the long run, it will actually save you money. It’s not just as it’s energy efficient lighting, and eco-friendly lighting solution, as it lasts longer than a regular bulb, and thanks to the talented lighting designers, we have a beautiful variety of LED light fixtures to choose from!

Geometric and Cement Tiles

You may notice that trend in the fashion industry for a while now, and now we are happy to implement those trends to your kitchen & bath! The tile selections that we saw at the kitchen & bath design show and builders show were absolutely mind-blowing! We have designed many areas using printed cement tiles as well as geometric tiles for many rooms like kitchen backsplash and kitchen flooring, entryway, powder room flooring, master bathroom, and mud rooms. Get some inspiration with this modern design that can work very well for your next  Dallas kitchen & bath remodel:

Contemporary kitchen with shaker style cabinet doors in gray and white
Modern bathroom design in Dallas design board by Joseph & Berry


Living in Dallas, Tx area and looking to remodel your home? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s talk about your needs, wishes, and design inspirations! Tap here to submit your contact info

Feel free to reach out in case you have any remodel dilemma or questions! Until next time…

~ J & B





7 Things To Know Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Have you been dreaming about a luxurious bathroom, like the one you never want to leave when you visit your favorite boutique hotel? The bathroom that frees up your mind and inspires your biggest dreams, well you have come to the right place.

In the next few minutes, we will share EVERYTHING you need to know before your next bathroom remodel project. As an AWARD-WINNING company, nationally recognized among the top remodelers in the country we have been fortunate enough to design and build several of the most luxurious bathrooms in DFW and the nation.

Today, we will share it all!

Ready? Let’s start.


#1: Great Bathroom Design

Remember that beautiful spa you pampered yourself in on your last birthday? The one with body sprays, eucalyptus steam, soft music... it could have been a jungle outside, but still you could just fall asleep? That feeling was not a coincidence, it was planned very carefully. How, you ask? A bathroom designer, very nice to meet you!

A beautiful bathroom starts with a talented designer. A professional Kitchen and Bathroom designer knows how to choose the right color, tiles, vanity, or light fixture that will evoke the feeling you are looking for. Creative and experienced bathroom designers can even save you money and get the most out of your bathroom budget. Whether it’s a large master bath or a small guest bathroom, the logic is still the same. Trust us, you want to have a professional by your side when it comes to one of the biggest expenses in your home.

Bathroom designers in DFW will walk you through the newest shower trends, beautiful stone options, free-standing tubs, cast iron tubs, and many more bath remodel ideas that you may miss by doing this yourself.



#2: How Much Does It Cost To DESIGN A Bathroom In Dallas?

As always it depends, it can be free with a large design-build company or up to 10% of your total budget. At Joseph & Berry we charge a design fee that is credited in full once we move forward to the construction phase. Other designers may charge an hourly fee. While a young designer charges $75 an hour, an experienced award-winning designer can charge upwards of $500 an hour. As mentioned earlier it is not a coincidence, this is why great designers win design awards year after year with their dream bathroom designs.

For more great bathroom remodeling ideas, CLICK HERE


bathroom remodel renovation dallas preston hollow

#3. What should I get from my Kitchen & Bath Designer?

During the design process, your designer should show you several bathroom remodeling pictures, inspiration boards, or any other visual image that can explain the design vision.

Before construction starts, you should have the following items in your hand from the designer:

  1.  Renderings of the bathroom and any other relevant spaces
  2.  Selection sheet – a list of every material planned for your bathroom makeover. For example exact tub, tiles, paint colors, bathroom floor tiles, stone, plumbing fixtures, etc.
  3. Detailed cabinet drawings and elevations along with measurements, colors, and material specs (solid wood, MDF, particle board, etc.)
  4. Jobsite visit schedule – A great designer will visit the job site during the construction phase at least twice. At Joseph & Berry, our designers strive to visit the sites on a weekly basis.



#4: Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Dallas

Who is the right professional to remodel my bathroom? Many options stand in front of you, let’s figure this out once and for all.

Design-Build Company- a one stop shop that has the whole team working under one roof. This includes all team members for the design phase and the construction phase. Design-Build companies in the Dallas area will do projects as small as a single bathroom, a kitchen, whole house remodel, or custom home. [Design- Build is who you should consider hiring if you prefer one point of contact for all your questions – design and construction]

General Contractor- A general contractor is responsible for day to day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades. Typically, a general contractor will get a set of plans that are ready to be built from a 3rd party interior designer. [Consider hiring if you want to work with a specific bathroom designer]

One Man Show [“Chuck in a Truck”] – Typically someone that builds A-Z by himself or with very little help from trades and friends. [Consider hiring for small space and simple home improvements, such as a handyman project or fixing something- always get a strong recommendation and a warranty/guarantee]


bathroom design DTV system and hexagon tiles

#5: Bathroom Remodeling Costs in Dallas, Plano, and the DFW Area

Bathroom remodel costs in the Dallas, TX area usually run between $20,000-$150,000. The average cost for a bathroom remodel in Dallas, TX is $50,000-$70,000.

A large master bathroom cost in Dallas with a professional company can be $50k if you keep the same layout and demo minimum walls. If you plan to reconfigure your bathroom to your ultimate dream layout while using high-end finishes such as exotic slabs, custom cabinetry, unique plumbing fixtures, digital controllers, a steam shower, and real marble tile, it can drive the cost up to $120k or higher.

Guest Bathroom costs in Plano, Dallas, and DFW surrounding will be $20k for a standard bathroom and up to $50k if you want to convert your tub shower into a standing shower while covering all your walls with stone tiles. same numbers can apply to other types of small bathrooms or powder rooms.

Bathroom remodeling costs can be varied and depend on the size of the bathroom, style, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, tiles, technology and much more. Whether you would like to update your guest bathroom or build your dream Master Spa that is controlled by a touch pad surrounded by custom tiles, the possibilities are truly endless.

For high-end bathroom remodeling services, homeowners in Dallas, TX know they can turn to Joseph & Berry Luxury Remodel. We understand the importance of having a beautiful luxurious bathroom that matches the sophistication and elegance of the rest of your home. This is why we offer comprehensive bathroom remodels where we transform almost every aspect of the space from layout to vanity and flooring. We believe few other bathroom remodeling contractors in the Dallas area- if any- can deliver the gorgeous designs, top tier materials, and exceptional craftsmanship offered by Joseph & Berry Luxury Remodel.

#6: Bathroom Remodeling Companies [How to choose the best one for me]

1. Check Online Reviews- ask your bathroom contractor to provide you with 1-3 past client’s contact information that will share their experience.
If your contractor fails to provide you with names you should stay away.

2. Project Manager on Site- who will run my project, and how many times will I see him? At Joseph & Berry, our Project Managers visit their job sites EVERYDAY. This is not the industry standard, a typical contractor will visit your site ONCE a week, it is good to find this out up front.

3. Website Portfolio- Check their previous projects and the quality of their photos. Good quality photos usually mean a company takes pride in their work and have very happy homeowners that are glad to show off their project. Great photos also mean a company takes part in the industry design competitions and belong to professional associations such as NARI, Dallas Builder Association, IDS, ASID and AIA.

4. Budget- Remodeling should be budgeted carefully, make sure that you work with a company that offers you a realistic budget that fits your comfort zone.

5. Detailed Scope of Work in Writing, including specifications and materials- Before you sign any paperwork, you need to know exactly how many can lights your contractor plans to install, the type of fixtures, vanity, glass, and tiles. There is no room for assumptions, if it is not clear enough, it will work against you.

6. Warranty- Make sure that your contractor is standing behind their work, ask for at least a 2-year warranty. At Joseph & Berry, we are so confident in our craftsmanship, materials, and ability to deliver the quality that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

7. Communication - The last and most important one. Make sure that you are standing in front of people you believe will answer your phone when things get shaky. Unfortunately, in remodeling, things go wrong from time to time. You must make sure that your contractor will be upfront about addressing those issues and decent enough to stand behind his mistakes.



#7: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas, Dallas, TX

Don’t really know your style? Not sure what kind of design will make a difference in your own bathroom or kitchen remodel? Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas and don’t know where to start? You are not alone, and we have you covered.

There are many places to get some inspiration. Here are some great places to start:

Houzz: the largest website in the world today for home improvement and design inspiration

Pinterest: a great place to explore photos and design in all industries

Local remodeling companies and designers’ websites – feel free to check our Portfolio


Contact Us Today

If you are ready to beautify and recreate your bathroom, don’t wait any longer! Contact Joseph & Berry today for more information about the bathroom renovation services we proudly offer to the great homeowners throughout DFW and surrounding areas.

Your bathroom is more than a just a place to shower

Looking for a Bathroom Remodel In Dallas, Tx?
You are in the right place!

If your bathroom is outdated and need some ‘face-lift’ but you don’t really know where to start, are reached the right place!
As design build firm aka general contractor with all the benefits of interior designers and project managers, we know exactly how to remodel your bathroom (in case you live in Dallas, Tx, and surrounding) while helping you make all the tough decisions.

Yes, we consider tiles and mirrors as tough decisions!

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

While you know you want to remodel your bathroom but you don’t really know how to point a finger on all those pain points you’ve been experienced, we as professional luxury remodeling firm, know exactly what to ask. We’ll go over your wants and needs, learn your wishes or any inspiration you have been looked into lately (if you are not familiar with Houzz or Pinterest this is exactly the time to start!)

Master bathroom remodel by the award winning Joseph & Berry remodeling firm

Providing you with layout plans, interior design and selections to choose from, this bathroom remodel you want to complete seems so much easier now. Your assigned project developer will oversee your project and will keep constantly supervise your project to ensure you are happy and love the way your home is transforming. Don’t get us wrong, although we try our hard to make sure your bathroom remodel (or kitchen, home remodeling or additions in Dallas, Tx) goes as smooth as it can, sometimes things happen and we are taking full responsibility about any mistakes might happen because of human nature. Don’t worry, we’ve your back! Your home is also insured by our insurance up to $2M while we are performing our job.

We Handle Your Bathroom Remodel From A-Z

One of the most frighting things for homeowners is to manage their home remodel themselves. Calling contractors, missing days at work, worrying about trades… Not with us. We manage your bathroom remodel from start to finish. We design the space, manage the construction including plans, pulling permits, handling city inspections and making sure all our professional staff knows exactly what to do.

Pro’s Tip: Clients tend to inspect the job too early in the process, not allowing their contractor to fix or change whatever needs the extra attention. Talk to your contractor about that before they start to renovate. Open communication is the key to success!

You Deserve More.

Dallas lifestyle can be stressful sometimes. You are busy. Running between meetings to lunches, networking, and clients or maybe driving kids to school, practice, helping with homework, cooking, and bathing… we can imagine how exhausted you are by the end of the day (their day, anyway). Feeling like – STOP THE WORLD! I WANT TO GET OFF.
Almost every person shares that same exact feeling every now and then, don’t feel like you can’t handle it, you got this!

You want to pour yourself a glass of wine, open a bottle of St. Pellegrino with a piece of lime and simply relax in your pampering steam shower or soaking bath. YES! You deserve it! Imagine yourself in an indulging steam bath, where you can sit down or even lay down on your shower bench and relax (just like you did in that fancy spa, remember?). Your towels are waiting for you, heated, on the towel warmer. Dim the lights and turn on some soft music without getting out your shower… even better than a spa! Ugh, what a nice daydream.
WAKE UP! It can actually BE your own bathroom.

In the meantime, don’t wait any longer, turn the water on and fill up that tub. You deserve it.



If you want to have that pampering bath but not sure how or where to start, let us help you design and remodel your bathroom in Dallas, Tx (Click to see the full list. Couldn’t find your city? Contact us to learn more!)
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