Kitchen Flooring Trends for Home Remodeling in Dallas

Cutting Edge Kitchen Flooring For Your Home Remodeling Project

When remodeling a kitchen from the ground up, the best place to start is with the floor. Throughout the Dallas area, we are seeing homeowners choose kitchen flooring provides a luxurious, custom look that balances durability and functionality. At Joseph & Berry, we can advise on materials, finishes, and styles that will achieve your goals. Whenever undertaking a remodeling project, a design-build team is a key to executing your vision. We put together the top trends we’re seeing in 2018 for how homeowners are getting unique, beautiful looks for their kitchen floors:

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Herringbone & Chevron Flooring

Kitchen flooring laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern – and flooring laid on a diagonal – is gaining popularity this year. This luxurious option is a bold, high-end statement in hardwood and tile, representing the high degree of craftsmanship needed to install this look. The recent increase in this design speaks to the rising popularity of geometric patterns in the home. Additionally, herringbone and chevron floors are a flexible and beautiful look that complements any style of decor from rustic to contemporary.

Dark & Light Contrast

For both tile and wood kitchen flooring, the theme of the year is contrast. The trend towards both dark extremes (hickory and espresso finishes) and light extremes (blonde wood and white-washed tile) is holding strong in 2018. We’re also seeing more high-contrast variegated flooring. High color variation is a theme for both wood and tile that creates a natural, rustic look. After all, in nature, stone and wood aren’t perfectly uniform! This flooring trend really elevates any kitchen floor into a statement piece.

Green is in

Eco-friendly flooring is a growing section of the market. Increased consumer demand and advancing technologies mean that eco-friendly flooring is really going to have its moment in 2018. More importantly, this trend is proving that going green does not mean giving up luxury. Exotic hardwoods like Tigerwood and Brazilian cherry have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified options, representing that they meet strict standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are also seeing a rise in custom-made, reclaimed, and recycled options, including flooring made from vintage wine barrels which brings an amazing, one-of-a-kind look to the kitchen (click to learn more about a kitchen remodel in Dallas).


One-of-a-kind Texture

For hardwood kitchen flooring, in particular, the texture is more prevalent than ever before. Just like with color, high variation is in, meaning we are seeing more hand-scraped looks: long, ingrained scrapes that make each individual plank look handcrafted, unique, and rare. We also see more wire-brushed floorings, which have subtle, intentional scratches for a smoother but exposed look. And last, but not least, distressed floors which is similar to hand-scraped but feature additional “wear and tear” like knots, burns, and wormholes flooring. Incorporating these textures into your flooring naturally makes any kitchen look more timeless.

Mixed-width Kitchen Flooring

Adding flooring of different widths to your home is a subtle detail that adds an extra “pop” to any room and creates a little something unexpected that draws the eye in the kitchen. It’s stylish and contemporary, which is likely why we are seeing it becoming increasingly popular, particularly for wood and wood-look kitchen flooring.

Hexagonal Tiles

We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of hexagonal tile for kitchen backsplashes in the past.  Nowadays, we are seeing it on the kitchen floors. This tile design originates with early 1900s subway stations, which makes it a great choice for creating a classic or vintage look, or in sleek and ultra-modern decor. This is a great way to create a statement in the kitchen and create an on-trend geometric look in the home.


Joseph & Berry provides its clients not only with the highest quality custom designs, but stand ahead of other design-build teams by offering a guarantee on all our work. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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7 Kitchen Design Upgrades For Your Remodeling Wish List

Seven Ideas You Should Add To Your Kitchen Design Wish List

When your planning a kitchen remodeling, a big part of the fun is considering the upgrades you want to include in your all-new space. There are so many options available and some can be pretty expensive, but you should consider upgrades that will not only add to the aesthetics of your kitchen design, but also to its functionality. Of course, your decision should be guided by a balance of what you need, and what you can afford without having to sacrifice elsewhere.



When you’re working with a full-service design build remodeling contractor, you’ll have a designer to take you through the process of creating your dream kitchen. They can help you to focus on which upgrades to including in your remodeling project. Here are seven kitchen upgrades to consider that can be money well spent when it comes to the long-term enjoyment of your brand new dream kitchen!

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1.     Add Extra Storage and Pizzazz to Your Kitchen With Extra Tall Cabinets

Looking for extra storage space in the kitchen? Look up! Standard upper cabinet height is 30 inches, but you can go bigger with 36 or 42-inch uppers. It’s worth the added cost. The height gives you an extra shelf and taller cabinets look better. Plus if you go all the way to the ceiling it eliminates dust on top of the cabinets making cleaning easier.

2.     Store Pots and Pans in Drawers

Pot drawers are deeper than standard drawers. There perfect for keeping kitchen tools close at hand and the drawer depth makes them a great place to store small appliances like toasters, coffee grinders, and blenders free up counter space and keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s a modestly priced upgrade you won’t believe you lived without.


3.     Go Deep Over The Fridge

Standard upper cabinets are 12 inches deep, and a builders standard over fridge cabinet is the same. Upgrading to a 24-inch cabinet over the refrigerator is totally worth the price. It’s a great place to store large seasonal platters and other seldom used important dishware and cookware.

4.     Make Your Kitchen Truly Your Own With Custom-Painted Cabinetry

Consider requesting that your design build remodeler source a cabinet manufacturer who will spray your cabinets with a unique custom color. This is a great upgrade to a kitchen design that not only saves you the expense of painting them later but also gives your home a unique look. Another advantage is if you choose to add additional cabinetry or an island later, you’ll be able to fit the new pieces in seamlessly by matching and using the same custom color.


5.     Open Your Kitchen Design With Glass Cabinet Inserts

Glass inserts are typically an upgrade. If you’d like some cabinets to display your treasured family china or other items that are special to you, make sure your contractor includes them in your kitchen design. Including glass panel inserts is best done when the cabinets are first ordered. It can be difficult to do later, especially if the cabinets are custom built. In fact, it’s best if you plan upgrades during the design phase so all of the elements will have matching finishes, plus change orders can create time delays and increase costs.

6.     Consider An Artistic Tile Upgrade

Today, many kitchen designs include subway tile or glass mosaic for the backsplash. While it’s a great clean, modern look, consider upgrading to a more exciting tile choice. Consider upgrading to a more creative design or material like a solid marble or durable quartz backsplash to create a wonderful visual focal point.


7.     Consider a Built-In Microwave

Every kitchen has one, and typically it’s either taking up counter space or hanging over the range. When designing your kitchen consider adding a built-in microwave. It will free up valuable counter space, and if you build it into the island or a wall, it frees the space above the range for a stylish range fan, which can add another great visual element to your kitchen design. Another great space is building your microwave into a base cabinet with extra deep pots and pans drawers underneath.

Creating your custom kitchen means having the ability to add upgrades that can increase your enjoyment of your space, make it more aesthetically pleasing and improve functionality. These are just a few exciting upgrades that can accomplish all of this and more. Work closely with a professional designer when creating your initial kitchen design. Our design team can incorporate these upgrades and help you to understand all of your options. Simple upgrades like building in the microwave or the inclusion of extra deep pots and pan drawers can improve the functionality of your kitchen space.

If you considering remodeling your kitchen in Dallas, Tx, contact the kitchen design professionals at Joseph & Berry Remodel Design Build to schedule a complimentary consultation (800)-371-8970.



Is an Open Floor Plan Right For Your TX Ranch House Remodel?

Pros and Cons of an Open Layout For a Ranch House Remodel

After World War II, ranches became a popular and affordable housing choice for veterans looking to expand or relocate with their families. The ranch’s popularity continued into the 1970s, however, in recent years, they’ve been tagged as outdated. Many lack the design aesthetic and amenities modern homeowners seek, including open floor plans. For those seeking single floor living, as a retirement home or as a family home, these mid-century ranches should not be overlooked. Many were built in great neighborhoods and a ranch house remodel can certainly be designed to meet the homeowner’s tastes. At Joseph & Berry, we look at each home remodel project as unique. If you are looking into a ranch house remodel with an open floor plan, here are some pros and cons to consider.

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Open floor plans are desirable

If resale is top of mind, an open floor plan is a good choice. Across the country, real estate professionals say that homebuyers are looking for open floor plans where the family can cook, watch TV and entertain in one large area. Open floor plans also allow for more options to fit the active lives of today’s families, such as creating a large space for entertaining or an open view to the outdoor areas.

Universal design

Universal design a design concept that takes into consideration the needs of everyone and their varying abilities, from special needs children to the elderly to those who are shorter, taller or have different motor skills abilities. Open floor plans call for uniform flooring throughout the area which eliminates tripping hazards and allows for means of assistance to move safely about the space, such as wheelchairs or walkers. There is also the ability to create wider aisles, hallways, and entryways for maneuvering. This is an especially appealing feature for Baby Boomers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who are already looking at ranch homes for the single-floor living. Incorporating universal design into a ranch house remodel will only enhance its value to this market.


Ensuring a structurally sound ranch house remodel

Not every home was designed for an open floor plan. It is important to discuss your vision with a skilled and experienced design-build team before knocking down any walls. In the past, homes used to be designed as separated spaces. The loss of a supporting wall in a ranch house remodel could cause substantial damage and create significant cost. Joseph & Berry provides design-build services that bring with it the structural engineering expertise to ensure a ranch house remodel is done right.

Too close for comfort

Before defaulting to an open floor plan, remember they are not for everyone, especially in a ranch house remodel. Consider a limited opening of space, such as connecting the kitchen and dining room, if you like to keep cooking and dining separately from the TV room. Some families with children love having a place for everyone to congregate, making it easier to keep an eye on little ones. Others prefer the separation as a way to occasionally get a little peace and quiet. Think about how you enjoy using your home today and consider how an open floor plan might enhance (or diminish) that experience.

An open concept ranch house remodel allows for luxury amenities

One of the downfalls of traditional mid-century ranches is they are not designed for high-end appliances or amenities. Small rooms and limited space can be limiting if a homeowner is looking for a professional kitchen set up with high-end range and hood, wine fridge and a wet bar island. Knocking down a few walls is one way to ensure homeowners have the space to fully realize their vision.


Joseph & Berry has significant experience remodeling and creating custom luxury homes. With a project manager on site at all times, we are there to answer questions and help guide you through the remodel process, including deciding whether an open floor plan in your ranch home is right for you. Contact us to schedule your home remodeling consultation! (800)-371-8970

Reasons To Buy Professional Kitchen Appliances When Remodeling

Are Professional Kitchen Appliances Necessary or a Luxury?

When planning a kitchen remodel, one of the more fun choices you’ll have to make revolves around your kitchen appliances. We’ve all seen the photos on Houzz or the fabulous kitchen renovation on HGTV that feature stunning, sleek luxury stainless steel professional appliances. They’re beautiful and of course, we all look longly at them and imagine our kitchen decked out with high-end appliances.

kitchen island dallas design build by joseph & berry

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The fact is, that regardless of your budget, you want to choose appliances that will offer quality, value and carefree operation for the long haul. Luxury kitchen appliances offer these qualities and so much more. Splurging on the best appliances you can afford can make your life in the kitchen much easier, and more enjoyable for years to come!

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what luxury kitchen appliances deliver for the price when compared to standard ones.

Luxury Kitchen Appliances Offer Long-Lasting Performance

Typically, luxury appliances offer the highest quality working components that can take their functionality to the next level of performance in the kitchen. They provide greater energy efficiency and advanced technology to deliver professional results. Companies like Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Viking also rigorously test each appliance during the development and production stages to make sure it’s worthy of their name. This means that you can expect a higher level of quality from these makers.

In fact, you can often see and feel the difference in quality with luxury appliances. Open and close oven and refrigerator doors, they’ll feel heavier and more sturdy than standard appliances. Pull out the racks and drawers, examine the interior surfaces and controls. You’ll notice that the luxury appliances have a completely different look and feel than their less-expensive counterparts. They are made of higher quality materials, offer more weight and heft, better sealing and illumination. In short, they’re quality appliances that are built to last a lifetime.



Extra Features With Purpose

When it comes to luxury appliances, you most definitely get what you pay for. Extras are thoughtfully engineered to streamline your cooking time and enhance entertaining. For example, you’ll find high-end luxury stoves with built-in downdraft ventilation capturing smoke and odors at the cooking surface and removing them without the need for a hood. Or flexible cooking options like combination steam and convection, or microwave and convection ovens.

Often you’ll find oven features like timed start, where you can place dinner in the oven along with a temperature probe and have a timer turn it on and off at precisely the right time so you return home from work to a beautifully cooked roast for your family.

Luxury refrigerators often offer multiple food storage spaces with adjustable temperatures. For example, need extra freezer space? Convert the lower portion of the refrigerator to extra freezer space by pushing a button or even appliances built for entertaining like a large capacity dishwasher that heats plates for when you’re hosting a dinner party.

The High-Quality Fit and Finishes You Want

Luxury appliance makers spend a good deal of attention on design aesthetics so your purchase will offer a timeless look that will last a lifetime. The focus on fit and finish covers all aspects like sleek lines and countertop depth that ensures an integrated look. Appliances that blend into the cabinetry like Sub-Zero refrigerators or Miele dishwashers offer the homeowner the ability to replace the front of the appliance with matching cabinet panels to make them blend in seamlessly.

If you want a more professional look, most luxury kitchen appliance manufacturers offer quality, stainless-steel exteriors, and interiors as well as more aesthetic options to match any design style. Today, even refrigerators are high style with some models featuring glass doors to showcase the food. One model even has a velvety matte black interior complete with LED lighting.

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Luxury Kitchen Appliances Feature The Latest State-Of-The-Art Technology

If you’re an early adopter of new technology, luxury appliances are perfect for you. The high-end makers are usually the first to adopt innovative technologies into their products. With high-end Appliances you’ll enjoy:

  • Induction cooking that’s energy efficient and fast! Boil water in 90 seconds, with no dangerous heat using magnetic technology
  • Intuitively activated vent hoods turn on and off automatically based on need
  • Sensors in dishwashers and refrigerators that monitor and adjust for optimal temperature, humidity levels and even create the ideal freezer environment
  • Internal high-tech components like air purification and a magnetically sealed door to keep food fresher
  • Energy efficiency. A new Sub-Zero refrigerator uses less energy than a 100 watt light bulb

While the initial cost for a luxury appliance may be significantly higher than a standard appliance, the value you receive is much higher as well. Luxury makers use higher quality materials, pay attention to classic aesthetic design, and wrap the newest technologies into appliances that will stand the test of time, and daily use.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Not only that, but professional-style luxury appliances will add value to your home should you choose to sell. High-end appliances in the kitchen can work to elevate a buyer’s perception of the entire home, meaning you’ll sell quicker and often at a higher price. Brands like Wolf, Viking, Miele, and Sub-Zero are recognized by buyers as a luxury item and they’re often willing to pay up for that luxury.

If you are upgrading prior to selling and budget is a concern, choosing a “designer” range is the best use of your funds. The range is a major focal point in most kitchens and along with the range hood can help to define the entire space. That’s why it offers a big bang for the bucks. Plus nothing is more fun to cook on than a luxury range. They really do work better than an inexpensive stove.

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Thinking of a Remodel? Kitchen Design & Layout Tips

Thinking To Remodel? Kitchen Design & Layout Tips You Should Know

A kitchen renovation is a great investment that can not only increase the value of your home but can add aesthetic appeal and improve your quality of life.

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to share meals, discuss the events of our day, entertain family and friends during the holidays and relax with a cup of coffee after a long day, I

If you just googled “home renovation near me” or General contractors Dallas, searching for the best construction company you can rely on, let us help you! Joseph & Berry is an award-winning luxury remodeling company that offers inspired design and unparalleled craftmanship by people who care about making your life better.  Schedule a free consultation with our project developers, and let us design & remodel your ideal kitchen. Call 800-371-8970

Elegant kitchen remodel in Kessler Park, Dallsa by Joseph & Berry

High-end renovations can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $250,000 or more depending on the size of your space and the scope of the work. Working with a design-build company means you can expect to end up with the kitchen of your dreams. While kitchen design and aesthetics are important, functionality is the driving factor behind successful kitchen renovations. Good design is more than a professional Wolf range, exotic zebra wood cabinets, and high-end Ann Sacks backsplash tile.

The process begins by assessing your needs. Visit kitchen showrooms, see products up close and begin to assemble ideas and outline the top priorities for your new space. Good kitchen design is the most critical part of the process, more so than any room in your home. What follows are some tips for your kitchen design and layout. These ideas will help ensure a successful kitchen remodel.


The planning and schematic design phase is the most important aspect of any kitchen remodel. Your kitchen can be filled with top of the line appliances, beautiful materials, and custom-built, solid wood cabinets, but if the layout doesn’t work, it’s not a good design. In the kitchen, more than any other room in your home, a solid space plan and flow are crucial. Anyone who has ever struggled in a poorly designed kitchen knows this.

Your kitchen design can include moving or opening walls, adding addition and relocating infrastructure like plumbing, windows, electricity, and doors. A qualified contractor will take the time upfront to create a schematic plan and an accurate estimate of all costs. This allows you to adjust both the design and budget as needed before construction begins.



Your kitchen design should encompass four stages before construction begins. By taking the time to plan and budget properly, you can eliminate change orders which can be costly and delay your remodels completion. Here are the four steps for an effective design.

1. Develop a plan for space. Start with a wishlist and inspirational images. You can go to sites like Houzz for inspiration. This can help you get started and can give you a starting point for discussions with your design-build contractor. Start by focusing on the space itself, before you get caught up in what it will look like aesthetically. The function should come first! Will you be opening walls? Do you want an island or an L shaped counter? Or a galley kitchen? Where the pots and pans will go isn’t important…yet.

2. Put together your budget. Once you have a space plan begin to establish your budget. This is the point where it will all start to come together. The more accurate your space plan, the more accurate the preliminary budget will be. At this stage, your budget can change as you select materials for cabinets, countertops, tile, and flooring. Want to learn more about kitchen remodeling in Dallas? Click here

3. Blueprints, elevation plans, and 3D renderings. Now that your plan is solid, work with your designer to flush it out aesthetically. Drawings can help you visualize what the finished space will look like, cabinets, flooring, countertops, hardware, fixtures, etc. This is beyond the functional; this is the stage to be creative.

4. Choose materials and finishes. Now that you’re at the drawing stage you can begin to visualize what materials and finishes will go in the space as well as the proportion of those materials.

By the end of the kitchen design process, you should have a final budget, scope of work and optional staring day for your kitchen remodel. 


Your designer will understand all of the technical aspects of kitchen design. Your space will be designed to maximize safety and functionality. Keep these National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) guidelines in mind when working with your designer.

• If your kitchen has three work centers, the sum of the distances between them should be no more than 26 feet. No leg of the work triangle should be less than four feet or more than nine feet. The distances between the three primary work centers (cooking, clean-up, and prep) from the “kitchen triangle.”

• No major traffic patterns should cross through the kitchen triangle.

• The width of the work aisle (between the perimeter counter and island for example) should be at least 42 inches for one cook, and at least 48 inches for multiple cooks.

• If your kitchen only has one sink, locate it adjacent to or across from the cooking area.

• Never separate work centers. A full-height and full-depth objects like a pantry cabinet or refrigerator should not separate two primary work centers.

If you are planning a luxury kitchen remodeling make sure you choose the best team for the job. Joseph & Berry understand the idiosyncrasies of high-end kitchen design. Their approach is equal parts form and function and their design team is current with all of the latest kitchen design trends and amenities available. They work closely with their clients to understand their lifestyle and needs to produce the perfect dream kitchen.

Unlike most contractors, with Joseph & Berry, you have a dedicated project manager on site every day until your job is complete. If you live in the Kessler Park, Bishop Art District or greater Dallas, Tx area and are planning a high-end kitchen remodel call Joseph & Berry. We invite you to take advantage of our free consultation! Call us to schedule your consultation and kitchen design & layout tips meeting :(800) 371-8970


Is it Possible to Live In Your Home During A Kitchen Renovation?

We hear that question so often, we decided to help you and make a brief article with our 2 cents.

How To Stay At Home During a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is often the most used room in your home and beginning a kitchen remodel is not only exciting but it can also be fun. After all, you’ve probably waited a long time for this. Picking the perfect tile, shopping for appliances, and finding the perfect slab of granite for your countertop and imagining just how wonderful the new space will be is enjoyable. Once the planning and design stages are over, the intrusive work begins.

The first decision you’ll need to make just before demolition starts is – should you stay or should you go? Remodeling can be an incredibly disruptive process when it comes to your family’s day-to-day routine (Click to learn more about our awesome process!). On the one hand, if you stay, you get to monitor the project’s progress, but you and your family will have to deal with the lack of privacy as you’ll have workers in the house, plus the dust and noise are a nuisance.

If you choose to move out, rental costs and eating out for the six to eight weeks of your project can add thousands of dollars to your costs. Naturally, most homeowners opt to stay put. If you do decide to stay, make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into, and how to stay safe in a construction zone.

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Here are a few tips to help you get through your kitchen renovation with flying colors.

Stay or Go? Some Factors to Consider

While most homeowners choose to stay, there are some advantages to moving out. Especially if you have family or close friends to stay to reduce or eliminate the cost of a hotel or short-term rental.

Advantages of Leaving

  • Avoid the Noise and Dust – A construction site is noisy, disruptive and dirty. It will definitely get messy and be noisy.
  • Live Comfortably Without Disruption – Hotels, family and vacation homes are much more inviting than living on a construction site.
  • Leaving Can Accelerate Your Timeline – Without your family in the way, professionals can get the job done faster.
  • It Can Actually Be Cheaper Than Staying – Some companies charge more if you stay in your home. Plus if they finish early it can save considerable cash.
  • Everyone Could Use A Vacation – Time your kitchen remodel around a holiday and come back to an HGTV style “big reveal.”

Of course, there are always two sides to every story

Advantages of Staying

  • It’s Usually Less Expensive Than Leaving – Hotel and food costs can add up to a considerable amount depending on the length of time the project takes.
  • Monitor Your Project – There is some peace of mind that comes from knowing where your project stands.
  • If Questions Come Up, You’re Available – Problems will arise. The faster your contractor addresses them, the sooner they’re resolved. If you’re there, you can make decisions instantly.
  • You Don’t Have To Eat In A Restaurant Every Night– With some pre-planning, you can still cook and eat at home. Of course, it depends on the scope of work.

There are some cases in which you will have to leave your home. For example, if your roof is compromised your safety may be at risk or if you live in an older home and have asbestos that will need removal. Your design build contractor will inform you if problems that require you to leave arise.

Deciding To Stay: Tips For Surviving Your Kitchen Renovation at Home

Now that you’ve decided to stay, here are a few tips to help you survive your kitchen renovation. With planning and a little patience, you’ll get through with flying colors. The primary goal is to minimize disruption, remain safe and stay sane!

  • Have A Construction Schedule – There are points where you might need to leave for a short period. For example when your water is shut-off for plumbing, or when the floors are being refinished.
  • Turn off the HVAC – Blowing air will blow dust throughout your home, even in you tarp off the construction zone. Contain the dust as much as possible and consider adding an air handler to filter the air.
  • Remove Breakable Object and Art – Stuff can break if it’s near the construction zone. Remove all fragile objects.
  • Keep the Pets and Kids Out of The Way – Having children and pets underfoot can cause delays and is potentially dangerous.
  • Plan Your Renovation During A “Stay at Home” Vacation – Or during the summer, grilling can be fun, and you can still eat at home! If you do leave, make sure your design build contractor can get in touch if problems come up.
  • Consider Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen – With a little planning, the laundry room or another area can become a temporary kitchen. You can move the fridge, set up a counter with a portable burner, convection oven, and microwave.
  • Stock Up On The Paper Plates – While it’s not the “greenest” way of life, paper plates, Solo cups and plastic ware that can be thrown away for easy cleanup helps. Remember, it’s only temporary and the energy and water you’ll save with you all new energy efficient appliances will more than makeup for it in the long run!

With a little pre-planning and some grit, you’ll get through your kitchen renovation. Most contractors will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible. Here at Joseph & Berry, we plan every day of your project before we begin and we have a dedicated project manager overseeing your kitchen remodel. We’ll let you know well in advance if you should plan on leaving for a few days. We also work with your throughout the process to minimize the day-to-day disruption to you and your family. Always remember, no matter how difficult the process, the day it’s over you’ll have your dream kitchen ready to enjoy for many years to come! To learn more about the design-build remodel projects we have completed in Greater Dallas or to ask questions about kitchen renovation, contact us to speak with one of our designers.

Seven Subway Tile Substitutes For a Kitchen Renovation

7 Kitchen Renovation Ideas For Something Other Than A Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash.

Today, many kitchen designers are using subway tile in their kitchen renovations. A subway tile backsplash offers a clean, modern look and it comes in a variety of colors that can work to create a beautiful focal point in any kitchen. While subway tile is functional and looks great, if you’re looking for something a bit different, yet just as functional, today you have more choices than ever before. From natural stone to beautiful mosaic, to the latest photo-printed glass, the possibilities are almost endless!

Your backsplash is one of the most important elements in your kitchen design. It’s a focal point that is not only functional but can establish the style of your entire room. Whether your backsplash goes to the bottom of your cabinets, all the way to the ceiling, or somewhere in between, the following materials can work to add an exciting, unique look to your kitchen renovation.

The Most Popular Alternatives To Subway Tile for your Kitchen Renovation

While ceramic tile in all its forms remains the most popular choice for a kitchen backsplash, there are many alternative materials that offer the durability and functionality of tile along with a unique look. Your choices range from manmade materials like glass or stainless steel to natural stone. Here are some of the most attractive alternatives to subway tile for your kitchen’s backsplash

  • Tumbled Travertine — Tumbled travertine or tumbled marble is a material which is created by tumbling the stone along with sand to create a softened look. Because each stone tile is unique, these tiles offer a less uniform appearance that can add a strong visual element to your kitchen design.
  • Full Granite — Granite provides a smooth surface that is virtually seamless when created using the same slab as your countertops. It offers a continuous flow from the counter, up and is an excellent look. Other natural and engineered stones like Silestone, Quartz, and soapstone are also common. For a more exotic look consider elegant marble or onyx for your backsplash!

    Full granite backsplash in this modern kitchen remodeling by Joseph & Berry
  • Glass — For a wonderful contemporary look, that’s on the cutting edge of modern design look no further than glass! Glass tile and glass mosaic has been increasing in popularity either as part of a mixed material backsplash. For modern kitchens, a solid slab glass backsplash can be custom made to fit any wall, and it looks stunning!

    Glass backsplash in contemporary kitchen remodel in Dallas by Joseph & Berry
  • Metal — Decorative metal like copper, tin and metal tile is also a growing trend. Metal tiles often come with pressed patterns or sleek patinas that can make them overpowering so be careful.
  • Wood — As long as you avoid the areas behind the sink and cooktop, wood can provide a warm, inviting appearance. For a country or cottage style kitchen renovation, consider a beadboard backsplash for a period look.

    Wood backsplash in transitional kitchen remodeling in Dallas made by Joseph & Berry
  • Stacked Stone – In a rustic kitchen, nothing seems quite as appropriate as a stacked stone backsplash. It can add a real impact and is available in some different stones like slate, marble, bluestone and more.

Need some backsplash inspiration? Click here for more of our projects!

Of Course, There Are Other Types of Ceramic Tile…

…besides subway tile! Ceramic tile is easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to clean. It’s available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. You can use tile to create patterns, mosaic designs, murals, and abstract designs. While subway tile is a popular trend, with ceramic and porcelain tile you have a wealth of options that can add a unique focal point to your kitchen renovation and design.

The best thing you can do is educate yourself when it comes a time in the kitchen renovation process to choose your backsplash material. Look online, visit tile stores and big box home improvement stores to get gain an understanding of the options available. Then speak with your designer or design-build contractor. They can help to match your taste and style to your kitchen design and narrow your choices.


We’d love to help you with your upcoming kitchen renovation. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation meeting with our professionals!


What To Know About Choosing Kitchen Pendants for Island Lighting

Remodeling Advice on Kitchen Pendants for Lighting an Island

With the growing trends of kitchen islands and open concept floor plans, pendant lighting has become a popular choice for homeowners when renovating their kitchens. As the kitchen’s role has changed from a place to prepare meals, into an interior focal point and gathering spot, kitchen pendants can help to define your space, provide comfortable lighting and offer a dramatic visual impact that can establish your home’s decor.

A kitchen lighting plan consists of several different types of lighting, each with its own purpose. Task lighting is placed in work areas to provide adequate illumination. Decorative lighting includes the chandelier over the eat-in-kitchen table, ambient lighting, for example, under cabinet lighting and accent lighting to highlight elements of the room are all included in a complete lighting plan.

In the kitchen pendants are multi-functional. They can work as task lighting. They can also provide ambient lighting and set a mood when controlled by a dimmer switch. Today, you have a wide variety of attractive designer kitchen pendants that can also function as decorative lighting and help to define your space when used in an open concept home.

Island light fixture – By Joseph & Berry remodel-dallas

Here’s how to choose the perfect kitchen pendants for your kitchen renovation.

Three Tips For Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Pendants

With the wide variety of choices available today, you need to define your needs regarding both form and function. Before you begin shopping:

  • Assess your current decor – Begin by visualizing your space and create a picture of what you’d like to achieve. Modern pendants in a traditional kitchen won’t always work. Look for lights that fit your style, home’s décor and the statement you’re looking to make. Dark colors are easier to clean than lighter ones and remember the size should be proportionate to the room and number of pendants you use.
  • Determine how many lights you’ll need – For space over 4 feet use multiple pendants. 60-75 watts are recommended for every 20 inches of counter space. When hanging lights stick to the “rule of three.”. An odd number of fixtures provides a sense of balance and visual appeal. Of course, if three lights are too few and five is too many, even numbers are ok for practical reasons.
  • How high should you hang them? – The light should be close enough to adequately light the space while providing an unobstructed view both when sitting and standing. As a general rule, this means anywhere from 28 to 38 inches above the table or island. If they are going to hand freely, they should be at least 72 inches from the floor.

Picking Your Fixtures

First, you need to define your needs. Do you need to light a work area or are you looking to set a mood? You can combine functions by placing your lights on a dimmer switch. They can function as task lighting when needed, and adjusted to provide mood lighting when desired.

You have several choices when it comes to both function and design. Low voltage pendants use a smaller bulb and can save on space. They also offer the benefit of being considerably less expensive than full-sized kitchen pendants. If you are seeking task lighting, the low voltage might not be for you. Low voltage pendants are more atmospheric or decorative.

You also have choices in lighting shades. Translucent shades filter light. This means that along with casting light downwards (or upwards) they also “glow.” If you are seeking more directed light, solid shades focus the light better.

LED lighting is a growing trend and may be an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to add a pop of color to their lighting. LED lighting provides more vivid color, more color options, are extremely energy efficient and stay cool to the touch.

There are three basic types of pendant lighting that offer a significant amount of design flexibility. Downward facing shades can direct light to an area and are excellent as task lighting. Inverted pendants focus the light upwards and can make a beautiful design statement as ambient lighting. And finally, mini-pendants which are a smaller version are more ornamental.

Pendants lights are a perfect addition to any kitchen lighting plan. If you define your needs and consider your space and décor, with a little research, you can pick the perfect kitchen pendants for your remodeling project! If you’re not sure what to choose, speak with your kitchen designer or design-build firm. They can help direct you to the perfect choice for your new dream kitchen!

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a kitchen renovation, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you design a home that will meet your needs for years to come.

Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

Considering a kitchen remodel? Learn what’s popular in granite countertop trends and Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

Granite remains one of the most popular choices among homeowners and interior designers for kitchen and bathroom countertops… and it’s no surprise! Granite is durable, luxurious, and comes in literally hundreds of colors and patterns. Because it’s a natural material, each slab of granite is unique, Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors

With so many potential choices you need to think about and define your personal style. Whether your taste runs toward swirling patterns of light-colored granite that mimic the luxury of marble or the contemporary look of solid black granite with a honed matte finish, there’s granite to match every style and taste.

While small samples can be helpful in matching color and style to your existing kitchen elements like cabinets and flooring, they’re generally not the best example of how a finished countertop will look. Whenever possible, try to choose your granite by viewing full slabs at a stone yard. This will give you a more “true” sense of the actual pattern.

Granite is also available in a few different finishes;

  • Polished granite offers a glossy, luxurious look.
  • Honed granite is a matte finish and is great if you are searching for a more “natural” look.
  • And finally, “flamed” granite which is heated to extremely high temperatures using a controlled process, offers a rougher more muted look. Flamed granite is not typically seen in interior spaces but is an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen or island.

Want to learn more about how to choose the right countertop for your kitchen? Click Here to read more.

One place to start your search is by considering the most popular colors that homeowners are installing in their kitchens right now. So let’s take a look today’s five most popular color choices.

Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors just call us now:(800) 371-8970


Countertop trends along with homeowners and designers taste and style often changes. These five granite species are extremely popular right now. Several have spent a few years on the top five list! The beauty of using a natural stone product is that because it is created by nature, every piece is unique.


Tan Brown is a relative newcomer to the top five list. The past few years have seen an increasing trend towards darker countertops being paired with clean, crisp white cabinets, so it’s no surprise that Tan Brown has become a popular choice for homeowners and designers. It offers a dark rich color palette that incorporates many color variants of cooler grays and warmer browns which keep it to an overall neutral tone that can fit in any kitchen from traditional to contemporary.



New Venetian Gold has been a top five favorites for many years. Featuring a lighter neutral golden cream color that works with both light and dark colored cabinets, this species features metallic flecks that add a little sparkle and a modern flair to any kitchen design. New Venetian Gold works especially well paired with darker cabinets and a simple backsplash that allows this dynamic countertop to shine!



Like New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia features a light neutral tones color but with a lot of movement. While it doesn’t sport the same metallic flecks or golden sheen as New Venetian Gold if features more variants of brown within the stone. This is a classic granite option that’s perfect for the picky homeowner. Because it features a neutral color palette, it works well with any color cabinets, and its natural movement will keep you loving it for years to come.



Funny name for a fabulous variety of Granite, Uba Tuba is a darker color that’s a recent addition to the top five list! As the trend towards lighter cabinets continues to grow, countertop trends are shifting to darker more dramatic colors, and Uba Tuba fits the bill perfectly.

While the name hints are visions of blue and green, Uba Tuba is much more refined. It has a cool, dark black base color that offers rich gray, purple and gold undertones throughout. If you’re seeking to make a bold statement or looking for the perfect focal point for your kitchen, Uba Tuba may fit the bill.



The final entry in the top five is another from the family of dark granite countertop colors! Like Uba Tuba, Black Pearl starts with a deep black base color that features purple as a secondary tone and offers a great sense of natural movement. But unlike Uba Tuba or Tan Brown, Black Pearl features more speckled variants than patches or swirls. It also features an undercurrent of bright iridescent flecks within the granite that adds serious sparkle if you’re looking for a little bling!


Need assistance with your kitchen design & remodeling? Learn Latest Granite Countertop Trends & Colors and just call us now: (800) 371-8970


While trends in granite countertop colors, patterns and styles may change, one thing is certain; homeowners prefer granite as their number one countertop choice in the kitchen and the bathroom. These are just five of the hundreds of granite species available, and a great place to start. If you’re interested in learning more, visit your local stone yards, or speak with our kitchen design team.

Granite is a classic countertop choice that is extremely durable, functional and luxurious.
Your kitchen designer can help you to narrow down the many colors and finish options you’ll have when choosing the perfect granite countertop.
But whatever you decide, rest assured that granite the right granite countertop will provide you with years of service and enjoyment!

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Unlike most kitchen remodeling contractors, with Joseph & Berry, you have a dedicated project manager on site every day until your job is complete. If you live in University Park, Kessler Park, Bishop Art, & greater Dallas, Tx area and are planning a high-end kitchen remodel call Joseph & Berry!

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What Does a High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX?

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX? Key Things to Consider When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart and hearth of your home. It’s the place where you prepare your meals and share dinners with your family. Where your kids do their homework and where your family and friends gather during the holidays. A kitchen remodel is often the first project many new homeowners consider when they move into their new home. And why not, a kitchen remodel often has the largest payoff regarding lifestyle and boosting a home’s resale value when it’s time to sell, High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost ? just call us now:(800) 371-8970

Of course, a kitchen remodel is also one of the most complicated home improvement projects and can be one of the most expensive. Many factors go into budgeting a kitchen remodel like the size of the room, the quality of materials and whether or not you change the room’s layout.

At Joseph & Berry, we specialize in high-end remodels that include the finest fixtures, appliances, and materials. We start by sitting with the homeowners to completely understand their lifestyle, needs, and priorities, then we outline the project, from budgeting and design, through permitting, scheduling and construction.

Let’s explore some of the factors and costs of a high-end, luxury kitchen remodel in Dallas, TX!


As a general rule, a high-end kitchen remodel will take your kitchen down to the studs and replace everything with new materials including flooring, cabinets, appliances, tile, countertops, sink, fixtures, hardware, lighting and ventilation. You’ll receive an entirely new design and floor plan maximized to meet your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Often, a luxury remodel can include moving or removing walls, adding an addition for extra space, installing skylights, heated floors and more.

For this scope of work, you can expect to pay between $120,000 to $250,000 or more. Of course, within this budget, you receive the very best professional quality appliances, all new countertops using elegant materials like marble, stone floor tile, high-end custom cabinets, and more. Your remodel can include natural stone materials like limestone flooring and marble, quartzite or soapstone countertops, solid wood cabinets made with exotic woods and custom tile work.

Again, your final budget depends on determining your priorities, needs and wants. When you engage a design build firm, your contractor will begin the design process, and once the design is finalized, they will outline exactly where your budget will be allocated.

The final result of the planning stages is establishing your budget. This is the final arbiter of what you can achieve. Make sure when you set your budget, you stick to it. Add-ons and change orders can do a number on the best budget. Once you have a fixed budget, you can better plan ways to keep your costs in the range you can afford. As you’re developing your plan, you’ll need to consider these three areas, priorities, payments, and predictions.


Once you’ve established a budget range, you then need to decide where to spend your money. This depends on your preferences and goals. Now is the time to really dream big. Write down every aspect of what you envision as your dream kitchen along with a general price for that item or upgrade. Once you’ve got your list together, prioritize your needs and stop when you reach your budget number.

Don’t forget the small costs! For instance, will you live in your home during your kitchen remodel, or will you need to live elsewhere? If you don’t think you can stay in your home (it can be disruptive!), you’ll need to factor in the cost of a hotel. If you’re staying at home during construction, remember to budget for takeout food unless you have a secondary kitchen!

Finally, you’ll need to add a cushion for unexpected costs. It should be about 20% of your total budget. When you’re taking a room down to the studs, you never know what you’ll find. For example, when you remove the old dishwasher you may uncover a leak that has rotted the subfloor, or perhaps you’ll need to rewire to bring your home up to code. All of these surprises can add costs… and there will be surprises, so it’s best to be prepared!

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX

white custom kitchen remodel and copper vent hood

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX


Once you’ve signed off on your project, you’ll want to go over the financial details. Will you need to come up with a down payment? Does the contract call for milestone payments, for example, 20% down, 20% at completion of demolition, 20% upon passing inspections, etc.? Will you need to make a significant down payment with the balance due upon completion of the final punch list? Make sure you have everything in place before any work begins.


Finally, complete your budget process by creating a spreadsheet with the final budget and a timeline. This allows you to see the entire picture of how and when money is needed. Track expenses. A good idea is to have a weekly meeting with your contractor to review the costs and budget. That way, costs can be kept in check, and your budget won’t get out of control.

If you don’t like spreadsheets, contact the professionals at Joseph & Berry regarding your kitchen remodel. We work with homeowners through every step of the process from planning and budgeting through the design and execution of your project. Help us help you! Set up an Ideabook on Houzz and begin compiling ideas for your ideal kitchen. It can help us to better understand your vision, and we can work with you to make it a realistic dream!

Let us help you create your dream kitchen! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a design consultation!

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12 Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay

12 Kitchen Trends You Want To Consider For Your Dallas Kitchen Renovation!

12 Kitchen trends that here to stay! Planning a home remodeling project is an exciting time, especially when considering a key focal point of the home like the kitchen. A new kitchen is a great opportunity to bring the latest technology, functional design, and desired features into your home.

As with all areas of the home, trends in kitchen design are always changing. While some interior design features go in and out of style, there are a lot of kitchen trends that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re only dreaming of a new kitchen or already in the planning phases, here are the design trends that are here to stay.


Kitchens rich in white retain a timeless sense of luxury. White cabinets, appliances, and tiles are easy to accent and create a warm, welcome feel like this renovated ranch kitchen.



Not only will energy-efficient lighting save you money, the versatility of LED bulbs and strips allow you to creatively highlight your new kitchen. As seen here, LED’s work great over the island and as under-the-cabinet accents.


For appliances and accents, stainless steel remains a timeless go-to for a sleek, elegant look in any kitchen. Check our portfolio for more example of utilizing stainless steel for a new kitchen that will stand the test of time.

modern kitchen remodeling remodel-dallas


The farmhouse sink is incredibly versatile when designing a new kitchen. Along with being useful for cooking and cleaning, the variety of material and style options like those found here make it easy to accommodate any kitchen design.


A ceramic tile backsplash is a great feature for its looks, moisture protection, and ease of cleaning. The subway tile, like that used in this kitchen, has been used for decades and maintains the classic appeal.

remodel-dallas white subway tiles


Under counter appliances, such as these refrigeration drawers and cabinets, adds a sleek and functional flair to a new kitchen. They are easy to organize, access, and save on storage space.


For high-end countertops, there are plenty of great choices including marble and granite. By focusing on neutral colors and traditional cuts, these materials can be key accents in a new kitchen that will hold appeal for years to come.

remodel-dallas quartz countertop


Utilizing an open layout in your new kitchen is an inviting feel that makes any space feel larger and more comfortable. As the layout serves for both design and function, this trend will not be going anywhere anytime soon.



Touch-activated faucets, including these by Delta Faucet, are a more recent innovation that will be a mainstay in kitchens for generations. The convenience alone will have you wondering why this wasn’t already part of your kitchen!


Kitchen cabinets can quickly become a major source of storage and organizational headaches. Replacing traditional cabinet spaces with deep pocket drawers and further customizing with storage solutions provides a lasting combination of premium design and easy organization solutions.



Along with providing the look and feel of luxury, wall ovens offer much more to a new kitchen. They are easier to clean and access, and work great for customizing the overall layout and design of the space.


Shaker cabinetry has been a staple in design for some time, and there’s reason to utilize the style for a timeless kitchen. The simple, clean design works with a range of materials and colors while helping provide a welcoming, comfortable feel.


Planning to remodel your kitchen is an exciting endeavor, especially when you are able to combine new technology, classic design components, and an overall sense of luxury. Working in some of these kitchen trends that will stand the test of time will help you create the kitchen of your dreams that you’ll love spending time in for years to come.


Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath

Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath Consider Quartzite for Your Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to natural stone countertops, one of the up and coming materials is natural quartzite. With veining reminiscent of the most expensive marble, quartzite is rapidly gaining in popularity with homeowners who are looking for the beauty of marble and the durability of granite. Today, it’s used for everything from kitchen and bath countertops to feature walls, Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath just call us now today:(800) 371-8970 

Modern kitchen renovation with quartzite countertops remodel Dallas – Joseph & Berry

Many homeowners, even some professionals use the terms quartz and quartzite interchangeably. The fact is, they’re entirely different materials. When speaking about countertops, quartzite is often shortened to quartz, and as a result, it can be confusing.

Quartz is an engineered stone product that is made using 93% natural stone and stone dust combined with 7% resin, which is then rolled into slabs. Quartzite is a natural stone that offers unsurpassed durability and refined elegance.

Let’s clear up the confusion! Here are some frequently asked questions about quartzite, answered for homeowners in the market for a beautiful, unique natural material as a statement piece for their homes!


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed in two steps. It begins its life as sandstone. Over centuries of intense pressure and heat, this sandstone gradually fuses and crystallizes into a single rock. The end result gives us quartzite. It is ideal in the kitchen and bath of busy homes and it delivers the beauty of marble combined with the durability of granite.


Like fine Italian marble, quartzite is predominantly white or gray with hints of black and brown veining. It does come in other colors with hints of pink, red, blue, green or yellow as a result of imperfections or minerals that were present during the fusing process when the stone was formed. For example, the iron oxide present in the sandstone can give quartzite red or pink highlights.

Every slab is a one-of-a-kind piece of natural beauty that gives your home’s kitchen and bath a unique and elegant look. The stones neutral color palette complements any design style or décor and the natural veining gives it a subtle sense of movement. It is luxurious and unlike any other natural stone.

choosing a kitchen sink for your dallas kitchen remodeling

Quartzite Countertop Kitchen Remodeler Dallas TX


Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath just call us now today for your complimentary consultation:(800) 371-8970


Unlike soapstone or marble is a hard stone that resists scratching and etching if properly sealed. Most natural stone can handle some heat. Quartzite is in fact, harder than granite and is completely impervious to heat. While you can put hot pots and pans on quartzite with no danger, it’s always a good idea to use a pad or trivet for safety.


Quartzite is a hard stone, but it will require occasional resealing. All natural stone, with the exception of soapstone, is porous and should be periodically sealed to avoid etching and staining. Quartzite should be resealed annually. When cleaning, always use cleaners specifically made for natural stone countertops. Even though it is tough to scratch, avoid using abrasive cleaners to keep your countertop looking new.


Granite is an igneous stone and Quartzite is a metamorphic stone, so they each have their own unique qualities. Granite has years of data about its durability while quartzite is a relative newcomer. That being said, both offer outstanding durability. While granite is durable, quartzite provides the durability of granite combined with the veining, luxury, and elegance of marble. It’s the best of both worlds!


This is the big question homeowners ask! Natural quartzite is at the higher end of the price scale when it comes to natural stone kitchen and bath countertops. It is comparably priced with other stone materials, but it offers an unparalleled look and offers tremendous quality for the cost. The size and configuration of your questions will influence the final price. Natural Quartzite is extremely hard and as a result, must be precisely cut using a diamond saw blade and needs experienced professional installation. This can increase the installation cost. Rare natural white quartzite which contains few impurities and is even harder than common quartzite. As a result, it is more expensive.

Quartzite is a newcomer to the world of kitchen and bath countertops. It rivals granite’s durability and offers the elegant look of fine Italian marble. If you’re looking to add a fabulous focal point to your kitchen or a unique design element for your bath, quartzite is an excellent choice!

The professionals at Joseph & Berry, are very familiar with quartzite and have installed it in many of our Dallas area clients homes. Speak with our designers to learn more and see samples of this incredibly beautiful stone!

Home Renovations | Quartzite Countertops Kitchen & Bath just call us now today:(800) 371-8970


Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen and looking for some tips and inspiration – you are at the right place! Here are few points to

White Kitchen remodel-Dallas

Concealment Of Appliances
Concealment of appliances is one of the newer kitchen remodeling trends that you can try. It has become quite popular over the years thanks to many advantages. Concealed appliances offer an artistic way of saving space. Not only do they improve functionality in your kitchen, but it also prevents the kitchen from looking too cluttered. Hidden appliances, when revealed, are also interesting and will create a lot of attention.

Custom built-in refrigerator By Joseph & Berry Remodel-Dallas

Color Trends For Appliances
Certain colors of appliances will maintain their title as the most favored choice for the finish of kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is one of them, and it has been a common choice for over a hundred years now. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has a universal appeal and a shiny appearance, which is often associated with luxury. It also provides a more sterile surface than the others.

White retro stove – Kitchen remodeling in Dallas by Joseph & Berry Remodel-Dallas

There is a variety of trendy styles of cabinets available for you to choose from. There are floating units, cabinets with touch latch doors, systems that are hidden behind sliding doors, and cabinets with innovative surfaces, such as semi-translucent glass, bamboo, and aluminum.

White kitchen remodeling in Dallas – custom cabinetry by Joseph & Berry Remodel-Dallas

Countertops with custom touches, such as marble slab inserts and wooden butcher blocks are a big hit. Some homeowners even embed concrete with metal and glass bits.

Kitchen remodeling in Dallas – Quartz countertop by Joseph & Berry Remodel-Dallas

Let the professionals handle your upcoming kitchen remodel. Joseph & Berry have the expertise you are looking for!