Spring is here! Let’s talk OUTDOOR LIVING!


Spring let’s talk OUTDOOR LIVING!R LIVING!  Attention Dallas, Tx homeowners!It is THE perfect time to prepare your outdoor for the summer when family and friends gathering will start to be much more frequently! Check our Pro’s tips for the ultimate Dallas outdoor living space:

(BTW – Did we mention we won Dallas Best Contractor of the Year 2017 for one of our outdoor kitchen & bar? 🙂 SO! Spring is here, let’s talk about OUTDOOR LIVING!


Let’s say the truth, we LOVE to eat and the grill is usually the best reason to spend time outside so the first thing we’ll spend our money on we’ll probably be new kitchen gadgets! Take an extra look on a pizza oven and a smoker. It’ll not only impress your friends, it is life changing! Promise.


We strongly suggest to have a stainless sink for your Dallas, Tx outdoor kitchen or bar. It’s easy to maintain and highly durable facing the sun and extreme weather change. You can even style up your backyard and collaborate stainless cabinetry in your entire outdoor living.

10 Tips To Get Your Home Ready


Summertime in Texas can be a little harsh. No matter if you live in Southlake, North Dallas or Park cities, we suggest that you’d try the misting system in your backyard, It can help air to cool down up to 30 degrees! And when the day reaches the 100’s – we NEED it! too much of an effort for you? We suggest adding as much as shading as you can. You can have huge patio umbrellas or build a well isolated patio with water fans on ceiling. If you are looking to cool your backyard the botanical way, we’d defiantly suggest planting plants that keep the air cool like Aloe Vera & Fern.



Don’t forget to accommodate proper lighting for after-dark-cooking in your outdoor kitchen and living space. It can create and define your space; romantic, vocational or masculine. You will also want to incorporate music in your outdoor bar or a TV so you can watch the Maverick’s game while you are relaxing in your pool.


Your Dallas, Tx home has a pool? You can save some money by using baking soda as part of your cleaning and maintenance routine. sodium bicarbonate helps control alkalinity levels of water without drastically reducing the PH levels. You can find Sodium bicarbonate in regular baking soda – just visit your nearby grocery store instead of the regular pool (and more expensive) stores.



Create your own little herb or vegetable garden. It is a great activity for your grandkids and kids, the ultimate way to spice up your foods and salads and the chic way to color up your Dallas outdoor living space. BTW Basil is easy to grow and it adds so much flavor to food!

Bonus: Easy Mojito Ever! (We promised to share it with our Plano ,Tx neighbors!)

  1. In a smallish Collins glass, muddle lime juice with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon superfine sugar.
  2. Add the few mint leaves, mashing them against the side of the glass.
  3. Fill glass 2/3 with cracked ice and pour in the rum.

      TA DA!

Spring let’s talk OUTDOOR LIVING!

11 Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

11 Things Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

11 Things Consider  Planning Outdoor Kitchen, An outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular remodeling projects that homeowners are incorporating into their homes. While cooking outdoors is not a new concept, an outdoor kitchen takes it to the next level. Equipped with cooking appliances, stunning weatherproof countertops, seating, refrigeration, and storage, this home improvement project elevates both your culinary and entertaining experience, while sophisticatedly enhancing your backyard.

While planning an outdoor kitchen is exciting, it can also be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. There are so many


different outdoor kitchen ideas and components to consider, all while making sure the entire project fits into your budget and available backyard space. Although you may not be able to get every item on your wish list, you don’t want to overlook something important only to wish that you thought of it while planning. Luckily, there is no wrong or right way to plan an outdoor kitchen. However, there are certain considerations that you want to make during the course of planning. Here is a checklist to help guide you as you create the blueprint for the perfect outdoor living space for your needs.


Of all the different parts of your kitchen, seating is one of the most important ones to consider. After all, once your remodeling contractor has completed your outdoor kitchen, you’ll be eager to send out your first e-vite for a backyard party; and your guests will need somewhere to sit. No matter how awesome your grill is, not everyone is going to want to stand around it while you cook. Instead, make space in your plan for outdoor living furniture or ask your remodeling company about including a built-in bar with bar seating.


Especially in Texas where the weather is not exactly predictable, you need to be prepared for every environmental situation – rain or shine, hot or cold. In order to enjoy your outdoor kitchen no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, including a shady area somewhere in the design. A patio cover or gazebo is a stylish way to keep your kitchen and guests sheltered from harsh sunlight and rain.

Like all home remodeling projects, building an outdoor kitchen is an investment. After all of the time and money that you spend planning the design and layout, you want to be able to use it beyond just a few months in the year. A heat source, such as permanent or portable space heaters, allows you to extend the season for enjoying your outdoor kitchen into even the cooler months. Depending on the style of your backyard, a built-in fire pit or outdoor fireplace are also great options that add character while keeping you and your guests warm and cozy.

Tip: While shopping for outdoor living furniture, look for an ottoman or seating with built-in storage. Throw in a few blankets to have handy when you’re entertaining in the fall and winter months.

11 Things Consider  Planning Outdoor Kitchen


What are you going to cook in your outdoor kitchen? Your answer to this question can help you prioritize the kitchen appliances that you’d like to include in your design. For example, if you don’t plan on preparing gourmet meals for large groups, you probably don’t need state-of-the-art equipment built in. That being said, don’t to limit yourself to just a grill either. Pizza ovens, refrigerators, and Kamado style cookers are all wonderful options that allow you to prepare a wide variety of foods. If you don’t plan on preparing food at all, leave out the big appliances and spend your budget on built-in refrigeration, an ice maker, counter space, and bar seating where you can prepare and serve cold drinks and finger foods.

If you plan on using smaller countertop appliances, such as a blender, juicer, toaster, or convection oven, be sure to inform your home renovation contractor so they know to include enough electrical outlets that are easily accessible.


Don’t miss the second part of our 11 Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen next week!

11 Things Consider Planning Outdoor Kitchen