Interior Design Trends For 2019

Let’s talk about interior design trends in 2019, shall we?

In case you browse a little bit around interior design magazines or seek for interior inspiration, you probably noticed a lot more COLORS. Gray tones are stepping aside and giving away to warm, relaxed and welcoming colors.
However, we are well aware that whatever works in New York or Chicago, doesn’t necessarily works in Dallas, Tx, right? So we came up with the trends as well as design board inspiration to show you how your Dallas, Tx kitchen (that is probably more traditional) can transform in 2019.

Earthy colors: Terracotta and shade of cocoa

Earthy colors are not limited to your walls only but to every aspect of your home. You will notice (if you haven’t, yet) home decor items like decorative pillows, ottomans, and also tiles in those shades.

Design board of earthy bathroom design that you want to consider for your next bathroom renovation. Calm & Stylish look, what else can we ask!?

Natural and soothing pastels

In 2019 you’ll inspect more natural materials when it comes to kitchen & bath design: we’ll notice more natural and clean lines in the bathroom’s vanity, the white kitchens will give away to more natural finishes and light wood tones.

Using soothing, calming colors this year to create a tranquil environment and nourish intimate and family relationships. Sage green, Rose Beigh, Apricot- Peach & Mist Grays are the colors you are going to see A LOT in 2019. Check this kitchen design inspiration board>>

Trending pastels for 2019 are peach, hues of green, light pink, and lemon


Black is always a fashionable color when it comes to clothing. It was just a matter of time until seeing it in our designed bathrooms, right? This time has come!
This year we are going to explore new hardware in matte black like faucets, pulls and knobs and a lot more shower combos in that beautiful matte finish. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and finishes in case you feel that using black hardware is a bit too much for you.

Powder room design inspiration in black, pastel green, and geometric backsplash


Bold walls & statement ceilings

We will see more and more bold accent walls in bathrooms, covered with printed tiles or waterproof wallpapers.
You are used to seeing accent walls in bathrooms & kitchen, how about statement ceilings?
Geo wallpaper prints or ceiling in a different color than walls are really taking off.


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Cover photo credit: Italian Bark. Styling by Michelle Maguire



7 Kitchen Design Upgrades For Your Remodeling Wish List

Seven Ideas You Should Add To Your Kitchen Design Wish List

When your planning a kitchen remodeling, a big part of the fun is considering the upgrades you want to include in your all-new space. There are so many options available and some can be pretty expensive, but you should consider upgrades that will not only add to the aesthetics of your kitchen design, but also to its functionality. Of course, your decision should be guided by a balance of what you need, and what you can afford without having to sacrifice elsewhere.



When you’re working with a full-service design build remodeling contractor, you’ll have a designer to take you through the process of creating your dream kitchen. They can help you to focus on which upgrades to including in your remodeling project. Here are seven kitchen upgrades to consider that can be money well spent when it comes to the long-term enjoyment of your brand new dream kitchen!

Schedule a complimentary consultation and let us help you with your upcoming kitchen remodeling – (800) 371-8970

1.     Add Extra Storage and Pizzazz to Your Kitchen With Extra Tall Cabinets

Looking for extra storage space in the kitchen? Look up! Standard upper cabinet height is 30 inches, but you can go bigger with 36 or 42-inch uppers. It’s worth the added cost. The height gives you an extra shelf and taller cabinets look better. Plus if you go all the way to the ceiling it eliminates dust on top of the cabinets making cleaning easier.

2.     Store Pots and Pans in Drawers

Pot drawers are deeper than standard drawers. There perfect for keeping kitchen tools close at hand and the drawer depth makes them a great place to store small appliances like toasters, coffee grinders, and blenders free up counter space and keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s a modestly priced upgrade you won’t believe you lived without.


3.     Go Deep Over The Fridge

Standard upper cabinets are 12 inches deep, and a builders standard over fridge cabinet is the same. Upgrading to a 24-inch cabinet over the refrigerator is totally worth the price. It’s a great place to store large seasonal platters and other seldom used important dishware and cookware.

4.     Make Your Kitchen Truly Your Own With Custom-Painted Cabinetry

Consider requesting that your design build remodeler source a cabinet manufacturer who will spray your cabinets with a unique custom color. This is a great upgrade to a kitchen design that not only saves you the expense of painting them later but also gives your home a unique look. Another advantage is if you choose to add additional cabinetry or an island later, you’ll be able to fit the new pieces in seamlessly by matching and using the same custom color.


5.     Open Your Kitchen Design With Glass Cabinet Inserts

Glass inserts are typically an upgrade. If you’d like some cabinets to display your treasured family china or other items that are special to you, make sure your contractor includes them in your kitchen design. Including glass panel inserts is best done when the cabinets are first ordered. It can be difficult to do later, especially if the cabinets are custom built. In fact, it’s best if you plan upgrades during the design phase so all of the elements will have matching finishes, plus change orders can create time delays and increase costs.

6.     Consider An Artistic Tile Upgrade

Today, many kitchen designs include subway tile or glass mosaic for the backsplash. While it’s a great clean, modern look, consider upgrading to a more exciting tile choice. Consider upgrading to a more creative design or material like a solid marble or durable quartz backsplash to create a wonderful visual focal point.


7.     Consider a Built-In Microwave

Every kitchen has one, and typically it’s either taking up counter space or hanging over the range. When designing your kitchen consider adding a built-in microwave. It will free up valuable counter space, and if you build it into the island or a wall, it frees the space above the range for a stylish range fan, which can add another great visual element to your kitchen design. Another great space is building your microwave into a base cabinet with extra deep pots and pans drawers underneath.

Creating your custom kitchen means having the ability to add upgrades that can increase your enjoyment of your space, make it more aesthetically pleasing and improve functionality. These are just a few exciting upgrades that can accomplish all of this and more. Work closely with a professional designer when creating your initial kitchen design. Our design team can incorporate these upgrades and help you to understand all of your options. Simple upgrades like building in the microwave or the inclusion of extra deep pots and pan drawers can improve the functionality of your kitchen space.

If you considering remodeling your kitchen in Dallas, Tx, contact the kitchen design professionals at Joseph & Berry Remodel Design Build to schedule a complimentary consultation (800)-371-8970.



Remodeling Tips on Kitchen Storage and Organization

One of the best parts of a kitchen remodel is the ability to start over! When remodeling your kitchen, there are so many choices to make from flooring and countertops to cabinets and appliances. One area that you should pay particular attention to when planning your design is kitchen storage.

The typical kitchen is crammed with items that need a good home. From your stand mixer and food processor to dishware, pots, and pans, bakeware, utensils and dry goods, a well-organized kitchen can be a joy to work in. It’s important when planning to take all of your storage needs into consideration and then give everything a place, especially in a smaller kitchen.

As you begin the planning process, speak with your kitchen designer or design-build contractor. They will have information on the latest storage solutions available. You should also visit online sites like Houzz, HGTV, and DIY to gather information and get inspiration. Pull together clips from your favorite home design magazines and make a file to go over with your team, and visit the big box stores to get ideas.

Here are a few kitchen storage ideas to help get you started and inspire you as you begin to plan your dream kitchen!

Click here for more kitchen design ideas and inspiration

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your New Kitchen Remodel

Pre-planning is the key to success when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen to meet your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. While many storage solutions are kept out of sight behind a closed cabinet door, this one area of your remodel can pay off big when it comes time to get down to the serious business of cooking for your friends, relatives, and family.

1.     Custom Pantry

More than any other kitchen storage, most people dream of a custom kitchen pantry. And why not, it’s the perfect solution for storing everything from dry goods like pasta, flour, and sugar, to appliances, cleaning supplies and even holiday cookware. A well-designed pantry will offer you plenty of visible storage so you can see what’s in there and a way to keep everything organized making shopping a breeze.

2.     Corner Drawers

When it comes to kitchen design, every square inch needs to be taken into account. Corners can be a particularly tricky area when t comes to cabinet space. Enter the corner drawer. Corner drawers run diagonally into the corner, which makes them deeper than standard drawers, so they offer great storage space for larger items.


3.     Under Sink Drawer

The space under your sink can easily be an unorganized mess. Adding a sliding under sink drawer can give you easy access to cleaning supplies, paper towels and more. It’s one more potential organization tool to help you keep your kitchen neat.

4.     Pullout Trash and Recycling Bins

Adding a pullout trash and recycling bin can make cleanup a snap. Place it under your island counter or close to where you do your food prep. Just slide food scraps and recyclables right in for quick clean up.

5.     Cookie Sheet/Broiler Pan Drawer

Consider adding a divided deep drawer to your bottom cabinets. It’s a great way to keep your baking supplies, muffin tins, broiler pans, and pot lids organized and easily accessible. If you can’t spare the cabinet space, consider adding wood or metal dividers to the cabinet above the fridge.

6.     Pots and Pans

Pans and pot lids organized and easily accessible. If you can’t spare the cabinet space, consider a narrow pullout drawer near the stove.

7.     Appliance Garage

While the pantry can be used to store those large appliances you occasionally use, An appliance garage is a perfect solution for those appliances that get more use like the toaster, immersion blender and coffee machine. Your appliances are readily available, and when the door is closed, you get to have clutter-free countertops which make your kitchen look beautiful!

8.     Deep Cabinet Organizer

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated walk-in custom pantry, a great second choice is a floor to ceiling deep cabinet with cabinet door racks and pullout shelves. Having storage on the doors and inside can help you stay organized and keeps everything within easy reach.


9.     Spice Storage

Nothing makes cooking more enjoyable than having the materials you need close at hand when creating a fabulous meal. Consider specialized spice storage near the stove to make adding the right ingredient at the right time easy. This feature can be adapted to your personal style. If you love to cook keep your ingredients close by with plenty of spice storage.

10. Kitchen Office Area

A kitchen command center can be a real plus. Make an area with a desk, computer and mail slots to take care of chores like bills. Include storage for cookbooks, recipe cards, and more. It’s a great way to keep your household organized, makes the perfect place to pay bills, and plan those weekly meals for the family.

11. Dedicated Pet Area

Pets are members of the family, and a popular trend is creating a dedicated area just for pets. Built-in food and water bowls under a cabinet can help to keep your pet from tripping you up when you cook. You may want to add a dog or cat bed, after all, they’re family!

Custom made dog shower in a new powder room that was built outside kitchen area

These are just ten ideas to help get you started. Ask your kitchen designer or design-build firm to help you create the perfect storage solutions for your dream kitchen. At Joseph & Berry, we help our clients to create their dream kitchens every day. If you’re planning a remodel, give us a call. Let us show you the luxury we can create for you!

At Joseph and Berry, we work with homeowners through every step of the kitchen construction process from planning and budgeting through the design and execution of your project. Let us help you create your custom kitchen! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a design consultation!

A Garage Conversion Is More Than Installing Drywall

Here’s Why This is a Job for a Design-Builder.

Living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, homeowners don’t have to worry about protecting their cars from heavy snowstorms and the frigid cold. Some owners put a full garage at the top of their wants in a new home, while others say they use the garage less for storing cars and more for working on projects, storing yard tools and gadgets, or storing things the family has outgrown and no longer uses.

If you fall into the latter category, you’ve probably thought about how to better utilize the garage into a full-time living space. Home theaters are a popular garage conversion choice, but it takes a lot more than putting up some walls and running a little wiring to create a high-tech home theater that will last for years. At Joseph & Berry, we have a project manager on site at all times to walk customers through the process of a garage conversion and create the custom home theater of their dreams, guaranteed. Learn more about our process >> Click here!

Installing utilities

To ensure the new home theater space has the plumbing, electrical and HVAC infrastructure to accommodate your wish list of features, a contractor will need to inspect the existing garage and work with his team to install utilities that meet any local building requirements. For an attached garage or a garage with a substantial workshop or office area, much of the garage conversion work may be done. But for a detached garage with only the essential outlets, this part of the project could be more expensive.

Garage conversion basics

Garage floors are designed for drainage. They are slightly slanted to allow any water flowing into the space to drain quickly before causing any damage. Converting a garage into a home theater requires an additional floor structure. It is crucial to do this step right if you want to protect your investment. A poorly designed floor could lead to water damage during heavy rains, and no one wants to rip up the floor of a home theater because of a nasty storm.

What to do with the garage door is also a common design question. Some clients prefer to leave the original look of the home intact, so they opt to close and insulate the current door and install a decorative carriage-style door instead. Others choose to close the doors off completely for that movie theater feel, while others opt for a more standard entryway. Our designers can walk you through what option is best for you.

Whether to add additional windows is another consideration. Garages don’t often have many windows, which can be a plus for a home theater conversion. However, you may want some natural light to come into part of the room, and a few windows at the ceiling, or near the entryway are usually enough in a home theater setting.

Sealing the garage

Keeping out moisture is a must, but so is protecting from the heat and noise from the road, especially in a home theater. A skilled contractor can walk you through the process of keeping your new home theater water-tight, and through proper insulation and ventilation, the room can also remain cool and quiet even on hot summer nights.

Garage conversion extras

When you think about your dream home theater, what comes to mind? Plush chairs, epic sound system, huge television are all usually on the list, but make sure to include those little extras. If snacking or drinking a cold beer during a movie or the big game is something you enjoy, consider building a bar, complete with a place to keep ice and beverages cold, and even a keg system. Building storage for snacks bowls for sharing, and other items will keep these out of sight.

For those who love video games, adding a gaming system feature to the theater ensures it’s used for more than just movie night. Storage for systems and consoles should be easily accessible. The seating should also be comfy enough for relaxing while binging a show, but also has adequate height and support for long gaming sessions.

At Joseph and Berry, we work with homeowners throughout Greater Dallas. From planning and budgeting through the design and execution of your project, we are with you during every step of the design-build process. Let us help you create your new media room! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a design consultation!


The Pros and Cons of 5 Common Kitchen Floor Plan Shapes

The Pros and Cons of 5 Common Kitchen Floor Plan Shapes

Every kitchen remodel is a unique experience thanks to the wide variety of fixtures, finishes, appliances, and styles available to meet the aesthetic and stylistic needs of the homeowner. But while every design is unique, kitchen designers typically stick to five major floor plan shapes when creating a kitchen floor plan. Looking for kitchen design ideas and inspiration? Click here

These floor plans have become standard because they offer homeowners the most efficient use of space and can fit into some remodeling situations. Of course, there are often slight design variations within specific plans. Let’s explore the pros and cons of these five common kitchen floor plan shapes.

The G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen

The g-shaped kitchen is the name used to describe a situation in which the cabinetry includes a prep-area peninsula and four walls of storage. It got this name because, on a blueprint grid, this design resembles the letter “G.”

This design is an extension of the popular u-shaped kitchen and is a natural upgrade for homeowners looking to add some additional prep space to their existing u-shaped kitchen design. A g-shaped kitchen increases the number of base cabinets included in the plan and as a result, increases the storage space along with creating a more streamlined cooking area.

Along with the increased storage possibilities, this design is popular because it offers enhanced facility for the home chef by surrounding them with a variety of close counter space options for food preparation and immediate access to cooking tools and supplies. The extra counter space is accessible during the entire food prep process and can make preparing complex meals easier and more efficient. It’s a great design for food prep, cooking, and cleanup with all stations accessible to the central area of the kitchen. This design offers a tighter countertop configuration that’s perfect for larger kitchen spaces.

The U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen Floor Plan

The u-shaped kitchen features cabinets and appliances lining three walls of the kitchen space. It’s an efficient design that’s perfect for freeing up floor space.

The u-shaped kitchen maximizes the use of wall space by using three walls for upper and lower cabinetry and appliances. This design allows the home chef access to various areas of the kitchen without needing to cross the room. If the layout of the space doesn’t provide three free walls, adding an island can serve the same function, but it eliminates the third wall of upper cabinet storage. The u-shaped kitchen is flexible, works in many different styles and the size of the space is not a determining factor. The most critical factor to a successful u-shaped kitchen design is to place the most used appliances within a single working kitchen triangle. This allows for the most efficient use of space.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

A well-established design, the l-shaped kitchen is ergonomically and sensibly designed and has become an extremely popular choice among homeowners and designers alike. What makes it work so well is that it supports the kitchen work triangle featuring specific food preparation, cooking, and cleanup areas. The l-shape design is perfect for smaller kitchens that cannot fit an island or are not large enough to accommodate a g-shaped design.

The l-shape design is timeless and works well no matter what style or decor the homeowner chooses. The name refers to the fact that this design is built into a corner where two walls form a perpendicular angle. It works best and is most balanced if one wall is twice the length of the other.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The Galley or Corridor Kitchen Floor Plan

A galley kitchen is a perfect choice for homes with a smaller space for the kitchen that features a space with more length than width. In terms of space, galley kitchens can be economical, but if not correctly designed, they can also be very inefficient. This style is typically found in many apartments. While most homeowners prefer more space, it’s important to note that the galley kitchen is the kitchen layout of choice for many restaurants and professional chefs. The galley kitchen floor plan can be an extremely efficient design to work in if the kitchen triangle is properly incorporated into the layout.

A galley kitchen works best when completed with open shelving and fewer cabinets. Closed cabinetry can visually shrink the space and make it feel more confined. A popular addition to the galley design is to incorporate a pass-through window to facilitate moving food from the kitchen to the dining area. A galley kitchen can feel cramped but can be incredibly functional with proper kitchen design.

The One Wall Kitchen

As the name suggests, this design is placed along a single wall. It’s typically found in smaller homes and studio apartments. The one wall kitchen design is often used to conserve floor space and reduce construction costs.

A one wall kitchen has all of the cabinetry and appliances place along one wall. This means that the homeowner must perform all of the tasks of cooking in a single linear space. Because of the limited space, a one wall kitchen will also often contain smaller appliances like a compact refrigerator and range. These appliances have typically separated the sink. Modern one wall designs have become more popular with homeowners interested in an open floor plan. Coupled with an island located directly across from the wall, this design allows more workspace while still providing the open floor plan homeowners favor. A one wall kitchen offers the convenience of preparing, cooking and clean up in one single compact space.

At Joseph and Berry, we can help you to choose the perfect kitchen floor plan to fit your lifestyle, space, and needs. Our designers are very familiar with these five common layouts and can work with you to add the luxury finishes, fixtures, and appliances to create your dream kitchen! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a kitchen renovation, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you design a home that will meet your needs for years to come.

What Does a Master Bathroom Remodel Cost In Dallas TX?

What Is A Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Bathroom Remodel: Creating the Spa-Like Bathroom of Your Dreams

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?
Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?

If you’re thinking a high-end master bathroom remodel is in your future, you’re probably wondering about your options and the cost involved. The trend today is towards elaborate spa-like master baths. A private oasis from the stresses of the day.

So what are your options? Here at Joseph & Berry we understand the trend and work closely with homeowners to create the perfect design. When creating a high-end bathroom remodel your only limitations are your creativity and your budget. While each Joseph & Berry design is unique to each client, let’s look at some of the options you have available, and the costs involved with creating the master bathroom of your dreams!

Wondering How Much Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? Allow yourself to work with the professionals at Joseph & Berry.
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When remodeling a luxury master bathroom the first step is to assess what you like about your current bathroom. This can give your designer an idea about your needs in terms of functionality and design. For most projects, the existing bathroom is taken down to the studs. This allows for flexibility in the design process. Fixtures and plumbing can be moved, finishes can be upgraded and options like heated floors, skylights, custom cabinetry, heated towel racks, and multi-head programmable showers are all available.

The design process is the time when your needs and wants are established, the scope of the project is determined and the budgeting process begins. When establishing your design and budget, your team will take into account the square footage of the space, your existing layout, the infrastructure of your home, and your family’s lifestyle. All of these elements will play a large role in your final design. Learn more about our process – Click Here!


For a complete high-end master bathroom remodel you can expect to spend between $80,000 to over $200,000 depending upon the scope of the construction involved and the amenities you choose to include. For this budget, you receive an entirely new custom designed space created to meet your specific needs.

At this level, your bathroom remodel is usually a full down-to-the-studs gut job. Everything is removed and this means you can put things where you want them. This stage can also include moving walls or adding an addition if you want additional space. All of this preliminary construction will be determined during the design process.

Because you have complete flexibility, the toilet and shower could change places, the bathtub might be moved and a sauna can be put in its place. Your new bathroom will include all new high-end fixtures, materials, lighting, natural stone, radiant heated flooring, custom finishes and custom cabinets or any other upgrade you may want or ask us to invent for you. The finish work can also include detailed molding, trim work, and custom tile work. Looking for inspiration? Click here

As your bathroom begins to take shape, you’ll make decisions about fixtures and finishes like cabinetry which can be custom made to fit exactly in your space. They will be solid-wood construction and can include a personal touch as exotic woods with custom finishes and hardware. Another way to custom your vanity is to include a luxurious countertop such as marble, custom concrete, quartzite, or even exotic stone like onyx. A wide variety of flooring and tile options are available, for example using natural stone like marble, granite, or limestone. These materials are labor-intensive and difficult to custom cut but each tile is completely unique and will enhance your aesthetic design.

Infrastructure is moved to accommodate your design and plumbing includes all high-end finishes and top quality parts. Electrical service may be upgraded to include power for amenities like a sauna, custom lighting, or a Jacuzzi soaking tub and to meet the current code of your city (and trust us to know all about Dallas, Tx, Highland Park, University Park, Plano, and all other surrounding cities!). It all depends on what you include in your new bathroom.

A high-end design can also include luxury amenities like steam showers, waterproof TV’s, surround sound audio systems and radiant floor heating.Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? for the best price call us:(800) 371-8970

At this level of remodeling, you are only limited by your budget and creativity. But you will end up with exactly the spa-like bathroom you envision. If you’re planning a master bathroom remodeling project in the Dallas, Fort Worth area give Joseph & Berry a call!


We offer a personalized experience and work with you throughout the entire process, from design through construction. Our design team will work with you to explain all of your options on everything from where to place your soaking tub, to building your custom zebra wood vanity. We have a project manager on-site every day to make sure your job remains on time and on budget.

A custom-designed luxury bathroom is a major investment that can provide you with the perfect, spa-like retreat to relax, renew and pamper yourself after a long day. With Joseph & Berry, you will not only get the bathroom of your dreams, but you’ll also be working with professionals who understand the process and work hard to make it much easier, take less time, maximize your budget and cause less disruption to your daily life. Give us a call and let us bring your creative vision to life!

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost? for the best price call us:(800) 371-8970

10 Ways To Create Your Own Insanely Awesome Man Cave

10 Ways Create Insanely Awesome Man Cave

Whether it is a place to unwind at the end of a day or gather with friends, man caves are a great addition to any home. When they are done well, a sophisticated man cave offers premium relaxation and entertainment options, and a classy room that adds to the style throughout your home will always get the wife’s stamp of approval.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing man cave or planning a remodeling project and want to add one to your home, these awesome features can help inspire you to make yours truly great.


When done well, a man cave should highlight a mix of interests and hobbies, and that should be reflected in the style and design. Choose decor that works with the different areas and you can build a room with multiple themes that doesn’t feel disjointed. This man cave keeps neon signs near the bright lights of the arcade games while keeping a classier, relaxed feel right next to it with the bar area.


If the designated area for your man cave is smaller than you’d like, you can still do a lot to make the space work. Focus on designs that allow for only a couple purposes, such as making a drink and having a good place to read or converse, to avoid crowding the room. This room makes great use of wall texture and large windows to help make a smaller space feel open and comfortable.


One great way to make the area feel like a special retreat from the rest of the home is to highlight different wall textures. This man cave maintains a rustic, luxurious feel while balancing the wood and brick walls. Whether it’s to highlight an HD golf simulator, another gaming area, or a theater room, the brick can work as framing for a key feature of the room.


If you are a sports fan and collect memorabilia, it can be tempting to turn the man cave into your own personal sports bar. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can easily create a room that works well for watching the big game as well as entertaining the family. By highlighting only a few jerseys here, this room showcases the owner’s fanship but keeps a sophisticated feel.


Focusing on the right lighting fixtures can really open up your man cave and make it more inviting. Different styles of lights can highlight components of the room, as seen here with focal points at the pool table, wine rack and sink area. When done well, your man cave lighting system fixtures will feel like a natural part of the overall design.

10 Ways Create Insanely Awesome Man Cave call now:(800) 371-8970


Your man cave may be spread into separate sections, and the design can work well if they are marked with different flooring options. Use the pieces in different areas to tie it all together, as found in this room. The carpeted area creates a home-like sense of comfort, while the couch color and wooden TV stand connect the theater area to the poker room to tie the whole area together.


No matter what design you are looking for, your man cave should be established as an area to unwind and relax, so comfort is key. Choose inviting, comfortable furniture that works well for lounging but can also be moved around to accommodate guests.

Looking for design inspiration? Click here!



If you have a home office, bringing the workspace and elements of your man cave together can create a great multi-purpose area of the home. Once you retire or stop working from home, you’ll have room to expand and adapt the office into a full blown man cave. This room achieves an inviting sense of comfort that would help any man focus on work and relax comfortably at the end of the day.


If you have one thing you are very passionate about and wish you had an area of the home dedicated solely to that, do it incredibly well. The most relaxing man caves will feel like a spot to completely escape and unwind. By creating a wholly dedicated area you can enjoy your favorite things, such as wine while creating an environment to share with friends.

10 Ways Create Insanely Awesome Man Cave call now:(800) 371-8970


If you are renovating part of a barn or your cabin into your man cave, you can use the natural features to your advantage. The design naturally lends itself to a rustic, classic feel that you can accentuate throughout. Rooms like this, though they may not be in your regular home, will feel like even more of a getaway when done well!

There is a lot to consider when planning the design for your man cave, but if it serves as a relaxing space that reflects your style and personality you can’t go wrong. What are the must-haves for your own man cave? We’d love to hear what you plan to include in your project!

10 Ways Create Insanely Awesome Man Cave call now:(800) 371-8970