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Kitchens Remodel Dallas, A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is one special room where you get to cook delicious meals, entertain your family or guests, or eat meals apart from retreating into it for a midnight snack. Sometimes, it potentiality extends to being a place of sharing stories and doing other memorable things during the holidays. It is the throb, the life of your home, day in day out. This is the reason why the kitchen should be designed in a way that all your preferences come to life.

The decision to carry out kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to give consideration is how it 00will look like eventually. The specific model of how your kitchen should look like is way different from, let’s say, a living room. So many factors come into play. Sadly, they are unchangeable and the need for a professional remodeler is inevitable.
The decision to carry out kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to give consideration is how it 00will look like eventually. The specific model of how your kitchen should look like is way different from, let’s say, a living room. So many factors come into play. Sadly, they are unchangeable and the need for a professional remodeler is inevitable.

Kitchens Remodel Dallas
Kitchens Remodel Dallas

Why Contact Us?

Kitchen remodeling shouldn’t be hard. If you are in the USA and residing in Dallas, TX and its environs, here is our number (800) 371- 8970 calls us today and we will eliminate the frustrations of you having to go through countless considerations to get the job done.

Apart from being homebuilders in the Greater Dallas region, and specializing in other services like bathroom renovation and remodeling, and luxury homes, we are also a full-service kitchen renovation and remodel firm. Working with any of our remodeler guarantees premium quality projects as well as customer satisfaction.

Our Dallas, Texas team will meet you in person, specifically in your home, to fully determine and fathom the amount of work your kitchen will require as well as all the purposes you intend for the room. Our contractors are local, fully licensed, honest, and trustworthy. As such, your experience with them will be nothing but pleasant. Call us today! (800) 371-8970.

When the need arises for your kitchen to bring your family closer, or to churn out limitless culinary experiences, or simply serve as an entertainment hub, Dallas kitchen remodelers can deliver whatever variation you prefer, depending on your budget.

We pride ourselves in working with reputable suppliers for the most durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing and high-end remodel materials. We know that you want the best, and that is what we will offer after you contact us on (800) 371-8970.

Kitchens Remodel Dallas
Kitchens Remodel Dallas

Kitchen Services We Offer

We are not limited to renovation and remodeling only. Call us today through (800) 371-8970 and get to enjoy all the vital components that are ideal for a state-of-the-art kitchen. Rich in experience and expertise, we are a 5 star rated contractor positively Reviewed & Trusted By Homeowners Like You. The perfect vision of your dream kitchen is what any of our remodeler experts will bring to life. Our Dallas kitchen remodelers specialize in:

• Electricity and lighting

• The duct work, radiator work, as well as heating

• Flooring and tiling services

• Plumbing

• Windows, doors, cabinetry, millwork, and trim

• Countertops

• Framing

• Gas fitting

• Drywalling

• Soundproofing and insulation

• And many more custom services!

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is unattractive, the finishes are worn out, or that all the other accessories and kitchen parts are outdated, Dallas kitchen remodelers will work with you from beginning to the end. We will match your needs, lifestyle, interior décor, and your budget to create a stunning kitchen.

Our kitchen remodel process is simple. It is a four-step process that begins with your participation in a meticulous planning stage and ends with your dream kitchen being an actual reality. If you want all of your needs as well as preferences to be delivered on time, call us today on (800) 371-8970.

What Should You Expect from the Kitchen Remodel Project?

At Dallas remodeling firm, we look forward to working with you during the creation of your new and restructured kitchen. We understand that individual needs vary. Every homeowner that our remodeler has met has a specific idea in mind while others are overwhelmed with the considerations and choices to make.

We are the solution if more space is what you are looking for. The end result will also be a stunning and breathtaking appearance. New cabinets and appliances, all the necessary accessories, and much more are some of what you should expect from our fully licensed and insured firm upon calling us For The Best Kitchens Remodel Dallas at (800) 371-8970.

Even though what each person is considering varies, one thing remains constant, the need for a new kitchen. The one thing that most homeowners have in common is that each wants something that the current kitchen cannot provide. That something is what Dallas remodelers will help you find and build it.

To know more about our other types of remodel services, don’t waste time. Call us today at (800) 371-8970 or reach out to us through our website for appointments and free quotes.

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Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

If You Looking For The best Bathrooms Remodel company in Dallas Just Call Us!  (800) 371-8970

One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. It is where your day begins and ends.

Your Bathrooms is more than just a place where you rush in and come out as you get ready for work. It is also a place where you can allow yourself to relax and refresh however you want; soaking in your lux tub or refreshing up in your steam shower.  Naturally, with time your bathroom gets old, and other times the design of the room gets boring and outdated that’s when you start thinking of remodeling it and all the things you find annoying or dysfunctioning in your bathroom. It is a great idea that saves you lots of money while at the same time bringing elegance to your home.

When you are considering a bathroom remodeler, two things will occasionally worry you: the general appearance of the bathroom as it were, and whether every fixture and accessory in it work after the project is done. Nothing is more frustrating as having the most beautiful and breath-taking bathroom with a sink that doesn’t work as it should. Similarly, walking into a bathroom that is dull and unappealing conjures certain levels of disappointment!

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

Well, of course, you could take matters into your own hands and try to remodel the bathroom yourself, and spend insurmountable periods of trying to figure out what should go where and waste lots of money during the process. Or, you could hire homebuilders Remodel-Dallas through (800) 371-8970 if you are in Texas to do the job for you!

It makes all the difference when your bathroom is remodeled to fit all the required specifications and attention to detail. If you are in the Greater Dallas, TX region, you are in luck. We understand all your remodeling and renovation needs, which is the reason why by calling us today Bathrooms Remodel Dallas (800) 371-8970, you can eventually own the bathroom remodel you have always desired.

Remodeling doesn’t need to be such a hard task. Our contractors are local, fully licensed, and are well versed in the field. Any of our remodeler team will get the job done in no time. The high-quality work and the way they are with you every step of the way will ensure that the work of our Dallas, Texas company conspicuously reflects what you had in mind. With the as little interruption of your day to day life, our remodelers will be there for the shortest time possible and pull off a one of a kind project.

Why wait? Don’t let frustrations get in your way. Submit our contact form and we’ll contact you asap. Let us, the Dallas, Texas trusted remodeling professionals help you renovate and restructure your old bathroom to something you will always love.

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

Why Us?

We are a 5 star rated contractor that has been constantly Reviewed & Trusted By Homeowners Like You. Consequently, we have worked with other homeowners like you to remodel and renovate their outdated bathrooms for many years now. Our team of professionals is experienced, fully licensed and insured, and can help you create a bathroom that exceeds all your expectations. This way, you get to elevate the value of your home and get the most out of the available space. Simply pick up the phone and call us Bathrooms Remodel Dallas (800) 371-8970.

Apart from our licensed and insured remodel experts, you can also feel confident that you are getting the best kitchen, bath & whole home remodeling service that is up to par with the industry standards, and we are proud to share our recent national award Best in America Livina (BALA) by the National Association of Home Builder.  Contact us today, your Dallas, TX home remodeling company (800) 371-8970.

Some of the needs homeowners approach us with include:

• Master suite, guest bathrooms, hall bathrooms, children’s bathroom customization, Jack & Jill bathroom

• Vanity, shower updates, and tub replacements as well as any other partial replacement

• New flooring, and even better, heated floors if you desire

• Tub conversion to a spa custom showers

• Decorations or decorative shower and tub accessories

• Better use of space by changing bathroom or kitchen layout, organization and use efficiency

• Enlarging the bathrooms

Basically, our bathroom remodeling projects and services include:

• Custom shower styles and custom glass doors

• Partial bathroom remodel or bathroom refresh

• Full bathroom remodel

• Tub and or shower replacement

• Vanity replacement

• Master Suite and children’s bathrooms remodeling

If you are unsure of what to consider during the remodeling process, there are things we can help you factor in when you simply dial 800 371-8970 and reaching out to us. They include:

• Who is the room meant for? What is its purpose? Is it particularly focused on adults? Are you remodeling for your kids? Guests?

• Accommodating modern features in the available space

• What to keep and what to replace. Are you ready for tub conversation into pampering double standing shower?

• The specific type of tub that will let you enjoy good service. Here, we will allow you to explore the several types of tubs whether therapeutic, traditional, or decorative.

• All the necessary accessories including shower surround and tub materials

• The ideal theme that compliments your home perfectly

• The type of lighting you should go with

• The type of finish as well as the decorative touches that aren’t easy and highly appealing

Bathrooms Remodel Dallas
Bathrooms Remodel Dallas

These and much more are some of the things our remodelers will help you with. Don’t hesitate. We are only a call away. Contact us through (800) 371-8970. Our unique design build process will ensure your home remodeling project will fulfill your needs. We will turn your dreams into reality.

If you want to learn more about Bathrooms Remodeling Dallas, call us today through (800) 371-8970 or schedule an appointment and speak with one of our qualified professionals


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Choosing a Fireplace for a New Home Addition

What’s the Best Fireplace For A Home Addition

If you’re adding an addition to your home, including a fireplace is an excellent choice. Whether it’s a large communal space or a master bedroom addition, a fireplace can add value to your home, and an intangible benefit to your quality of life. Nothing beats gathering around the fireplace with your family and friends or enjoying a quiet afternoon with a good book. While it’s possible to heat a room with a fireplace, typically a fireplace adds ambiance to your room and creates a focal point in your decor.

Here are a few factors to consider if you’re planning on adding a fireplace to your new addition.

Dallas fireplace interior design remodel dallas
Designed fireplace – custom made by Joseph & Berry

Choosing a Fireplace for a New Home Addition? Contact the professionals at Joseph & Berry for your free consultation meeting!

Think About How You’ll Use Your Fireplace

Consider all of the possibilities. You probably already have some ideas on how you’ll use your new fireplace. Maybe it will be a gathering spot for family and friends or a romantic focal point in the room. Are you looking for the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a cold night? You may even be considering using it as the primary heat source for your new space. Or maybe it’s just a modern addition you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reasons, defining its use is essential in helping you decide on where you’ll place it, and what style you’re looking to convey.


When thinking about how you’ll use it, you probably also considered where you’d like to place your fireplace. Of course, how you’ll use the same will somewhat determine the location and style. Most commonly, fireplaces are added to a space that is going to be used as a great room or family room. Some homeowners also prefer a romantic fireplace in the master bedroom, and if the addition is for a master suite, it’s an elegant premium that will enhance your lifestyle.

Where you place your fireplace will determine the fuel. If you’re thinking of a wood-burning fireplace, it must be located on an exterior wall, and your contractor must add a chimney. With newer gas and electric technology, you’re not limited to an exterior wall. You can place it on any wall, or even in the center of the room. We’d love to discuss more your project, contact us to schedule your free consultation meeting!

Fireplace Fuels: Wood, Gas or Electric

There are pros and cons to each fuel choice. Choosing the right one for you depends on several factors. If you’re choosing to heat your space, gas might be a better choice than wood for example. Here are some things to consider when determining your fireplace fuel.

Wood – If you’re a purist, nothing beats a wood-burning fireplace. They are beautiful, ever-changing and create a cozy ambiance that is unmatched. They will need to be placed on an exterior wall, and you will pay the additional expense of constructing a chimney, firebox, and liner. You’ll also need to clean up after each use.

Gas – While they don’t offer the authentic sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace, gas is far more convenient. There’s no cleanup; the can be turned on with a remote and are self-vented, or merely require a PVC pipe for venting so they can go anywhere. It’s possible to get a blower unit that makes them an efficient heat source.

Electric – The least realistic and they don’t put out much heat. However, they’re the most versatile. They require no venting so they can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of a room. They have a modern look that will fit perfectly in contemporary or industrial decor.

Consider The Style of Your Home

The style of your home decor should dictate the style of your fireplace and surround. Design options cover the full range from rustic to traditional, classic, modern, or contemporary. Traditional fireplaces featuring stone surrounds give the room a cozy, rustic feel. Brick can also be rustic but can transcend design to be classic chic. A modern fireplace could feature slab marble, or slate, with clean lines and minimalist construction. The firebox offers more choices to add an element of geometric design or a way to introduce contemporary materials into your space.

In between traditional and modern, there is a wide range of styles based on materials, color, and installation of the surround (Click for more design inspiration!). When considering adding a fireplace begin by doing some research. Look at lots of pictures. Read decor and home-style magazines, go online to sites like Houzz and study your options. Consider them within the context of your home’s current style.

Your fireplace will be a beautiful addition to your home that will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Speak with your designer or design-build remodeler about the many options available to you. They can help you to design the perfect fireplace for your new addition.

Fireplace in your new addition

Ready to start your home remodeling? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation meeting! 800-371-8970

Designing a Walk-in Closet for A Master Suite Bedroom and Bath

Design tips for a walk-in closet that makes a master suite more functional and less cluttered

One home improvement that can add real convenience to your life, and value to your home when it comes time to sell is a luxurious walk-in closet in your master suite. Whether you’re remodeling your master bedroom, adding an addition to create a luxurious master suite, or considering converting a spare room, a large walk-in closet can help keep your clothing organized, make getting ready for work in the morning, or cocktails at night a more pleasurable, efficient experience. And your clothes will last longer too!

Let’s look at what you’ll need to consider before turning that spare room or extra space in the bedroom into a master suite walk-in closet.

Your Walk-in Closet: Layout And Space Needs

You’ll need to do a little planning to determine how much space you’ll need. Start by assessing your storage needs. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Start with Your Clothes – This is important. You want to make sure that you’ll have enough space to gently and comfortably store your belongings. The depth of your cabinets and racks will range from 14 to 24 inches to accommodate your clothing. Most items including shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats will require at least 24-inches. Anything less won’t properly fit your clothing.

Base your design around the clothing you own. For example, folded sweaters and shirts will need between 9 and 15 inches of linear space; coats can require 68 inches of vertical space, pants and jeans need 50 inches of vertical space and skirts can require 45 inches.

  • Figure Out How Many Double and Single-Hang Sections You’ll Need – to maximize storage in your walk-in closet, take inventory of how many long dresses, winter coats and jackets you own to determine single space needs. Then look at skirts, shirts, pants, blouses, and slacks to make sure you have enough double hung space.
  • Think About The Corners! – Corners are tough. They can be utilized for additional storage with proper planning. Corner shelves can help you to use this space. Consider hanging ties or handbags, or even store suitcases. When you’re investing in your closet, you want to utilize every possible inch of space. Don’t forget the corners!
  • If You’re Converting A Spare Room, Consider an Island – If you have enough room, an island can be an excellent addition to your walk-in closet. Ideally, you’ll need 36 inches of space on each side of the island, but you can get by with as little as 24. The more clearance space you have, the more functional you can make your island. With 36 inches of walk around space, you can include pull out drawers which can house sweaters, delicates, jewelry or more.
  • Don’t Forget the Cubbies – Cubbies are an excellent addition that can house sweaters, shoes, handbags, and other items. If you have lots of boots, remember to include taller cubbies on the bottom to accommodate storage.
  • Think About Fun Functional Additions When Planning – Benches, dressing tables and makeup mirrors, specialized storage, a full-length dressing mirror and other functional touches can personalize add a level of luxury to your space. Don’t forget proper lighting, ventilation, and decorative touches like art or hidden speakers for your enjoyment.

Remodel Dallas

Think About Location

Unless you’re planning a master suite addition, proximity is important. While technically you can put your walk-in closet in any unused or unusual space, like the attic, your first choice should be to keep it attached to the master bedroom.

Ideally, using the bedroom closest to the master bedroom is the best option. This allows you to close off the room from the rest of the house and create an opening in the master bedroom as an entry. Closing off a room and creating a doorway is an easy renovation that can be reversed to convert the closet back into a bedroom if you decide to sell in the future.

The most important thing to remember, no matter whether you’re taking space from the existing master, building an addition or converting a bedroom, is to make sure you have the minimum space available. Most master walk-in closets range between 5 to 12 feet (or more) in width. The minimum width allows you to have a 3-foot hallway if you hang all of your clothing on one side. Depth can vary from 5 to 17 feet of depth depending on your situation.

The room’s dimensions will help to determine what amenities you can include. For example, f you’re converting a bedroom, the windows can reduce the hanging space available, however adding a dressing table can be a great option. Natural light is perfect for applying makeup or getting a real feel for a piece of clothing’s color!

Adding a walk-in closet to your master bedroom is a great project that can make your life more organized and increase the value to your home. If you’re unsure where to start, or need ideas, contact us and speak to one of our designers. They can review your existing space and explain all of your options. At Joseph & Berry, we are experts at designing functional walk-in closets for master suites four our Dallas area clients. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.


Attaining The Perfect Home Remodel | A Planning & Process Guide

Are You Planning a Home Remodel? Here Are Some Tips to Get You There Successfully!
Attaining Perfect Home Remodel | Planning & Process Guide

Home remodeling can be a bit overwhelming. It’s a complicated job filled with product and color choices along with the task of maintaining a budget and finding the right design-build firm to complete the work.

Whether you’re considering a kitchen remodel, creating the perfect master suite, or adding an addition, with planning, research, a developed creative vision, and the right contractor, you can complete your project successfully and create the perfect space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

Modern kitchen design that combines glass doors with gloss lacquer doors fold-in and electronically operated.
Ultra-modern kitchen remodel in Dallas. Tx design & remodel by Joseph & Berry

The following steps can help you to plan and execute a successful home remodel.


Even before you seek out a contractor, have a plan. Start to develop a creative vision for your project. Your entire project from planning, design, and budget comes down to your knowing exactly what you want at the beginning of the project. Be prepared to answer questions like the following;

  • What is the overall style you are looking to achieve? Choose something you’ll want to live with for years to come. (Traditional, Contemporary, Country, Vintage)
  • Will I need an addition or is my current footprint large enough? (Where will you put that soaking tub?)
  • Am I looking for the best materials and appliances or will the standard be good enough? (6 burner Wolf cooktop with an in-wall oven or 4 burners GE Cafe range?)
  • Will my home remodel require taking down walls and moving the kitchen or bathroom locations? (Moving mechanical systems will add to the cost.)
  • What type of flooring fits your lifestyle and aesthetic? Hardwood, natural stone tile, carpet?)
  • Are you seeking a statement home with custom exotic wood kitchen cabinets with a hand rubbed finish or something more conventional?

Make a master file and start clipping photos of spaces that you like regarding design, style, and décor. Go through home, design, and architecture magazines. You can also do a lot of work online. Sites like Houzz allow you to create digital “Idea-books” that you can fill with relevant photos from the site.

This pre-planning research can work in your favor when you begin the process of building your team. By giving your designer your master folder, you can develop a commonality of vision and language right from the beginning of your project. By choosing “must have” elements from your files, you can begin to develop your budget. Your designer may have ideas that can meet your aesthetic needs while keeping you within your budget.

Attaining Perfect Home Remodel | Planning & Process Guide call us now today:(800) 371-8970


To successfully execute a significant home remodel, you need a detailed plan and scope of work. Hiring an architect, interior designer, or better yet, a design-build firm is a significant step in the process. Each can play a role in your project.

While every company does things a little differently, many designers work on projects that don’t involve major structural work. They can also offer assistance with materials and colors. Architects may take on an extensive range of work, or specialize for example, only working on floor plans and permits leaving the electrical plans and plumbing to the contractor.

Choosing to work with a full-service design/build firm can mean a single source for your entire project. A design/build firm handles every phase of your project all in-house from the physical design of your space to planning and permitting, creating a realistic budget, construction, and even interior design. When you’re considering your project, look at all of the possibilities, including hiring a design/build firm!

Attaining Perfect Home Remodel | Planning & Process Guide call us now today:(800) 371-8970


Elegant bathroom remodel with oval marble tiles
Elegant bathroom remodeling in Dallas, Tx by Joseph & Berry


Hiring the right people can often be the difference between a smooth, minimally disruptive home remodel and a major disruptive project that can turn ugly! When interviewing firms, there are several things to take into consideration before you sign a contract. The process of vetting can take several weeks, depending on how many companies you are interviewing. Make sure you are prepared for any meetings. Have a good idea of what you are looking to accomplish, have a general budget in mind, and develop a list of relevant questions to ask each prospect.

You will usually start with an in-person meeting. This is your opportunity to understand the services that each firm offers and make sure they understand your aesthetics and creative vision. It is critical that you have a budget in mind and that you can communicate your expectations to the firm you hire. Make sure you feel comfortable with anyone you choose to work with. Having a good rapport in the interview process is a good first step.

Remember, depending on the scope of work, the workers from the company you choose will be in your home for some time. Working with a company that you can communicate with, understands your needs and design style, and can keep disruption to your home to a minimum can go a long way towards a successful project!

We are proud to share that Joseph & Berry recently announced as Best in America Living (BALA) award winners, by the national association of home builders. So if you live in the Dallas Metroplex and you’re planning a home remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to assist you in designing a home that will meet your needs for years to come.

Attaining Perfect Home Remodel | Planning & Process Guide just call us now today:(800) 371-8970



What Does a High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX?

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost In Dallas TX? Key Things to Consider When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart and hearth of your home. It’s the place where you prepare your meals and share dinners with your family. Where your kids do their homework and where your family and friends gather during the holidays. A kitchen remodel is often the first project many new homeowners consider when they move into their new home. And why not, a kitchen remodel often has the largest payoff regarding lifestyle and boosting a home’s resale value when it’s time to sell, High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost ? just call us now:(800) 371-8970

Of course, a kitchen remodel is also one of the most complicated home improvement projects and can be one of the most expensive. Many factors go into budgeting a kitchen remodel like the size of the room, the quality of materials and whether or not you change the room’s layout.

At Joseph & Berry, we specialize in high-end remodels that include the finest fixtures, appliances, and materials. We start by sitting with the homeowners to completely understand their lifestyle, needs, and priorities, then we outline the project, from budgeting and design, through permitting, scheduling and construction.

Let’s explore some of the factors and costs of a high-end, luxury kitchen remodel in Dallas, TX!


As a general rule, a high-end kitchen remodel will take your kitchen down to the studs and replace everything with new materials including flooring, cabinets, appliances, tile, countertops, sink, fixtures, hardware, lighting and ventilation. You’ll receive an entirely new design and floor plan maximized to meet your lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Often, a luxury remodel can include moving or removing walls, adding an addition for extra space, installing skylights, heated floors and more.

For this scope of work, you can expect to pay between $120,000 to $250,000 or more. Of course, within this budget, you receive the very best professional quality appliances, all new countertops using elegant materials like marble, stone floor tile, high-end custom cabinets, and more. Your remodel can include natural stone materials like limestone flooring and marble, quartzite or soapstone countertops, solid wood cabinets made with exotic woods and custom tile work.

Again, your final budget depends on determining your priorities, needs and wants. When you engage a design build firm, your contractor will begin the design process, and once the design is finalized, they will outline exactly where your budget will be allocated.

The final result of the planning stages is establishing your budget. This is the final arbiter of what you can achieve. Make sure when you set your budget, you stick to it. Add-ons and change orders can do a number on the best budget. Once you have a fixed budget, you can better plan ways to keep your costs in the range you can afford. As you’re developing your plan, you’ll need to consider these three areas, priorities, payments, and predictions.


Once you’ve established a budget range, you then need to decide where to spend your money. This depends on your preferences and goals. Now is the time to really dream big. Write down every aspect of what you envision as your dream kitchen along with a general price for that item or upgrade. Once you’ve got your list together, prioritize your needs and stop when you reach your budget number.

Don’t forget the small costs! For instance, will you live in your home during your kitchen remodel, or will you need to live elsewhere? If you don’t think you can stay in your home (it can be disruptive!), you’ll need to factor in the cost of a hotel. If you’re staying at home during construction, remember to budget for takeout food unless you have a secondary kitchen!

Finally, you’ll need to add a cushion for unexpected costs. It should be about 20% of your total budget. When you’re taking a room down to the studs, you never know what you’ll find. For example, when you remove the old dishwasher you may uncover a leak that has rotted the subfloor, or perhaps you’ll need to rewire to bring your home up to code. All of these surprises can add costs… and there will be surprises, so it’s best to be prepared!

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX

white custom kitchen remodel and copper vent hood

A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost? just call us now:(800) 371-8970 for the best price in Dallas TX


Once you’ve signed off on your project, you’ll want to go over the financial details. Will you need to come up with a down payment? Does the contract call for milestone payments, for example, 20% down, 20% at completion of demolition, 20% upon passing inspections, etc.? Will you need to make a significant down payment with the balance due upon completion of the final punch list? Make sure you have everything in place before any work begins.


Finally, complete your budget process by creating a spreadsheet with the final budget and a timeline. This allows you to see the entire picture of how and when money is needed. Track expenses. A good idea is to have a weekly meeting with your contractor to review the costs and budget. That way, costs can be kept in check, and your budget won’t get out of control.

If you don’t like spreadsheets, contact the professionals at Joseph & Berry regarding your kitchen remodel. We work with homeowners through every step of the process from planning and budgeting through the design and execution of your project. Help us help you! Set up an Ideabook on Houzz and begin compiling ideas for your ideal kitchen. It can help us to better understand your vision, and we can work with you to make it a realistic dream!

Let us help you create your dream kitchen! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a design consultation!

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Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options For a Remodel Explained

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options For A Remodel Explained

Undergoing a renovation? Here’s an introduction to kitchen cabinet door styles

In any kitchen renovation, your cabinet doors are an essential element of the design. They are not only one of the most visible items in the room, but they can also be one of the most expensive. Door styles range from the simple to the elaborate and are available to fit any design from traditional to transitional, and modern to industrial.

Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles & Options Remodel Design Build Firm – call us now:(800) 371-8970

Let’s take a quick look at the three types and some of the most popular styles and see which cabinet doors might fit your home’s style and kitchen remodeling budget.



Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers come in three different types: inset, partial overlay and full overlay, which is often referred to as “Euro” style. Each has a slightly different function and look.


Most cabinets from the early 1900s that were built in place feature inset doors, making them the oldest style. Small hinges are mounted on the face frame or just inside it. The hinges may be visible when the door is shut.

The face of an inset door is in the same plane as the leading edge of the cabinet box. It’s a very traditional look that is more expensive to replicate today.


A more modern style, partial overlay doors, and drawers are mounted over the face of the box, covering the opening completely and partially covering the frame. The only downside is that large areas of the frame remain uncovered. This design can make vast expanses of cabinets look like they are dotted with doors and drawers rather than defining the space. Partial overlay doors work with certain styles of kitchen designs like transitional, or smaller kitchens.


Full overlay cabinet doors are the most modern design. The door or drawer face completely overlays the box. Hinges are hidden as well. Because this style creates minimal space between the doors, it offers a consistent and continuous look that is at home in some designs & styles like contemporary, modern, and industrial.


Here are some of the most popular styles of cabinet doors among homeowners. They range in price and are available in some different materials and finishes, with solid wood being the most expensive.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

The Shaker-style cabinet door is the most popular choice today. This is a five-piece flat-panel style the has a frame made from four pieces of wood with a single flat panel inset. It features clean lines and an elegant look. There are home in almost any décor from contemporary to traditional and come in a variety of wood species, and finishes.


Louvered Style Cabinet Doors

Commonly used on interior doors and windows, louvered cabinet doors add a distinctive architectural look to your kitchen. They are an excellent choice for cabinets that require ventilation. This style comes with a hefty price tagת FYI.

Flat Style Cabinet Doors

Simple and stylish, flat-panel cabinet doors are void of details. Their hard lines and minimalist forms make it a great fit for contemporary, modern, and industrial designs.
It is easy to clean and maintain, add chic to your cooking space, and offers a hefty range of unique storage solutions. Flat-panel doors come in decorative laminate and wood. Win-Win situation, right?
Laminate doors are more budget-friendly and come in a wide variety of colors and shins.
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Inset Style Cabinet Doors

Just a heads up! This tends to be the most expensive style. However, It offers a classic look that is always in style.

The higher cost comes from the precise measurement and construction needed for inset doors to fit, open, and close properly. Inset doors require visible hinges which usually are not included in the box construction price. Take ordering hardware into account when choosing inset doors.

Distressed Style Cabinet Doors

If your style moves toward antique, distressed doors are a great choice. Most manufacturers offer a distressed door. You choose your door, and they apply distressing techniques for the perfect look. Be prepared to pay 15 to 20% up-charges to have a tradesperson beat up your brand new doors!

Beadboard Style Cabinet Doors

If you love that chic beach cottage look, nothing looks better than beadboard cabinet doors. They’re made to look like traditional beadboard paneling. While al white beadboard cabinetry can give your kitchen a clean, bright, homey look, all of the cracks and crevasses can be difficult to keep clean.

Your kitchen cabinet doors are a vital element in the aesthetics of your overall kitchen design. They’re a major focal point in your kitchen, and in an open concept home, they can help set the style for your entire décor. At Joseph & Berry, our design team can help you to choose the perfect cabinet door to make your kitchen shine!

If you’re not happy with the option we covered above, we are happy to design any custom cabinetry and build the perfect kitchen cabinet doors to meet your creative vision! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and you’re planning a kitchen remodel, give the professionals at Joseph & Berry a call! We’re here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel To Help Young Cancer Patient & Her Family

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel To Help Young Cancer Patient & Her Family

Cancer patient Kelly Maynard’s face could’ve lit up half of Collin County, thanks to an in-kind gift from Plano, Texas-based Joseph & Berry Remodel | Design Build, Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970 Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel

The 12-year old young lady returned home two weeks before Christmas after undergoing a stem cell transplant in early-November as part of an aggressive treatment for the Stage 4 Neuroblastoma diagnosis she received on April 7, 2015.

Her ability to move freely around the master bathroom that was recreated by Joseph & Berry gave her a boost of hope, joy, and enthusiasm.

That smile touched Joseph Tsedaka in a very special way.

“This whole thing is so, so close to my heart because I have friends who lost a three-year old child to cancer,” said Mr. Tsedaka, Owner and Project and Design Consultant for Joseph & Berry. “I understand the challenges a family in that position faces.”

“We wanted to try and help Kelly and (the Maynard) family because they didn’t have someone they could count on, and they needed a helping hand to ensure the right things were being done,” he added. “We renovated the master bathroom in order to enhance her ability to move around freely and take care of herself.”

Mr. Tsedaka, partner Berry Kaufman and their colleagues at Joseph & Berry realized that the Maynard family was going through a very tough time, “and we met with them and told them we were willing to donate this job. They paid a little, but it was mostly (a gift-in-kind) donation. And we were more than happy to do it.”

The Maynards had started the process of remodeling the master bath with someone else, but contractors hadn’t shown up as promised. “We wanted to provide them with peace of mind, so when they left for the hospital we told them not to worry about a thing,” said Mr. Tsedaka. “We asked them not to visit their home until they were bringing Kelly back. It would be a surprise and they didn’t have to be involved because we wanted them to focus all of their time and efforts on Kelly. We kept them up to date and informed, always reassuring them they could count on us at Joseph & Berry.”

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Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel

As part of the bathroom remodeling project, Joseph & Berry removed mold, built a bench so Kelly could relax without standing for long periods of time, and redid the plumbing so the middle school student could use a hose. The company also created an enormous-sized vanity that gives Kelly the independence tend to her needs by herself, without assistance.

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970

“There aren’t a lot of companies who can do this type of project and do it the way we did,” said Mr. Tsedaka, who estimates his company’s gift-in-kind donation at $20,000. “The truth is, we became friends with the family, much more than just a provider of services. We talked with them about her treatment. I think you can say that we feel like a part of their family. And that really gratifies us about what we’ve done.”

Upon returning home and seeing the bathroom remodel, Sarah Maynard – who had been by her daughter’s side through several rounds of chemotherapy and the stem cell transplant at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth – was nearly speechless.

“I don’t have the words to convey our family’s appreciation,” she said. “We just appreciate it so much.”

In addition to Joseph & Berry’s remodeled master bath, other individuals and companies had contributed money and sweat equity to help Kelly.

For example, the Maynard home had to be cleaned because Kelly’s treatments and transplant had weakened her immune system. “Anything that can basically hold dust or any mold or fungus needs to be removed,” said David Maynard, Kelly’s father in reference to the removal of their home’s popcorn ceilings, and cleaning of its heating and air system.

Kelly's new master bathroom
Giving back – master bathroom remodeling in Plano, Tx for a child fighting cancer

In addition to the Joseph & Berry donation, a website formed Kelly’s Crusaders to raise money. Several local companies disinfected all the rooms and cleaned the home’s wood, carpeting, ductwork and air system.

Joseph & Berry Remodeling | Design Build is a company that provides a passion for service, a dedication to excellence and the desire to fulfill all of its clients’ needs under the same roof. The firm earned a prestigious 2016 NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) annual CotY (Contractor of the Year) award for outstanding remodeling projects.

Mr. Tsedaka creates the remarkable designs while Owner and Production Manager Berry Kaufman creates the lasting contracting solutions backed by a top professional crew to deliver bathroom and kitchen or living room remodeling, home addition, restoration , full home renovations, interior design, and much much more.


Joseph & Berry Remodeling | Design Build invites you to visit their office located 2801 Regal Road, Suite 105 in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. You can also visit their website ( to request a consultation or a quote, contact them via phone (469 412-1492 or toll-free at 800 371-8970) or connect with them via E-mail (

Joseph & Berry Donates Master Bath Remodel call us now:(800) 371-8970

The Biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends In Dallas, Tx

Biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends

Does morning after morning in your outdated boring bathroom have you longing for a complete overhaul? Your bathroom is a highly trafficked area in your home so it is no doubt it is in need of a makeover. If you are looking for Dallas bathroom remodel inspiration, turn first to the biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends we are currently performing in Dallas, Tx, and suburbs.

Bathroom remodel-Dallas



Tile Style
One of the biggest new trends in bathroom design is finding a tile with patterns and colors that really stand out. A unique tiled floor is a good feature or focal point for those homeowners who like who would like the rest of their design to be more simple and minimalist.

Awesome Master Suites
Adding an entirely new bathroom or expanding the one attached to your master suite is the perfect way to both enhance your space’s functionality and to add value to your home.

bathroom remodel renovation dallas preston hollow


Adding Storage Space
Storage space is often an issue in outdated bathrooms. You either have a few tiny shelves or drawers to keep all your products or worse you have no room at all. Custom cabinetry and vanities in a bathroom remodel allows for more storage space and a sleek less cluttered look.

White custom cabinetry remodel-Dallas

Improving The Lighting
Getting ready in the morning in a dimly lit bathroom can be quite the annoyance. Customized lighting features cannot only brighten the space but put a bright start on your day.

Marble Bathroom Remodel-Dallas

Improve Flow
By far the biggest trend in 2015, is to create a cohesive flow throughout the home. Rooms that are designed and decorated to match and complement each other is something you should keep in mind when picking out your new bathroom.

White Bathroom Remodel-Dallas