Interior Design Trends For 2019

Let’s talk about interior design trends in 2019, shall we?

In case you browse a little bit around interior design magazines or seek for interior inspiration, you probably noticed a lot more COLORS. Gray tones are stepping aside and giving away to warm, relaxed and welcoming colors.
However, we are well aware that whatever works in New York or Chicago, doesn’t necessarily works in Dallas, Tx, right? So we came up with the trends as well as design board inspiration to show you how your Dallas, Tx kitchen (that is probably more traditional) can transform in 2019.

Earthy colors: Terracotta and shade of cocoa

Earthy colors are not limited to your walls only but to every aspect of your home. You will notice (if you haven’t, yet) home decor items like decorative pillows, ottomans, and also tiles in those shades.

Design board of earthy bathroom design that you want to consider for your next bathroom renovation. Calm & Stylish look, what else can we ask!?

Natural and soothing pastels

In 2019 you’ll inspect more natural materials when it comes to kitchen & bath design: we’ll notice more natural and clean lines in the bathroom’s vanity, the white kitchens will give away to more natural finishes and light wood tones.

Using soothing, calming colors this year to create a tranquil environment and nourish intimate and family relationships. Sage green, Rose Beigh, Apricot- Peach & Mist Grays are the colors you are going to see A LOT in 2019. Check this kitchen design inspiration board>>

Trending pastels for 2019 are peach, hues of green, light pink, and lemon


Black is always a fashionable color when it comes to clothing. It was just a matter of time until seeing it in our designed bathrooms, right? This time has come!
This year we are going to explore new hardware in matte black like faucets, pulls and knobs and a lot more shower combos in that beautiful matte finish. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and finishes in case you feel that using black hardware is a bit too much for you.

Powder room design inspiration in black, pastel green, and geometric backsplash


Bold walls & statement ceilings

We will see more and more bold accent walls in bathrooms, covered with printed tiles or waterproof wallpapers.
You are used to seeing accent walls in bathrooms & kitchen, how about statement ceilings?
Geo wallpaper prints or ceiling in a different color than walls are really taking off.


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Until your next bathroom remodel…

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Cover photo credit: Italian Bark. Styling by Michelle Maguire



The Biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends In Dallas, Tx

Biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends

Does morning after morning in your outdated boring bathroom have you longing for a complete overhaul? Your bathroom is a highly trafficked area in your home so it is no doubt it is in need of a makeover. If you are looking for Dallas bathroom remodel inspiration, turn first to the biggest Bathroom Remodel Trends we are currently performing in Dallas, Tx, and suburbs.

Bathroom remodel-Dallas



Tile Style
One of the biggest new trends in bathroom design is finding a tile with patterns and colors that really stand out. A unique tiled floor is a good feature or focal point for those homeowners who like who would like the rest of their design to be more simple and minimalist.

Awesome Master Suites
Adding an entirely new bathroom or expanding the one attached to your master suite is the perfect way to both enhance your space’s functionality and to add value to your home.

bathroom remodel renovation dallas preston hollow


Adding Storage Space
Storage space is often an issue in outdated bathrooms. You either have a few tiny shelves or drawers to keep all your products or worse you have no room at all. Custom cabinetry and vanities in a bathroom remodel allows for more storage space and a sleek less cluttered look.

White custom cabinetry remodel-Dallas

Improving The Lighting
Getting ready in the morning in a dimly lit bathroom can be quite the annoyance. Customized lighting features cannot only brighten the space but put a bright start on your day.

Marble Bathroom Remodel-Dallas

Improve Flow
By far the biggest trend in 2015, is to create a cohesive flow throughout the home. Rooms that are designed and decorated to match and complement each other is something you should keep in mind when picking out your new bathroom.

White Bathroom Remodel-Dallas