Top 10 Dog Friendly Remodeling Features For Your Home

Top 10 Dog Friendly Remodeling Features

Top 10 Dog Friendly Remodeling Features Planning a remodeling project for your home is an exciting time. Everybody in the family has a chance to include features they’ve always dreamed of, and you can let your creativity shine with great additions.

Your upcoming project can also be a great opportunity to spoil the furry friends in your family. Approximately 40% of families own a dog, and there are plenty of ways to keep your pooch happy with a dog-friendly component to your renovation. Here are some of the best ones we have seen.


There are a lot of creative ways to utilize space under staircases, but it can make a great sanctuary for your dog. Fashion a small doorway and turn the area into an indoor dog house with their favorite toys and a bed. You can keep the exterior wall simple like the one found here or add some tasteful decor.


Keeping a dog bed around is optimum for their comfort and keeping furniture clean of dog hair, but they can be a hassle if they are in a main walkway. You can solve this problem with a folding dog bed. When you don’t need it, they can fold up and become a practical accent to any room with some bonus shelf space.


If your renovation project includes a kitchen, you can use an island to create an all-in-one serving station for your dog. Design a recessed wall to let you keep bowls for food and water off the ground and out of the way. You can also add drawers to store food and treats like the one found here in the picture.


If your pet isn’t a swimmer or not allowed in the family pool, you can still create an outdoor haven to keep them cool in the summer heat. Build in a small wading pool like this one to give your dog and his friends that visit a place to take a refreshing dip.


Whether it’s leaving for work and school or just a couple hours on the weekend, many owners crate their dogs when away from the house. Metal crates are bulky and can be a hassle to move around, but you can solve that problem with your next renovation. Creative designs can let you build a crate into a wall that also lets you build in windows so your furry friend can keep an eye outside waiting for your return.


Bathing your dog may always be an adventure, but you can help reduce the headache with a separate bathing station. One of the downsides is leftover dog hair in your own shower, but you can eliminate that with an addition to your laundry room or garage. Along with adding storage for dedicated dog towels, you can install custom water fixtures to make bath time even easier.


If you don’t have a pool, you can still find ways to help your dog beat the heat. A shady area like this one works great for humans and animals alike, and can be a standalone feature or added to an existing patio or deck.


Pet gates can be a great help to keep your dog both out of a crate and out of unwanted areas. They also serve double purpose as a safety measure if you have young children. If you know the areas you would normally use them, you can use a remodeling project to build them right into the house. Pocket gates combine style and function and will leave you wondering why you hadn’t used them before.


This is a more simple addition that will make feeding the dog easier and cleaner. Install a small custom cabinet that can be fitted with a container for dog food. For bulk food, this storage solution will eliminate keeping large bags stored in the pantry that are prone to spill when trying to fill the food bowl.



If space allows and you want to fully spoil your dog, consider adding space to have an all-in-one dog care space in your home. This one includes a bed, food, and water, a bathing area, and storage for food, treats and more. When done correctly it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing design scheme and will look great.

Dog owners know that you can never do too much to spoil your best friend, and these home renovation ideas will certainly help. There are plenty of other great ideas we’ve seen implemented throughout the home – we’d love to hear about some great ones you’ve seen and help you plan your next pro

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