Using Black Marble In Your Home Design When Remodeling

Using Black Marble in Your Greater Dallas Home Remodeling Project

In interior design, black evokes nobility, luxury, and elegance. Although white marble will always be a classic choice, more and more homeowners are looking to black marble to bring sophistication and drama to their home. At Joseph & Berry, we’ve found many homeowners still have questions about how best to use this material in their space. Our professional design-build team can create a customized option that will take your remodel to the next level, whether your look is modern or classical.

What is black marble?

In nature, marble is usually white and gray but may also come in colors including red, pink, blue, brown and yes — black. Black marble most often originates from Turkey but may come from other regions including Spain. The stone usually has a white vein structure, which may be subtle or more dramatic and high-contrast. One important feature of black marble is its ability to reflect its brilliance and shine, as it can achieve a particularly high gloss compared to other shades.

Where can I use black marble?

In the kitchen…

Countertops – Dark stone pairs well with many different cabinet finishes, from deep jewel tones to crisp white. Against light floors and walls, it creates the contrast that adds style and class to any kitchen. On a kitchen island or breakfast bar, black marble creates the ideal surface to showcase your culinary creations. Whether glossy or matte, black marble is sure to make your dishes shine and your linens pop.

Backsplash – For an even stronger statement in the kitchen, go vertical. When installed on a vertical surface, the natural grain of marble becomes much more visible, transforming it into an artwork display. Use black marble as a backsplash throughout the kitchen or as an accent splash behind the stove or sink. Whenever possible, use black marble to accent the metallic touches in your space. Black creates an opulent feel when paired with metallic gold, silver, copper, and brass.

In the bathroom…

Bath surrounds – Just like in the kitchen, black marble can be used in the bathroom to create a high-end, luxurious atmosphere. Particularly in a master bath, black marble can make your regular bathroom feel like a palace get-away. Consider using black marble tiles on the walls, floors, or as a bathtub surround. Be aware that when using marble in a bathroom, it is important to choose a stone that holds up well to moisture and to have it properly sealed and protected. A professional installer can help you sample stone from different manufacturers and select the option that will last in your space for many years with proper care.

In any room…

Tables – As a dining table, a coffee table, or even a side table, black marble creates a focal point in any room. This is one of the most flexible ways to use black marble, so if you love the impressive effect of this gorgeous stone but aren’t sure how to make it work in your space, consider getting a custom-built table. If you are emphasizing sleek, modern, contemporary decor, a square or geometric table is a great choice. If your space is more colorful or features lots of wood or other natural materials, try a round or oval table, which creates a stunning accent piece without making the stone feel heavy or gothic.

Feature walls & fireplaces – Installing marble on a vertical surface isn’t limited to the kitchen. Whether slab or tiled, black marble as a vertical accent is an artistic statement for any room. Because black marble reflects light so well, it makes a great statement beneath decorative or accent lighting or as a fireplace surround.

Regardless of where it is in the home, black marble creates sophistication, elegance, and atmosphere. Joseph & Berry’s remodel team can custom-design a black marble option for you and ensure it is installed properly and safely so that you can enjoy the sophistication, class, and value of your home for many years.

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Photo credit: Sefa Stone