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We’ve streamlined bathroom remodel and elite design in Southlake into a simple, fast, and efficient process. 

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The ultimate solution for your growing kid’s bathroom or guest bathrooms at an affordable price. 

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Pre-designed bathroom packages allow you to enjoy a top designer’s look at shorter time.

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Spa experience?  We will help you create the perfect boutique hotel bathroom.

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BATHROOM REMODEL KELLER BY NOMI: Winner of the best bathroom remodeling company in TX Bathroom remodel

Renovating your cramped, badly designed bathroom into a full-sized home spa is a great way to create a comforting oasis within your home that could help you relax and unwind after a long day at work. Here at NOMI, we are proud to offer the top bathroom remodeling services for homeowners in Keller, TX. We truly believe that a luxury bathroom renovation can become a centerpiece for your home.

Instead of simply trying to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible each morning, we can help you create a luxurious home spa that will help you to get ready for what each day might bring.

Our team of bathroom remodeling experts has decades of accumulated experience in designing the best, high end luxury bathrooms on the market. Our design teams can help you think “outside the box” when it comes to your bathroom remodel in Keller, TX. Sure, low-flow faucets might and a new lighting schemes can help spice up your old bathroom. But what about a custom designed fireplace located next to your Jacuzzi, or a controllable skylight that allows natural lighting to illuminate your bathroom?

When you hire NOMI for your Keller remodeling needs, we will go the extra mile to help you completely rethink your bathroom layout, and help you imagine ways to bring in many home elements that are not typically part of the traditional bathroom layout.

For our design and remodeling teams, there is nothing that brings us more satisfaction than seeing the look of surprise and contentment on our clients´ faces when they walk into their new, renovated home spa for the first time. From steam showers and private home saunas, to exclusive lighting solutions and customized, artistic tile work, NOMI can help you create a customized home spa that will be uniquely your own.

Bathroom renovation vs general contractor in Keller

The vast majority of remodeling companies in Keller, TX work on everything from roofs, to foundations, and everything in between. Our design and construction crews, on the other hand, only work on bathroom remodels. This singular focus on luxury bathroom remodels has allowed us to develop matchless experience in helping create fully customized bathrooms for our clients.

Whether you want a fully re-designed master bathroom, an additional guest bathroom with a touch of lavishness for your guests, or a small powder room to unleash your creative side, NOMI is the best option for your Keller remodeling needs.

Depending on your aspirations and design preferences, our design and construction professionals can help you create fully customized luxury bathrooms that incorporate some of the following options:

  • Steam showers
  • Spa showers
  • Home saunas
  • “His and Her” side-by-side sinks
  • Customized lighting solutions
  • Customized tile work
  • Heated toilet seats
  • “Smart” technology options And more!

Instead of hiring a general contractor for your bathroom remodel in Keller, TX, consider working with a single focus design-build firm that has years of concentrated experience on helping homeowners build the highest quality luxury bathrooms on the market.

Bathroom remodel Keller - NOMI luxury bathroom design and remodel Keller Tx spa shower
Bathroom remodel Keller - NOMI luxury bathroom design and remodel Keller Tx light fixture master bathroom

Professional bathroom remodel in Keller.

When you decide to hire NOMI for your luxury home spa renovation, you will enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • Streamlined elite design and construction into a simple, fast, and efficient process;
  • A design team that will take the time to hear your ideas and desires for your renovated bathroom;
  • Decades of accumulated experience in designing and installing the top-quality luxury bathroom features;
  • Nationally acclaimed and award-winning design and contractor teams;
  • A detailed and free cost estimate to go along with a comprehensive timeline for construction provided at the end of the initial consultation;
  • An efficient and resourceful renovation process that strives to get you into your new home spa in the shortest timeframe possible.

Lastly, we here at NOMI also believe wholeheartedly in the value of superior customer service. Throughout the entire design and construction phases, your project leader will be in constant communication with you so that we can hear your ideas and keep your informed regarding the progress of your luxury bathroom renovation.

A general contractor might be able to help you design a custom bathroom that is nominally different than the cookie-cutter bathroom layouts that dominate the market. With NOMI, however, we appreciate the fact that every person is different, and that a customized home spa should reflect those differences in both a practical and aesthetic manner.

Throughout the entire process, our team will take the time to fully appreciate and bring to life your vision while also offering our team´s decades of collective expertise and attention to detail. Simply put, we want to learn your vision, and then create a smooth and efficient roadmap that will help to ensure a seamless and smooth building process.

For every job that we take on, we are 100 percent committed to offering enduring quality and legendary customer service to all of our clients. We sincerely believe that your luxury bathroom renovation is going to last two or three times more than a less quality-centric remodel project would last. When you build with quality, you also get durability and longevity to complement the increased comfort of a luxury bathroom.

Remodel with confidence

Our building teams are 100 percent licensed and insured, we only work with the absolute best craftsman to ensure that your bathroom remodel meets the highest quality standards. If you feel that a luxury bathroom renovation might be a great way to increase your home´s value while simultaneously adding a needed touch of luxury, give us a call at 1-800-371-8970. You can also start the consultation process by filling out this quick online questionnaire.

We look forward to hearing your dreams and helping you design a custom spa bathroom today!

Bathroom remodel Keller - NOMI luxury bathroom design and remodel Keller Tx

We’ve streamlined bathroom remodel and luxury design in Keller into a simple, fast, and efficient process. 

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An accurate and detailed estimate will be provided at the end of our initial consultation.

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COMPLETE DESIGN in a single meeting

Elite designers

Our advanced technology and in-house elite designers will allow you to complete your bathroom design in a single meeting.


Build with the best

100% licensed and insured, top carftsman in charge for your bathroom remodel.

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Steam shower keller Tx

A steam shower will dramatically improve your overall showering experience in your master bathroom, but that’s not all!

A steam shower helps relieve stress, relieve allergy symptoms, improve your heart performance, burn calories, improve circulation, enhance your shave, cleanses your skin, and many more.


NOMI - Bathroom remodel bathroom remodeling bathroom remodeler bathroom remodel near me DALLAS | AUSTIN

Spa showers Keller Tx

Having multiple shower heads and body jets is a great way to get a water massage in the comfort of your own home.

Today, with the rise of great technology, we can control all those systems through a DTV (Digital Thermostat Valve) instead of multiple valves. 

Include spa shower in your next bathroom remodel project.

NOMI Steam shower and spa by NOMI bathroom remodel


NOMI is socially obligated to give back to the community that is constantly helping us grow.

If you know a great cause or a family needing home improvement that we might be able to help, we’ll be happy to reach out to one of our home remodeling specialists and change others’ lives.

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The COVID-19 is a war, and the soldiers in the front lines are the medical teams that fight for each one of us. Those days, we create “Thank you boxes” with small things that might make their days a little bit sweeter. We would love to give each one of our boxes with a personal thank you note – thank you note from you and your family. Email us your thank you note, and we will attach it to our boxes. have your kids decorate it and help us spread the love.



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One a month our team stop it all and join our friends at the bridge of Dallas to help the people in our community to stand back on their feet.

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Bathroom Remodeling, Plano Tx

Meet Kelly, our heroine, who battles cancer at the age of 12.

NÖMI Remodel Design Build had the privilege to be part of changing Kelly’s life by remodeling her master bathroom and making it more comfortable and easier for her to keep her day-to-day routine after released from the hospital.

Hurricane Harvey, Tx

Our hearts go out to see the picture and read the information on the media. We are humble and thankful for the opportunity to donate vital products and money to varies organizations in order to help south Tx.

Please join us in that extremely important cause and help change other’s lives.