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Most people think about their bathrooms in terms of functionality: a place in the home to do your business and clean up after a long day. Overlooked in this equation, however, is the importance of luxury. A luxury home spa will be a place that allows for maximum comfort and relaxation. After a stress-filled day away from home, a luxury bathroom remodel can offer a place for respite and renewal.

NOMI offers the absolute highest quality luxury bathroom remodeling in Prosper, TX. Whereas other Prosper contractors offer general building services, here at NOMI we focus exclusively on luxury bathroom remodeling. Our design and building teams have dozens of years of accumulated experience in helping our clients create the most lavish and opulent home spa features.

Why settle for a simple shower when a steam shower can turn your everyday bathing experience into an opportunity for total renewal? Here at NOMI, we believe that the bathroom should offer the most extravagant opportunities for regeneration, revitalization, and regeneration. We are proud to have been named amongst the top bathroom designers in the nation by The Washington Post. We were also awarded contractor of the year by the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI), and the Builder of the Year by the Dallas Builder Association.

When you hire NOMI for your bathroom remodeling needs in Prosper, TX, our design teams will help you find the best ways to turn your normal, customary bathroom into a lavish home spa.

NOMI´s Bathroom Remodeling Services in Prosper, TX

NOMI´s focus on customized, luxury bathrooms and home spas allows us to implement a diversity of home spa elements. Depending on our clients´ desires and requirements, we can help you design a luxury bathroom that implements several elements, including:

  • Steam showers
  • Spa showers
  • Open showers
  • Luxury soaker tubs
  • Customized tiling and other opulent finishing touches
  • Expansion of bathroom square footage
  • Decorative design features
  • Expert chosen accessories
  • Personalized lighting features (both natural and artificial)
  • And more

Though each of our luxury bathroom remodels is unique and distinctive, we specialize in steam showers and spa showers. Steam showers offer countless benefits and advantages that take your bathing experience to a whole new level. When doing a master bathroom remodel, we recommend the highest quality steam shower or spa shower to transform the bathroom space.

Bathing in a steam shower allows your capillaries to open and expand, thus improving blood flow. For people who are stressed or sore from exercise, this helps to remove metabolic waste that causes muscle aches and pains. Spa showers have also been proven to improve circulation through widening the blood vessels. For people at risk of hypertension, this is also a great way to lower your blood pressure.

When remodeling guest bathrooms or powder rooms, we usually recommending converting a simple tub into a standing shower with shower doors. This allows us to maximize the usable square footage while opening up space for some added decorate design features. If you want to offer your guests a luxurious home spa to enjoy while visiting, we can also completely gut the old guest bathroom, expand the square footage and include the highest quality luxury bathroom features on the market.

We are proud to be the absolute best, award-winning bathroom remodeling company in Prosper, TX and the surrounding region. Whether you are looking to add a reinvigorating steam shower, incorporate a home sauna, or turn your old bathroom into a lavish home spa, we can help you achieve your dreams.

If you are ready to renovate your old bathroom into a bright, luxurious home spa, you can contact Nomi at 1-800-371-8970. We look forward to helping you design a custom spa bathroom today!

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