Design and remodel bathrooms that ignite your imagination, relax your body and bring couples closer.



Design and remodel bathrooms that ignite your imagination, relax your body and bring couples closer.

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Luxury Bathroom Remodel Austin

NOMI is an award-winning luxury bathroom design and remodeling specialist.
As a nationally recognized bathroom remodeling contractor and the winner of the best bathroom remodeling award, we provide a unique streamlined process that focuses on quality and customer experience.

Our single focus in bathrooms allows us to provide you with more profound expertise, efficient operation, and superior quality.

No matter if you wish to convert your tub to a shower or build a luxuries steam shower, NOMI is your one-stop-shop for all your bathroom remodeling in Austin, TX. NOMI simplifies the bathroom remodeling process, making it simple, easy, and fast. We handle everything from helping design your new bathroom layout, selecting the finished materials, procurement, and construction.  

Getting Your Bathroom Remodel: High-End Design to Create the Luxury Space of Your Dreams

When it comes to home renovations and remodeling, a lot of attention is paid to the kitchen. However, your home’s bathrooms are just as important. If you step into your bathroom and are not immediately immersed in a relaxing environment that helps you block out the rest of the world, it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel.

Not sure where to start or what your options might be? Don’t worry.

As the premier specialist in luxury bathroom remodeling in Austin, TX, we understand how important it is to create a stunning space that blends your desired aesthetic with comfort, convenience, and timeless style.

Luxury Shower, Tub, and Flooring Materials

Why settle for drab and everyday when it comes to your bathroom? At NOMI, we provide bathroom remodeling in Austin to help you create the luxurious space of your dreams. That includes the use of high-end and rare materials. Some of the materials we’ve used to create incredible baths, showers, and bathroom environments include:

River Rock, Travertine, Soapstone, Marble, Granite, Onyx, Bluestone and Limestone.

Of course, it’s crucial to use the right type of material in the correct location – many types of natural stone are porous, and it requires expert knowledge to install properly and achieve the right aesthetic while creating a waterproof, leak-free bathroom.

Wash Away the Cares of the Day

Once upon a time, the shower was, well, just a shower. Today, that’s not the case! We help you create a deep sense of calm and tranquility with custom shower designs that fit your lifestyle perfectly.

From spacious showers large enough for two to multi-head units that feature two, three, or even six showerheads, rainfall showers that gently wash your stress away, and more. There’s nothing our bathroom design experts cannot create for you.

Gorgeous Sinks and Vanities

What’s the first thing you see when you step into the bathroom? Chances are good it’s the mirror and vanity. You want your bathroom to make the right statement, and that means breaking out of the conventional when it comes to bathroom sinks, vanities, mirrors, and lighting.

When you work with the Austin bathroom renovation experts at NOMI, we’ll help you explore all your options, from Mid Century Modern designs to classic pedestal sinks, massive double-sink options to ultra-modern concrete. Whatever your stylistic sensibilities might be, our team will work to bring them to life.

Automation and Intelligent Systems

The days when the bathroom was the least technologically advanced room in the home are long gone. Today, you have a host of options when it comes to technological solutions designed to make bathrooms more comfortable, even opulent.

Want to add eye-catching beauty, functionality, and convenience? A smart bathroom mirror can offer behind-the-glass illumination, dimming, anti-fogging, and even give you the weather outside at a glance.

A smart showerhead can help you customize your experience perfectly, from the amount of water pressure to the pulsation of specific jets, and more. Illuminated, heated toilets and bidets, motion sensors that help raise or lower the lid automatically, even self-cleaning toilets are available today.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel in Austin Cost?

At NOMI, we work with you to create luxurious spaces that fit your lifestyle. We also provide you with cost estimates of the entire remodeling process. We focus on more than just the square foot price. Most bathroom remodeling projects are running between 30-150k. Our goal is to ensure that you’re able to make an informed, accurate decision and enjoy peace of mind about your choice. 

The NOMI Difference

At NOMI, we are proud to be a local Austin remodeling company. We live, work, and play right in the city, which means we’re not just your bathroom renovation specialists, but your neighbors, too.

We’ve served clients throughout the Austin, TX, area for many years and built a reputation for quality results, durability, innovation, and client satisfaction during that time. We invite you to experience the difference we can make – contact us today to schedule your consultation and get a free estimate on your bath remodel. Unlike every other company in the market that takes every remodeling projects, NOMI is a single focus company provide only high quality bathroom remodeling projects. No matter if you wish to remodel your powder bath, guest bathroom or master bathroom, NOMI is here to help.

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Hand in hand, our designers will guide you through the design and selection process to create your beautiful new bathroom.




NOMI’s project managers will update you daily with the progress and schedule, providing you a white glove customer experience .


We could show you pictures of our beautiful team  & roles within our company. We could tell you about all the awards we’ve received in the last few years or even about our massive experience. 

Instead, we feel it’s more important that you leave this page knowing about the people we are, and everything we’ve learned over the years.

We are a family-owned company, but every employee, partner, or customer that ever worked with us knows that he is part of the family too. 

We understand that construction might be stressful sometimes (or most of the time). We promise always to be transparent and set the right expectation. 

We know that this is one of the largest investments that you will ever do – We will treat every dollar like it was our, with respect and humility. 

We know that our customers expect to get the best quality of products and services. We work day and night to improve ourselves through training and education, learning from past mistakes, and be the best version for you every time.

We know that something will happen during construction, something we didn’t expect. We promise to be there for you, take the extra mile, protect you and your investment. 

We are a group of people that happen to have construction skills and talent to build beautiful things, but at our core, we want to make people happy and enjoy our lives too. 



NÖMI is socially obligated to give back the community that is constantly helping us grow.

If you know a great cause or a family in a need of home improvement, that we might be able to help, we’ll be happy to reach out with one of our home remodeling specialists and change others’ lives.

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One a month our team stop it all and join our friends at the bridge of Dallas to help the people in our community to stand back on their feet.


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Meet Kelly, our heroine, who battles cancer at the age of 12.

NÖMI Remodel Design Build had the privilege to be part of changing Kelly’s life by remodeling her master bathroom and making it more comfortable and easier for her to keep her day-to-day routine after released from the hospital.

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Our hearts go out to see the picture and read the information on the media. We are humble and thankful for the opportunity to donate vital products and money to varies organizations in order to help south Tx.

Please join us in that extremely important cause and help change other’s lives.