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Bathroom remodel in Plano

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We’ve streamlined bathroom remodeling and luxury design in Plano Tx into a simple, fast, and efficient process. 

Bathroom remodel Plano Tx.

Is your bathroom showing its age? Perhaps it cannot offer the quiet oasis away from the cares of the world that you need. It could be too cramped, molded shower, or it might not fit your aesthetic as the rest of your home. 

Whatever the case, a complete bathroom renovation from Plano, TX, remodeling experts can dramatically transform your space, from your shower to your vanity!

Of course, Plano remodeling projects can be confusing and frustrating without the right guidance. In addition to our expert bath remodeling services, we are also dedicated to ensuring that you can begin the process with a firm understanding of what’s involved and can avoid headaches and hassles along the way.

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bathroom remodeling in Plano


Estimate in minutes

An accurate and detailed estimate will be provided at the end of our initial consultation.

Bathroom remodel Dallas NOMI

COMPLETE DESIGN in a single meeting

Elite designers

Our advanced technology and in-house elite designers will allow you to complete your bathroom design in a single meeting.


Remodel with the best

100% licensed and insured, top carftsman in charge for your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Plano Tx - NOMI
Bathroom Remodel Plano Tx - NOMI


NOMI offers two routes for designing your bathroom.

  1. Full custom design completed in a single design meeting with our elite designers.
  2. Select one of our pre-designed luxury collections to be applied to your bathroom. 

No problem. 

Our designers will make any adjustment to apply the same esthetics on your existing layout. 

Your price include A-Z to complete the project.

General conditions (City permits, dumpster, cleaning and insurance, etc.).

Dedicated (daily) project manager.

All labor and materials. 


Simply click on “START MY PROJECT” (top right corner) to schedule your free consultation. 

Yes, definitely!

Our unique “Customer Remote Supervision” expertise, enables you to complete your project from any place on the globe, without ever needing to visit our office or your jobsite at all phases of your project.

With NOMI there are no surprises of when, and how much you’ll have to pay. Your payments requests will only be released upon agreed milestones. More transparency, less worry.

Payment plans:

Once design approved, we charge 4 payments during construction based on milestones. 


We provide 2 years warranty for our work.

We do any type of bathroom remodeling – Master bathrooms, guest and powder.


We offer custom designs as well. Our elite designers will meet with you face to face to design your dream bathroom. 

We do not charge any markup on our materials – purchasing your materials will not reduce your project price.

Our procurement team can access any product around the globe and source it for you. We will do the leg work while you enjoy the ride. 

What we love doing.

Service areas.


NÖMI is socially obligated to give back the community that is constantly helping us grow.

If you know a great cause or a family in a need of home improvement, that we might be able to help, we’ll be happy to reach out with one of our home remodeling specialists and change others’ lives.

Let’s make Dallas greater than it is.

Dallas STRONG!


The COVID-19 is a war, and the soldiers in the front lines are the medical teams that fight for each one of us. Those days, we create “Thank you boxes” with small things that might make their days a little bit sweeter. We would love to give each one of our boxes with a personal thank you note – thank you note from you and your family. Email us your thank you note, and we will attach it to our boxes. have your kids decorate it and help us spread the love.

Email: Joseph@nomibath.com


One a month our team stop it all and join our friends at the bridge of Dallas to help the people in our community to stand back on their feet.


Bathroom Remodeling, Plano Tx

Meet Kelly, our heroine, who battles cancer at the age of 12.

NÖMI Remodel Design Build had the privilege to be part of changing Kelly’s life by remodeling her master bathroom and making it more comfortable and easier for her to keep her day-to-day routine after released from the hospital.

Hurricane Harvey, Tx

Our hearts go out to see the picture and read the information on the media. We are humble and thankful for the opportunity to donate vital products and money to varies organizations in order to help south Tx.

Please join us in that extremely important cause and help change other’s lives.